Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Michale Salahi - Kidnapped?!? No, Just Getting a Divorce From Tareq and Dating The Guy From Journey

TMZ is reporting that Tareq Salahi claimed his wife, Michaele Salahi, had been kidnapped, but the cops didn't taking him seriously.

Michaele Salahi, the most hated participant on The Real Housewives of DC, disappeared on 9/13/11, called her husband from a weird number saying she's going to her mom's house. When Tareq Salahi talked to Michaele's mom, she said she hadn't heard from her. Tareq then called the cops and reported Michaele as kidnapped.

The Sheriff's office has reported that Michaele called them saying she's safe and away dealing with family issues. Whether it was actually Michaele calling, and calling voluntarily, remains to be seen.

I can actually see this going both ways: Michaele is famous and disliked by the public. It's not impossible that someone would go through with this horrible crime. That being said, I hope no one would do that, and Michaele just needed a break from Tareq. After all, they've been sued many times over issues with their winery and their fame isn't exactly holding up these days. This could be a publicity stunt to get back in the spotlight since Michaele's stint on Celebrity Rehab didn't work out. Or, Michaele could just be sick of Tareq and is beginning the process of leaving him, as The Frisky listed as a possibility. I guess we'll find out in a day or two.

Let's hope that Michaele and Tareq Salahi are just going with a desperate plea for attention, and Michaele is safe and well.

Update: Michaele is fine and is with Neal Schon from Journey. Yeah, you heard me. Weird, right? Reportedly, Michaele and Neil used to date.

Update #2: Tareq called TMZ with the exclusive story of his wife's disappearance, which makes this look even more like a publicity stunt. That being said, reports also state that Michaele and Neal have been hooking up for two years now and Michaele's finally leaving Tareq for Neal. Additionally, Tareq claims he and the guys from Journey are best friends, yet he didn't know if Neal was married. Tareq is giving us all a "WTF" moment.

Update #3: Michaele and Tareq are on the road to a divorce after Neal Schon sent Tareq a lewd picture of, um, male anatomy. Also, Tareq has been banned from the backstage area of all Journey concerts going forward.

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