Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras: Choosing the Best Pageant Child In The Industry

The goal of the pageant on Toddlers and Tiaras today was to determine the best kid in the pageant industry - the world champion.

Heather Ryan is the pageant director in the Rumble in the Jungle beauty pageant. The best pageant contestants from around the country come together for this: the world championship pageant. The director is a talent agent who represents Eden Wood others in the competition, but she said it wouldn't be a conflict of interest because she doesn't judge the pageant, although she does tell the judges what to judge on.

The first contestant we saw was five year old Eden Wood. Mom Mickie told us all about the television shows that Eden's been on. Mom Mickie is funny - she said she's spent $100,000 on pageants, but it got her where she she's saying it's been totally worth it.

We heard Eden record her song, Cutie Patootie, with the help of agent and pageant director Heather. The goal is to take her on mall tours "like Tiffany, only younger." I have to give credit where credit is due - Eden really kept up with the fast paced words of her song.

Pops, Eden's 'adopted grandfather,' was going to be Tarzan in Eden's pageant routine. As part of that, she shaved his arms and spray tanned him. Eden was going to play Jane.

What's notable about Eden is that she loves pageants. I'm not saying that she doesn't have attitude-filled moments (as portrayed in this episode), but overall, she loves and excels at pageants.

Three year old Isabella been in 30 pageants and only lost once. She's a pageant queen who follows in mom Cristy's footsteps. During her photo shoot, we got to see Isabella have a hissy fit. Not that I blame the kid - she's a kid after all - but she did come off bratty. She also had a fit before having her nails done, which she apparently does not enjoy.

Alexis and mom Monica appeared next. Like Eden, Alexis is five years old. She's known to win the Overall Most Beautiful title at many pageants because of her beauty. When Alexis practices, she likes to have her family members act as other pageant contestants. For this practice, she had her grandmother pretend to be Eden.

The Pageant

The hair and makeup people were behind on time, so Eden's mom Mickie had to improvise. She kept calm. However, she did note that she hadn't faced this scenario in any pageant in the past. Also, Eden's dresses didn't arrive on time. The stress must have gotten to Eden, because she had a meltdown. Mom offered to pull Eden out of the pageant and asked Eden what she wanted, but Eden wouldn't give her an answer. Eden looked so sad, but all of a sudden, a pageant-winning smile slid onto her face and she decided to do the pageant. When Eden went onstage, she received a ton of applause. Eden did so, so well. Her stage presence is astonishing for a child her age. The description of Eden was cute. It said she wants to be Miss America, president and win an Academy Award by the time she's twenty, because she'll be too old after that. (I guess that makes the rest of us seem ancient, doesn't it? I hardly think 20 years old is the peak of life.)

Alexis faced a similar issue: the lace string was missing from the back of her dress, so her mom and grandmother improvised and laced up her dress with a shoelace instead. When Alexis hit the stage, she looked fantastic. Her smile was spot on, her stage presence was great and she had great mannerisms. She also had a spirit about her - she was definitely a tough competitor.

Eden's Jungle Wear was nuts. Her music had a custom introduction with her name on it, she had a whole set, and her outfit and dance were pure jungle. It was also adorable when Pops picked her up and carried her offstage.

Alexis definitely did well during the Jungle Wear segment, although the only even remotely jungle-related part of her outfit were the tiger stripes on her outfit. The rest of her outfit looked more like an 80's pop star.

When it was her time to participate in the pageant, Isabella had a hissy fit...again. I realize that mom was a pageant queen in her youth, but I think it might be time for mom to accept that pageants may not be Isabella's favorite thing. Isabella did well once she got onstage, although her facial expressions were more confused looking than happy.

Isabella's Jungle Wear was cute, although she shook her butt at the audience, which was not a choreographed dance move.

There was clearly some dissent regarding the pageant because Heather Ryan is the pageant director and Eden's manager, so there could easily be bias. One mother said she wouldn't have even come if she knew Eden was competing. It was noted that the pageant seemed to just be put on to benefit Eden. While I'd never say the pageant is not biased, I think most of the pageant towards Eden would just be because she's great. It's not false voting - Eden's just good, and that creates jealousy. Then again, Alexis and Eden's moms weren't sure if being represented by Heather would hurt their chances of winning because of their relationship.


2-3 Year Age Division

Princess: Karsyn (Which is a pretty awful spelling of Carson, in my opinion.)
Princess: Isabella (Mom was not happy. She thinks Isabella did better. I'm not sure that I agree.)
Queen: Kaylee (At this point, Isabella stuck out her tongue and made a face.)

4-5 Year Age Division

Princess: Kaydence (Again, a bad spelling.)
Queen: Zoe

Grand Supreme Titles

0-5 Year Mini Supreme: Alexis
World Champion Grand Supreme: Eden

People can criticize all they want, but you know what? Eden did great. Eden is a fantastic competitor with natural beauty and great stage presence. She definitely deserved her prize.

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caramel said...

Eden was sweet and completely deserved her win. Her mom was pretty obnoxious though when she did win.
Alexis was pretty and good, but her mom was too focused on her "natural beauty" because "she's just beautiful."
Isabella...she obviously doesn't want to do pageants and what can you really expect out of a 3 year old?