Friday, August 19, 2011

This Week In Review: Some Random Stuff

The Real Housewives tour tickets went on sale today! I think it'll be really interesting to get women from the different shows together. Can you imagine Vicki Gunvalson and Caroline Manzo on the same stage? Or Melissa Gorga and Jill Zarin? I bet there will be at least one big onstage argument during the three venue tour.

Russell Armstrong of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills unfortunately lost his life to suicide. Also unfortunate is that Danielle Staub took the opportunity to make this all about herself. She talked about how she's been suicidal too and reality TV ruins lives. Which is fair, I guess, but this is from the woman who clings to the spotlight like a child does to a teddy bear.

We finally got to hear Deena Nicole Cortese say the line we've been waiting for on Jersey Shore - "He actually speaks well English." Seriously, Deena? I understand that some grammar is hard to grasp, but this is a bit silly, don't you think? Then again, the show also brought us the quote "So you're winning, but you're twinning cuz you've got two twin chicks," so I shouldn't exactly be expecting brains or class from this group.

Speaking of Jersey Shore, Abercrombie & Fitch took advantage of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's popularity by posting a press release asking him to not wear their brand because it hurts their image. While Mike actually seems offended, sales are up, so the advertising team must be onto something! (The stock did drop, as The Situation was quick to note, but so did practically all stocks, so that's hardly an indicator of the company's current performance.) Actually, Mike should be thanking Abercrombie: Jersey Shore viewership went up too!

Toddlers and Tiaras is over for the season, so I got to focus fully on watching Dance Moms this week. Once again, Abby Lee was totally over the top with the dance she had her students perform. While that was not surprising, what was surprising is the mixed reactions to the dance. People seem very divided on whether it was amazing and artistic or completely inappropriate for the kids to perform. I tend to trend towards the latter, especially because the kids didn't seem to understand that their dance was focused on child abduction, bullying and suicide.

Degrassi: Now or Never continued it's soap opera style run. I can't stop watching the show, but I also can't wait for the season to end. Four episodes a week is just too much. I have to say, this is the first week that I've seen some really good, raw acting from Aislinn Paul. I do have to question, though, if Munro Chambers thinks the writers are doing the right thing for his character Eli. His storyline is getting a bit over the top, especially regarding Christine Prosperi's character Imogen. Then again, the whole Holly J storyline is much, much weirder. It's pretty obvious that the writers didn't plan to make Holly J adopted until now, which is evidenced by the lame "We were going to tell you that you were adopted on your 18th birthday" storyline. In any case, I guess even with the storylines, I'll keep watching Degrassi because it's addictive. I still miss Ellie and Paige, though!

Old Navy is having a major sale on jeans this week. As a member of, I scored a pair of Old Navy Dreamer slim flare jeans in dark denim, and now I'm addicted to Old Navy jeans. The jeans are great quality, which was proven when I tracked the bottoms of them through the mud when I went camping and they stayed intact. (There's nothing like ruining your jeans right when you get's maddening! Fortunately, that didn't happen.) Anyway, I think I'm going to stock up on a bunch more jeans because they fit well, look great and come from the Gap family of brands, which is definitely one of my favorites. I'm typically a Piperlime addict most of all, but I think I'm switching over to Old Navy for my future denim purchases.

In unfortunate news that turns out somewhat positive because it generates even more buzz for her, Kim Kardashian was forced to un-invite fifty people from her upcoming wedding to Kris Humphries. Word has it that the cut family members came primarily from stepdad Bruce Jenner's family. Heaven forbid Kim un-invite celebrities!

Linda Perry, a big name in the music industry, slammed Katy Perry and her music. She likened it to microwave popcorn, which seems to mean that people like her music now, but it's not going to create any long-term musical influence. While I do agree with Linda and do not personally find Katy Perry to be especially talented, her songs are catchy and I definitely sing along with them in the car. The album set a record for having the most #1 singles on one album for a reason.

Ames Brown, Jackie Gordon and Gia Allemand all left Bachelor Pad this week. Jackie and Ames were happy with their exit, claiming that they're winners because they found each other and found love. Unfortunately, the pair has since broken up, so the love doesn't seem so worth missing out on $250,000, now does it?

On a 'that's not cool' note, no one went home on The Glee Project this week. I think that was a cheap way to keep everyone in for the finale. I stand by the fact that it was Alex's turn to go home because he didn't bond with the kid he was supposed to work with. If he can't play nice with a kid or his castmates on The Glee Project, how exactly is he expected to work well with the Glee cast?

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