Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras: National Gold Coast Grand Finals Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada

Toddlers and Tiaras took us to Vegas this week for the National Gold Coast Grand Finals in Las Vegas.

We met Desiree and mom Katie. They said they're 100% Vegas, which includes being glitzy and gaudy. Katie was realistic - she said the odds of winning at a pageant are slightly higher than winning at a casino. Katie makes all of Desiree's costumes, which involves doing a lot of research to make things just right. Desiree aspires to be Miss America, but if that doesn't work, she wants to be a showgirl. For this pageant, at the advice of her coach, Desiree wore colored contacts to make her eyes green.

Kayla was next, along with mom April. April was a 3 year old diva. She said she'd beat all of the other girls because they're ugly. April said that doing Kayla's makeup can be really easy or really difficult, depending on her mood. For the Gold Coast pageant, she was clearly feeling difficult.

Kailia and Marcy were third. Kailia comes from a showbiz family. I'm pretty sure that Kailia said she doesn't win, she'll beat the girl who does. Kailia was pretty good about getting her makeup done, even though she wasn't a fan of her false eyelashes.

All three girls had professional coaching for this pageant.

The Pageant

Kayla was adorable on stage. She did a great job, especially for someone her age. Kailia did great for her beauty routine. She had fantastic poise and stage presence. Desiree did a good job as well, but her flipper made her smile look a bit strange.

Swimwear was next. Kayla had a ton of personality. Kailia performs like she's much older than she is - she has great stage presence, but she looks like a miniature adult. Desiree had a whole swimwear routine. Her mom described it as theatrical. During her routine, her flipper slipped, but she was able to get it back into place.

Wow Wear closed out the pageant. Kailia's mom and coach Cambrie decided to not dress Kailia as a showgirl because it was too predictable, so they dressed her as Jessie from Toy Story. Katie and Desiree went the traditional route and chose a showgirl outfit. Kayla was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. All three girls did well.


In the Gold Coast pageant, they do double crowning, which means you can win your age division and a Grand Supreme title.

Petite Miss Division:
Second runner up: Bailey
First runner up: Alyssa
Winner: Kayla

Alyssa and Kayla placed for higher titles.

Tiny Miss Division:
First runner up: Kailia
Winner: Alyssa

Both girls placed for higher titles as well.

Junior Miss Division:
Third runner up: Valera
Second runner up: Desiree
Winner: Madrid

Grand Supreme: Kayla (She started crying when she got on stage, but mom said she was happy)

Ultimate Grand Supreme: Kailia (who looked like a star as she accepted her prize)


Anonymous said...

How can Kailia win the ultimate grand supreme when she didn't win her division? Can someone explain?

Less Than Reality said...

Good point. Honestly, I have no idea. Maybe there were some other scores that tied in? Or maybe they don't want one girl to win both titles?

Lina said...

I love this show but only because it is so horrifying to watch. What I find most upsetting is how spoiled some of these little girls are. Especially Kayla. Her mom said it was cute, but I can't think of anything that is less cute. There is nothing nice about a small child who throws tantrums all the time for no reason other then they are not getting their way. I find it incredible that these mothers don't discipline their children because for all the work they put into getting these kids ready for the pageant, all of that can be ruined by the child deicing that they don't feel like it anymore.

Jennie said...

I think it's because the division titles might have only used the Beauty scores and then the higher titles used all scores.

ulanirain said...

My daughter is Valera Porter, she won 3rd place in her division Jr Miss. We were unable to get a copy of our own at the event, and when we tried to order a few weeks after, we were unable to due to the untimely death of the videographer. If anyone has a copy of this pageant I would be happy to pay you for a copy and shipping. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Kayla is a horrible little brag

Anonymous said...

Kayla is a horrible little brat

Anonymous said...

I just watched this episode and was wondering the same thing: how did Kailia win ultimate grand supreme when she didn't win her division?