Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dance Moms: In Las Vegas, Chloe Gets a Solo...And Maddie Doesn't

This week, Abby gave Maddie a week without a solo, and gave Chloe a spot on the top of the pyramid. She also gave her a solo.

Brooke, Paige and Nia were also given solos. In addition, the girls were given a group number about being sinful because the Thunderstruck competition was in Las Vegas, Nevada, also known as Sin City. The girls were each given a sin to portray in the dance, and the moms didn't love that, aside from Melissa, who was not concerned. Christi and Chloe were upset that Chloe was given the sin of jealousy, which seemed to be a dig about Chloe's perceived jealousy of Maddie.

We got to see Cathy in her home studio, Candy Apple's. She immediately gave a speech to her dance moms and dancers about how she's happy to be out of Abby Lee's studio. She said she doesn't know how Abby's dancers win competitions because of their technical errors. She announced that three of her dancers, Justice, Vivi and Taylor would be going to Hollywood to compete against Abby's dancers.

Abby brought in Vegas showgirl Liz Lieberman to teach the girls how to walk properly as showgirls. She then surprised the girls with feather hats, which they loved. She then brought in Katie, a current Vegas showgirl. She said the girls could aspire to be like Katie one day. Then, she talked about dancing topless in Vegas, and even Abby thought that went a little bit too far.

Kelly and Christi went out for cupcakes, and Kelly complained that her kids never get costumes when the other girls do. Then, she and Christi plotted to find something fun to do in Vegas. This is foreshadowing if I ever heard it!

In the next scene, the foreshadowing came true, and the moms spent a night on the town in Vegas. The women went to Minus 5, a bar in which the women dressed up in fur hats and robes. They laughed hysterically at a statue of boobs. Later, they relaxed by the pool and talked to some guys. The guys seemed to be really interested in Holly, especially after the women told them about Holly's extensive education. Holly was definitely not interested.

While the women were at the bar, Abby took the girls for ice cream. She took the opportunity to lecture the girls about not letting their moms start problems. She then lectured the girls about how they could win. I'm actually surprised that Abby let the girls have ice cream - I feel like she'd find a way to say it's bad for dance or something, even though the girls could probably eat several gallons of ice cream and stay thin with the amount of time they spend dancing.

While practicing for her dance Metamorphosis, Brooke noted that her shoulder hurt, but not performing wasn't an option.

Christi and Chloe had a touching moment where Chloe told her mom that Abby says she has to win because Maddie's not competing. Christi told her daughter that she'd rather have one of her than tons of Maddie's. She also promised she wouldn't let Abby treat Chloe badly anymore. After that, Christi took action and went to confront Abby. As expected, this did not go well.

Abby said that Chloe is afraid to fail because of Christi, but Christi contended that Chloe is emotionally beaten up by Abby all the time. Abby then said that she questions Christi's parenting and thinks she's jealous of her because she missed her chance at dancing fame. In the end, the pair agreed to move forward, although Abby said that she can't stand Christi. Abby stood by the fact that she has Chloe's best interests at heart, and I believe that, to a point - but her hatred for Christi most likely does get taken out on Chloe.

Before the girls did their group number, Abby said it would be tough for her team to win because the dance is tough and there was strong competition. The dance and music were very intense and the dance was beautiful. Unfortunately, the girls ended up placing seventh. I think it may be because Abby took such a risk with the haunting music, and while it paid off with the number about bullying and suicide on the episode a few weeks ago.

Abby gave Paige her costume fifteen minutes before she went on stage, and Kelly got angry. This reminded her of the issue where Brooke's costume wasn't correct a few episodes ago. Kelly asked Abby to pull Paige's dance from the competition. Abby turned to Paige and asked her what she wanted to do, asking if removing her number from the Thunderstruck competition would make her a better dancer. Paige said yes, and Abby made her come with her when she went to tell the competition coordinators. Abby tried to lecture Paige on not quitting. She said Paige wants to quit because she thinks she can't win against Brooke. Abby told Kelly that from then on, she has to hire someone to make her own costumes. Abby said she's sketch them and Kelly can have them made. Kelly said she's draw them herself. Abby retorted by saying that Kelly can find her own choreographer from then on, as well. She basically told Kelly she was done with her.

Before her dance, Brooke looked miserable. This went back to her shoulder being in pain. During her last minute practice, her shoulder popped out of place. She was worried about performing her solo. In the end, Brooke did an amazing Acro dance as usual. She kept a smile on her face as much as she could and performed like a pro. Her shoulder popped out again during her handstand, but she kept on dancing. Her dance took third place.

Chloe danced next and didn't even make the top ten in her category. Let's just say that Abby was not happy. She told the moms to have the girls ready for class in the morning because they were not performing up to her standards.

Next week, we'll see the outcome of the Abby/Kelly fight, and it doesn't like it fares well for Brooke and Paige. It also seems that next week will feature the LA competition, which will pit Abby Lee's studio against Cathy's. Should be interesting!

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