Thursday, September 15, 2011

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham Gives Daughter Sophia To Her Mom!!!

Move over, Jenelle Evans! Farrah Abraham is the second Teen Mom to give her kid to her mom for a while.

If you saw this week's episode of Teen Mom, you heard Farrah Abraham have a total hissy fit when her mom, Debra Danielson, offered to raise Farrah's daughter Sophia while Farrah followed her dream of going to school in Florida. Even worse was that Farrah's therapist backed Farrah up 100%, despite the fact that Farrah and Sophia going to Florida on their own would be awful for both of them.

However, Farrah's had a change of heart and will be leaving Sophia with Debra while she pursues her dream of being, well, someone who isn't a teenage mother. Farrah said she wants time for herself and to pursue her freedom, and while that's horribly selfish because she decided to have and keep her baby, it's definitely best for Sophia. It's probably much healthier for Sophia to be in a more stable home with Debra than to be around Farrah and Debra fighting, or to be alone with Farrah. For those who are concerned about Sophia missing her mommy, there's no need to be concerned. Farrah's parents clearly have loads of cash and have offered to fly her back home as often as she wants to see baby Sophia.

If anyone thinks Teen Mom is anything like the lives of most teen moms, I think they're sadly mistaken. Farrah's got it really good, especially for a girl who doesn't appreciate it. Especially because she claims to be robbed of her childhood, which she was in a way, but her own decision led to part of that.

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Unknown said...

I can't believe she will leave her daughter and if she does she will be back home soon. She can't handle the "real world" alone.