Thursday, September 15, 2011

Millionaire Matchmaker: Patti's First All Gay Mixer

Patti asked her friend Madison if she could fix him up by throwing him a mixer. Destin also brought in a gay man to be matched up this week.

Patti loved Destin's millionaire, 47-year old Eric Allen. Eric is a TV producer whose net worth was 3 to 4 million dollars. He wants a spiritual guy for a long term relationship. He claims to not be great at sharing his feelings, but wants someone who can bring his feelings out. His last relationship failed because his ex-boyfriend had a lack of passion. Patti said Eric's only into stray, wounded guys, and she wanted to find him someone better. Patti also brought in Dr. Nicki J. Monte to help Eric.

Dr. Nicki dug into Eric's relationship issues. It turns out he's resentful for being the financially responsible one in relationships. Dr. Nicki said that Eric is afraid of finding an equal - he picks shallow dates so he doesn't have to become fully invested in a relationship.

Patti's friend Madison Hildebrand is worth between 2 and 5 million dollars. He sells real estate. He loves traveling and being outdoors. Because Madison was recruited by Patti and not at The Millionaire's Club on his own accord, he seemed a bit hesitant. His last relationship became unhealthily codependent. He likes cute, South American guys. Patti criticized Madison for being lazy in love.

Patti seemed to love meeting the guys for the mixer. She seems to get along really well with gay guys, so she had a blast meeting with all of them. Plus, the guys she met were attractive and make good money, which is more than can be said for all of the girls Patti meets for her straight dates.

When he met Madison, Eric was immediately attracted to him. This made me think that the guys will pick each other in the end or something. It didn't work out that way, though.

Right of the bat, Patti told the millionaires which guys were there for each of them. Even with that, Madison was waiting for the guys to approach him and Eric acted like he was conducting interviews. In the end, Eric chose Chris and Madison selected Charlie. Patti approved of both choices.

Madison and Charlie enjoyed putting sunblock on each other and spent some time on the ocean. They really seemed to hit it off! After that, they shared a nice dinner. The guys talked about their dream vacations, and their ideas seemed to match well. They also had similar experiences with past relationships. Both guys told Patti the date was a success. The men currently speak on the phone, but haven't had a second date.

Eric and Chris went horseback riding, which seemed fun until the horses started running. Still, the guys laughed about it and moved onto dinner. The guys discussed vulnerability and how it can make someone loveable. It seemed that Eric was truly able to open up a bit, which is a big step for him. The guys even shared a kiss, even though it was just a peck. Both men told Patti that they enjoyed the date. The men are currently dating and having a great time.

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