Thursday, September 8, 2011

Millionaire Matchmaker 9/8/11: Both Millionaires Want The Same Girl At First, But Both Find Love In the End

Jeff, Patti Stanger's manager, opened up this week's episode of Millionaire Matchmaker by telling Patti that she needs a man. He called Patti out on the fact that she has so many requirements for men and never follows her own love advice.

Destin introduced his millionaire - Brandon Broussard from Louisiana. This 34 year old who speaks French has had his heart broken and can't get past it. He loves to travel. He writes poetry but only when he's sad. His dream woman is Kim Kardashian. (Ugh.)

Brandon created the "Barack the vote" shirt for the time before President Barack Obama's election and it earned him loads of cash. He enjoys extreme sports and is looking for someone who wants to have kids. His last girlfriend broke up with him he was selfish, and because of this, he admitted that he made mistakes in his last relationship. After he said that, Patti practically loved him because he wasn't arrogant and could admit his faults.

Rachel brought us William Stern, a "phony-baloney" (Rachel's words) who owns a bank. The 31 year old from San Diego likes to act cool. He likes feisty, sexy Latin women. His last girlfriend left him because they started acting like roommates, not lovers. Patti said he was misguided and needs to drop the cool guy act. He and his friends like to sail and go to restaurants. His friends ask why he can't settle down with a girl, and his response was "I settle down with one every night." (Again, ugh.) He claims to want to be on the marriage track, but his actions say otherwise. His dream girl is an Asian Natalie Portman who has a good family and good education.

Patti asked William to call his mom. She asked his mom what kinds of girls he'd been bringing home, and the answer was that he wasn't bringing any girls home. Patti took that to mean that he's just sleeping around, not dating seriously, so she'd need to call in Dr. Pat Allen, a relationship expert, to clean him up before he could attend a mixer.

Dr. Pat Allen called William out on his propensity to "dick and dash" - AKA have sex with a girl and then lose interest in her. Dr. Allen said all he has to do is break out of this and stop having sex until he's in a committed relationship. A girl who passes the virtue test can be taken home to mom and can become a long-term love for William.

The Search and the Mixer

At the mixer, Patti met Brittany, a woman with a good job and a real estate license. When she spoke like a valley girl, Patti ripped her apart. When Brittany stood up to her, Patti backed down a bit and said that she could clean her up and make her work for the Millionaire's Club.

Patti loved Ivy for William - she was a clean cut, happy girl from Beijing. She doesn't have a specific religion and Patti loved that. She also loved Fahara for William.

Patti then went on to criticize people for having greasy hair, being unfeminine and being distracting. Because you know how much Patti loves younger women. (Sarcasm.)

Brandon was awesome at the mixer. He worked the room and had fun. William, on the other hand, flopped. He asked the girls if they've ever had sex on a sailboat and they all laughed nervously. Patti brought Tammy, a pharmacist, over to him. William asked if she wore a sexy lab coat. (So classy.) Patti was going nuts because while William did improve during the mixer, he talked to Brandon's girl and ignored Fahara, the girl that Patti wanted him to choose.

For the mini-dates, Brandon chose Jaclyn and Rose. William chose Tammy because of her education and Jaclyn for her looks. Patti knew these were the wrong girls for William, but she said she'd let him go down in flames. If both guys chose Jaclyn for their master dates, she'd choose who she wanted to go out with.

William and Jaclyn spoke first, and William asked where she sees herself in five years. Jaclyn was awesome - she critiqued William, which he liked and made him want to chase her.

Next we saw Brandon and Rose. They talked about how Rose one day wants kids, but nothing eventful happened.

William and Tammy met up, and William said he liked Tammy's education. She didn't like that - she said she hates how people use jobs to define themselves. William then asked Tammy how old she is and how old she was when she lost her virginity.

Brandon and Jaclyn discussed the importance of family to both of them and seemed to really hit it off.

In the end, William chose Jaclyn for her master date because she's like his mom. Brandon also chose Jaclyn. That left the decision up to Jaclyn. She chose Brandon because they talked about fun and enjoyable things. Because both guys chose Jaclyn, Patti asked if Tammy would go on a date with William. Tammy actually said she didn't think they were compatible and turned William down.

Patti then decided to suggest Fahara for a date with William, and Fahara accepted the date.

The Dates

Brandon took Jaclyn paragliding. Jaclyn seemed nervous at first, but once she was in the air, she seemed to love it. After that, the pair settled down for a picnic lunch and good conversation. They shared a romantic kiss...and then another one. Brandon and Jaclyn looked absolutely elated to be together. When Patti called Jaclyn, she sounded so happy about the match. Brandon said that he and Jaclyn were planning to go out again on Saturday.

William took Fahara to play polo. It was both of their first times playing. Patti called William during the date and asked what he and Fahara were doing. When he said they were playing polo, Patti was horrified. Despite that, Fahara enjoyed it. Next, they had dinner. They shared a kiss, but it wasn't as intense as Brandon and Jaclyn's. However, Fahara said she was really happy with Patti's decision to match them, so the images shown on TV could have been deceiving. After the date, Patti called Fahara and asked how things went. Fahara said that she and William would be going out again the night of the call. When William and Patti spoke, William admitted that polo was a bad idea due to lack of intimacy, and Patti encouraged him to make up for it on the next date.

Both couples are still together, so this episode of Millionaire Matchmaker was a success!

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