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Dance Moms - The Starpower National Competition 9/28/11

This week seemed like it was going to be dramatic, and Abby Lee Miller certainly did not disappoint.

This week, the Dance Moms girls were competing at the Starbound national competition in Lake Tahoe. Abby opened the episode with a lecture about her name is on the line and the girls need to win. This was another lecture in the usual 'Abby Lee is the best and you need to prove it' series.

Maddie and Chloe were each given a solo and a duet. Brooke and Paige were also given a duet. All of the girls were participating in the group number. The group song was called This is My Beauty, and it was about finding inner beauty. However, the girls would be holding mirrors to show that the girls and dancing are beautiful, so...not inner beauty.

Abby Lee sat the moms down to discuss their kids' performance. She said that Nia needs to work on her feet. Abby said that Chloe needs to work on her confidence. (Keep in mind that Abby consistently puts her down in comparison to Maddie.) Abby stated that Brooke wasn't picking up on group routines. Mom Kelly stuck up for her and said that Brooke and her sister Paige aren't trying to be like Maddie or Chloe - she loves them for who they are, and they don't necessarily need to be the best. Abby disagreed, saying that she wants more from them. When Abby noted that Brooke had just one a title, Kelly told Abby to 'shove it up her ass' and asked to be excused.

Chloe Wants to Quit Dance

Chloe and Maddie had a duet called Black Swan in which they play girls battling each other for the prince. The dance included an onstage 'fight'. Chloe was playing the black swan, meaning that she got to break away from her goody-two-shoes image and play an edgier character.

Chloe's solo song was a contemporary lyrical piece called Seasons. While she practiced, her mom Christi noted that Chloe didn't have her usual glow. When questioned, Chloe told her mom that she wanted to quit dancing. Christi was torn - does she encourage Chloe to keep dancing or let her stop because she needs a break?

Christi approached Abby about Chloe's desire to quit dance. Abby made it clear that if she quits, there is a whole list of people who want to take her place. She said that everyone's replaceable. No 'I'd miss Chloe!" or "Chloe's special." Just that Chloe means nothing more than anyone else. It was sad.

Abby later pulled Chloe aside to discuss her concerns about dance. Chloe said she feels like dancing is too much at the time. Abby said her mom made it sound like she never wants to dance again, whereas Chloe said she needed a break. Like she told Christi, Abby told Chloe that people would be willing to take her place if she leaves (although taking a break is normal), but she thinks Chloe was born to dance and can make it on Broadway.

Melissa's Ex-Husband Shows Up

Melissa told the other moms that she'd be missing the competition to take a vacation to her boyfriend. Soon after, Melissa's ex-husband Kurt came to Lake Tahoe to check up on her. He was concerned that Melissa was taking a vacation from the girls and didn't tell him. This meetup resulted in a fight between Kurt and Melissa, with Melissa claiming she'd told Kurt about it and Kurt noting otherwise. The worst part of this was that this happened in front of all of the dancers.

Kurt noted that dance was a primary reason his marriage to Melissa didn't work out. That was interesting - it seemed that Melissa may have been more interested in her kids' dance careers than her marriage. Although really, this is not surprising.

Kurt stayed for the competition in Melissa's absence and was such a supportive dad. That being said, Christi noticed that Maddie didn't want her dad around. He seemed to be distracting for her, or made her feel nervous. When asked about it, Maddie said her dad creeps her out a bit.

The Competition

Abby and Gia spent time training Maddie while Paige and Brooke (who were doing a duet) were sent to a guest choreographer. Kelly took offense. She took this as a snub, and per Kelly, this is why Maddie always wins. Abby could hear Kelly's rant, and she was not happy. They proceeded to fight through the wall. Eventually, Abby called Kelly in. Abby said she'd be happy to teach Paige and Brooke, but they'd have to wait. Kelly said that only one teacher should work with Maddie while the other worked with her kids. Kelly gave up and took her kids to have fun at the pool because if Abby planned to ignore them, she'd at least let them have fun.

Maddie's solo performance was first and she was amazing as usual. At this point, Chloe addressed the competition between her and Maddie, but still, you could tell that they're genuinely friends. Maddie stood at the sidelines to cheer Chloe on. Unfortunately, Maddie's support wasn't enough, and Chloe froze during her solo. She looked so sad and terrified. It was awful. After the dance, Maddie hugged Chloe as she cried. Chloe then cried to her mom. It was so sad - she was probably trying so hard that it got overwhelming. Maddie won this competition and took home the crown.

Brooke and Paige performed their duet to the song Ooh La La next. They were good, but they weren't completely on point. Abby and Brooke both noticed it. Maddie and Chloe did their duet next. They did really well and their timing was perfect. I think the song was a bit edgy for the young girls, but the performance was on point. At this point, Kelly commented on the fact that Maddie and Chloe had better choreography and costumes. Paige and Brooke took fifth place. Chloe and Maddie won first place.

The group number was last. Before the girls went on, Abby gave the girls a lecture. Kurt came into the dressing room, and Abby immediately kicked him out because he makes Maddie nervous. Abby also noted that Kurt is rude, which embarrasses them. Kurt got mad and yelled at Abby. Then Kurt accused dance and Abby of ruining his family. She said that Abby put fear into Melissa and the kids. He also said he'd do anything he can to get his daughters out of Abby's studio the next year.

During the group number, everyone did really well. The girls were in sync, and Maddie's solo moves really made the dance. Two groups were very close - Abby's group and a group that danced to Rolling in the Deep. By a very small margin, The Abby Lee Dance Company won the competition.

After this, Abby surprised the moms and girls with a surprise - they were going back to LA for a surprise. According to the preview, they'd be participating in a music video. Should be interesting!

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Bluedog said...

Abby was right to tell Kurt to leave. He should not have been in a dressing room where girls were getting changed. Also, he has no reason to be backstage - he is not a teacher or a mother who is there to help with hair, make up and dressing.