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Millionaire Matchmaker 9/22/11: Epic Failures for Frank and Emma

Patti said that she needs to do "a whole U-Haul" makeover on one of her clients. That makes it sound so lovely.

Frank Stile

Rachel brought in Frank Stile, a control freak plastic surgeon worth $10 million. He is rigid and has a God complex. He likes motivated women with a brain that are over 30...and they need to speak English fairly well. Patti had a hissy fit when she watched his video, stating that he thinks "he's so great, he's so great, he's so great!"

His last relationship broke up because the woman wanted commitment, but he didn't want it. Patti brought in 'the king of breaking control' to undo Frank's control issues.

Patti told Frank that she can't put him in a mixer because of his personality, so she did a two-way mirror.  He would see the girls that Patti interviews and choose one for a master date. Patti told him that during this, he needs to think about what a woman would like, rather than focusing on only himself.

During the two-way mirror, it seemed as if Patti led in with some bad candidates until moving into some good ones. Even with the rough candidates up front, Frank looked like he was trying to concentrate, even though Emma, the other millionaire, was taking this as a joke.

Frank's choice was Natalie, who was younger than he wanted, but seemed to be the best match. Frank started their date at 7 AM, which was really early for a date. Frank took Natalie for an MMA lesson with his coach, Danny Davis. Then, he had her go one-on-one with Michele, an up and coming MMA fighter. Natalie was scared, but she made a joke about it, stating that if Michele broke her nose, Frank could fix it because he's a plastic surgeon.

Frank then took Natalie to an Italian restaurant. Natalie hit Frank with some tough questions, like asking if Frank's job of creating perfection spills into his personal life. That being said, Natalie was confident with her questions since she was genuinely into building a relationship. Natalie was not happy with Frank's desire to wake up at 5 AM - she found him a bit rigid and controlling.

Natalie told Patti that the date started too early, and she found Frank to be controlling and guarded. She said she didn't want to go out with Frank again. Frank actually seemed a bit taken aback by that. That being said, the experience did positively affect Frank - he realized his flaws and what he needed to do to find a serious relationship.

Emma Wridley

Destin brought Emma Wridley, a 38 year old with 3 divorces, 3 kids behind her and $3 - 6 million. The former child star owns pole dancing fitness facilities. She first got married at 15, then at 25. When divorcing her second husband, her son set the house on fire, and Emma married the contractor that was fixing her house. Patti criticized Emma for her masculine energy.

Emma said her worst love trait is her inability to pick a good guy. She said we wants a nurturing man who's more successful than she is. Patti got her to admit that she's aggressive towards men, and she's the one who pursues the sexual relationship. Patti said she'd fix this trait, which would allow Emma to be more feminine and attract a man. Emma was not convinced - she thinks it's all about chemistry, not about who initiates a sexual relationship.

Patti told Emma she's going to take her for a makeover. Emma wasn't thrilled because she thinks she shouldn't have to change to find a man. Patti brought Emma to see stylist Randy, who was instructed to tame her wild side. Patti's first order of business was telling Emma to cut her hair. Emma eventually gave in, but complained about how the cut and style made her too conservative. Patti outfitted Emma in an Ann Taylor little black dress, and Emma wasn't happy. Additionally, I don't think she looked that good in the dress, despite the fact that Patti insisted she did. It didn't fit her shape or personality. Then again, Patti was trying to squelch her personality, so it makes sense.

For the two way mirror session, Emma rebelled and only straightened her hair, rather than following all of Patti's requests. But I can't say I blame her - if she's not herself, she can't find a long-term relationship that will work.

Emma barely paid attention during the two-way mirror event, and seemed more intent on flirting with Frank than watching her potential love matches. Even though Emma was disinterested, Patti knew that Kelly, a businessman, would be the right match for Emma. Fortunately, Emma made the right choice and picked Kelly.

Kelly and Emma confided that they were both on their first blind dates. In typical Emma fashion, she defied everything Patti said. She wore her hair curly, dressed strangely, and set up something between a strip and pole dancing show in her home. It was disturbingly over-sexual for a first date. Emma is a good pole dancer, and putting together a show with her and several other girls was creative, but Kelly looked horrified. Kelly said he wasn't expecting that and now realizes why he avoids blind dates.

Fortunately, Emma went along with the rest of the date that Kelly planned. Emma liked that Kelly brought her flowers and took her to a sushi restaurant. Kelly admitted to Emma that he was taken aback by her strip show and he didn't love it.

When Kelly asked Emma about her relationship, her lead in line was, "I'm divorced. I've been married three times." When asked if she'd marry again, she said, "When I meet a real man." It got silent, and when Emma commented, Kelly said he wasn't feeling it. Emma's response to this was that Kelly's not a real man. I think she may be a bit misguided...Kelly probably just doesn't enjoy when a woman leads in immediately with a somewhat disturbing strip show and info about her multiple divorces. Kelly said he would not be seeing Emma again.

When Kelly filled Patti in on Emma's pole dancing antics, Patti was not thrilled. Emma's side of the story was that there was no chemistry. Emma then said after her three divorces, it may be her time to be married to herself...and she had a point. She clearly wasn't ready for a serious relationship.

Patti made it clear that she was done with both millionaires, and I don't think that I blame her.

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