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The Real Housewives of New Jersey 8/7/11: Pettiness and Lack of Motivation

This week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa called Teresa to get the kids together to hang out.

Teresa agreed, but made a big deal about how she doesn't want to see Melissa because the Gorga family left her house to be with the Wakile family on Christmas. I hate to say it, but I'm not on Teresa's side on this one. The Wakile's invited the Gorga family first, and they changed their plans to see the Giudice family. Teresa should try to move forward.

Teresa was late to bring her kids to visit the Gorga's, which confused Melissa since the families live five minutes apart. However, when we saw a shot of Teresa's house, we saw that Milania was being a terror and throwing clothes all over the floor.

Despite the lateness, Melissa tried to be nice. Teresa immediately started causing trouble. She asked Melissa about the issue between Teresa and Kathy at the Christmas party (where Kathy said hi and Teresa got an attitude). Teresa's vindictive side came out - she cited the fact that she and Kathy had problems because Kathy didn't put her in her wedding when they were close. She also said that Rich seems to be obsessed with her. Melissa kept her cool as Teresa got defensive and angry, for which I give her a lot of credit.

When discussing Teresa's cookbook, Melissa offered a recipe, and Teresa was negative. Melissa noted that she'd be making an album, and Teresa said she'd never heard her sing, and anyone can make an album these days. Insults, insults, insults!

We learned that Ashley is really talented at art, but never considered it as a career.

She really should consider it, but even with people motivating her, she didn't seem to want to pursue it as a career. She said that she doesn't want to do art professionally because she gets bored and doesn't finish her work, and doesn't like deadlines. As if any other career wouldn't have deadlines, you know?

Lauren Manzo discussed the opening of her new beauty bar. She took a risk and asked Ashley to design the t-shirts for her company. When Ashley showed her the concepts, Lauren was not pleased because Ashley didn't do the sketches Lauren described (sketches of faces).

Ashley seemed to take the whole thing as a joke. She said that when she's an artist, she'll be her own boss and design only what she likes and things the public will like. Note that shortly before that, she said she didn't want to be an artist, so how she suddenly decided that she'll be a professional is beyond me.

Caroline called Kathy to invite the Wakile family to the annual New Year's Eve party at the Brownstone.

Caroline knew there was tension between the Wakiles and Guidices, but wasn't willing to hate the Wakile's just because Teresa does. Plus, the Wakile's have been clients of the Manzo's, and that wasn't a relationship Caroline wants to break. