Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This Week In Reality Television: Mini-Reviews

Bachelor Pad

This week on Bachelor Pad, the girls and guys each competed in synchronized swimming routines. This was funny, and definitely makes the show worth watching. Even better than that was the Erica Rose and Jake Pavelka pairing...this was awesome.

Not so awesome was the scene where Vienna Girardi once again told boyfriend Kasey Kahl he's supposed to be protecting her. This went down after Kasey got upset because Vienna was being nice to Jake (despite the fact that she talked a lot behind Jake's back). Keep in mind, Vienna is the reason that Kasey has to be rivals with Jake, even though they would otherwise be cool with each other. So Vienna being nice to Jake is kind of a slap in the face to Kasey, who she requires to be 100% anti-Jake.

In any case, the Jake/Erica pairing is over and the Vienna/Jake fight is over (at least for now) because it seems that Jake was kicked off this week, even though the show ended with a cliffhanger. Spoiler alert: While I wish Jake had outlasted Kasey and Vienna, this article states that the pair does not win and take home the cash, so that's a good thing, at least.

Note: Bachelor Pad host Chris Harrison is speaking out against Vienna, stating that she plays the victim. That's not a surprise, although it's cool that Chris was willing to come out and say it.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

On this episode of RHONJ, Teresa Giudice didn't like anything. She insulted Kathy's goddess party, including the theme, food and anything else she could think of insulting. Even when Kathy gave her a compliment, Teresa said it was backhanded. Also during the episode, Teresa noted to Melissa Gorga that she was upset that she and Kathy Wakile became friends with Kim Granatell because they knew Teresa didn't like her. Melissa defended herself saying that Teresa never told her that and they weren't really speaking much at the time that she met Kim, so she didn't know about the issues. Teresa pretty much attacked Melissa when she said that. She got so defensive, saying that they did talk and Melissa was at Audriana's party. Melissa backtracked, saying that they didn't talk on the phone much, but Teresa kept with it. After a while, Melissa said that she wouldn't listen or talk when Kim insulted Teresa, but apparently that wasn't good enough. Kathy broke up the scene by bringing in a belly dancer as a surprise, which Teresa also didn't like.

I really want to continue to be a Teresa fan. I think she's awesome! But this season on RHONJ, she's just been so insulting to everyone, and it's getting excessive. I feel like it's a defense mechanism because of everything that she's going through, but still, she needs to take a step back and realize that she's alienating everyone in her life.

On the topic of people causing trouble, Jacqueline Laurita finally got so fed up with daughter Ashley Holmes that she kicked her out. I understand having attitude problems, but Ashley also takes it to an extreme.

Thicker Than Water

I guess when Bravo realized that it could rake in cash by making shows about Italian families in New Jersey, it put together Thicker Than Water. While the Marino family on the show looks like a great family, the show just wasn't cutting it. Since it's a special and not a series, I think Bravo filmed the show as a pilot and then decided that it wouldn't take off, but I could be wrong. I also think Bravo will have more luck with its upcoming show Newlyweds: The First Year, which will follow six couples through their first year of marriage. While this show seems to follow more of an MTV formula than a Bravo formula, I think it will be successful.

Teen Mom

This week on Teen Mom, both Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout seemed to have lost their minds. Farrah said she wants to move away from her family to California and open a restaurant, and Maci Bookout said she wants to have a baby with boyfriend Kyle King.

Farrah went in to full on brat mode when talking to her parents about her move. I'm not saying that I blame Farrah for needing space - her parents are very overbearing. But they also realize that Farrah moving away could be hurtful to Sophia, who loves her grandparents. I know it's hard for Farrah to see, but when she had Sophia, she agreed to do things in her baby's best interest, and staying home is the best decision Farrah can make. Farrah wanted to work and go to school in California - it seems like Sophia would spend 12 hours a day in childcare.

Thankfully, towards the end of Teen Mom, Maci realized that having a baby would be a bad idea. Unfortunately, it took the advice of all of her friends and family to get her to that point. I hope she doesn't change her mind anytime soon.

Amber Portwood actually did some good stuff in this episode, like setting up a home and great room for daughter Leah. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra also made good decisions. Tyler talked about starting college since he finished high school, and the two showed strong family values as they hung out with Tyler's dad (who is also Catelynn's stepdad), Butch.


Downsized opened with Rex struggling with an asthma attack and mom feeling guilty about if the circumstances of his birth caused it. This was a genuine concern, and I feel for mom Laura Bruce. It was nice to see everyone support Rex when he came home. After all was said and done, Rex said he was grateful for everything he has, which is a great sentiment, but it represents exactly what I can't stand about this show: even when things are awful, they throw in some lines about everything's all peachy and happy. Of course, after that, Laura and husband Todd Bruce worried about money, because that's the point of the show.

