Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Find Your Style With StyleFind.com

 If you love fashion and haven't been on StyleFind.com yet, you're missing out.

I'm a big fan of StyleFind.com, a site I found by being a BzzAgent at BzzAgent.com. StyleFind gives you exclusive access to designer deals, and helps you pick the clothes and accessories that will help you build your signature style.

Membership for StyleFind is free, and it's a must have for any fashion fanatic, even with a limited budget. Plus, you can sign in using Facebook, so you don't have to worry about forgetting your login information. Which I do...a lot. So this is awesome.

Anyway, when I went to the website today, I was immediately greeted with the image of a gorgeous Botkier handbag, which put me in the mood to shop. Then, I clicked on one of the top searches: LC by Lauren Conrad. Since I like to mix high-end and affordable pieces, this website appealed to my sense of fashion right away. Plus, I think even those who like to spend serious cash on clothing can admit that the LC by Lauren Conrad line is pretty awesome. I have a couple of pieces and they look perfect, even after several runs through the washing machine.

I continued by looking in the deals section. This is where I got super excited. I absolutely love a good deal, so this was thrilled to see an archive of coupons. I looked through them and planned my online shopping for the remainder of the evening. (I've got some time to shop before the new season of Glee premieres tonight!)

After looking around at some amazing pieces and prices, I clicked on the site's Ultimate Wardrobe & Closet Makeover Sweepstakes. If there's one thing I love more than great deals on designer clothes, it's winning free clothes. So this was an added bonus to an already great website.

If you're a fashion lover, you need to check out StyleFind. With editor's picks, great deals and information about trends, StyleFind has something every fashion lover will enjoy.

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