The whole Todd wants a house, Laura wants to wait argument came back again this week, and I'm still over it. Then, Bailey's car had problems, which is so predictable because the production team probably made it that way, and Todd magically fixed it. Then, Bailey magically ignores Todd and doesn't buy a battery and the car dies. She tells Todd he's not her dad so he can't yell at her. In the end, everyone's happy. Again, everything wraps up neatly in a little box. Boring.

My favorite part of the show was when the girls went out to dinner to flirt with guys and a girl at an adjacent table started problems with them. When Heather went to get a drink, the waiter started flirting with her, and the girls at the other table started insulting Heather and the other girls. After a while, one of the girls came up to the Bruce family's table and told the girls to shut their mouths. There was some yelling, but the scene was over quickly after that. If the confrontation wasn't staged, the girl probably just wanted to be on TV, and to be fair, it worked! After that, the show returned to the reason that I don't like it: random 'coincidences'. Bailey left her lights on and SURPRISE! her car died again. Then someone had jumper cables and it was fixed, and the girls made it home, but after curfew. The manufactured drama after that was whether the girls should confess about the car of sneak in. Todd caught them sneaking in and they got lectured. Blah, blah, blah.

The open items at the end of this episode were that insurance wouldn't cover Rex's hospital bills and Todd didn't get the job he applied for. I'm sure they'll get wrapped up next week.

Famous Food

Ashley Dupre got called out for leaving during the last episode for what she called a 'family emergency'. However, Mike and Lonnie called out because it was her birthday and her boyfriend was in town...what a coincidence. She then said she was trying to balance her work and personal life, which makes sense, but this really wasn't the appropriate time. It's a shame that Ashley's messing up because she had so much potential during the show's earlier episodes, like coming up with the picnic concept for the restaurant.

DJ Paul stepped it up this week and had a shirt made for the restaurant. He also had a menu. For someone that seemed to not make too much of an impact in the beginning of the show, he really stepped it up in the later episodes.

Scott managed to screw everyone over again. He's lied, asked for more money than planned, and promised things he doesn't deliver. If I remember correctly, he was Danielle Staub's pick, and so far, she hasn't exactly made the best decisions. Juicy J was so angry that the restauranteurs paid for more tables and chairs than they could fit that he threw and broke some of the chairs.

As usual, Danielle had a hissy fit about money and other things. This is nothing new. I really don't understand why she has to freak out about everything. I understand that it's hard to work things out when you disagree, but Danielle's been causing trouble since the beginning. Danielle flipped out at Ashley because she said something about her kids, and Danielle talked about how she does what she does for her children. (Keep in mind, she's embarrassed them on national television and by becoming a stripper. Just saying.)

Ultimately, Juicy J got crazy drunk, was fired and started to break things in the restaurant right before the soft opening.

The basic overview: stuff went wrong in the restaurant, Danielle yelled about things, money was an issue, end of story.

Outrageous Kid Parties

On this episode of Outrageous Kid Parties, mom Kimberly wanted to plan a huge end of school bash for her three daughters: Payton, Kennedy and Reagan. The party theme is the 80's, which mom Kim said her kids know nothing about. Kim and husband Joe are ice cream truck drivers.

Right from the start,you can tell that Kim's a fun, over the top mom. Her kids seem to have inherited her fun spirit, and the family seems very happy. Although I do hope mom is playing up her personality a bit for the cameras - I can't imagine living full time with someone with so much energy!

To announce their party, Kim and Payton went into the kids' school and handed out cassette tape invitations. The teacher called mom "Crazy Kim". She told the students that they had to dress up in 80's costumes to attend the party.

The girls were given an original song to perform at their party. The girls also got break dancing lessons. When the girls performed the song, Kim came onstage in a cone bra. Her daughter said it was the highlight of the party.

The party itself was, well, outrageous. There were tons of kids, a photo booth, a bubble machine, break dancers and all kinds of other things - all for kids who have no ideas what the 80's were like.

The party cost came out to $30,000, which, for the record, was more expensive than my wedding.

I'm still not a huge fan of Outrageous Kid Parties - the show itself is over the top, and it's crazy to see how much people spend on parties for children. But I guess if you can afford it, you might as well enjoy yourself, right?

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Lina said...

I LOVED this episode of Bachelor Pad. The synchronized swimming contest was so much fun to watch. I loved how the men were actually really good at it. I am tired about the whole Michael and Holly story. We get it! They used to be engaged! And why was Bret Michaels there? Was he lost? There was literally no reason for him to be there. I love that all the men are whoring themselves out. First Black pretends to like Melissa. Now Jake is pretending to be into Erica. I just feel bad for these women who really think (or thought) that these guys really like them. Awesome season so far!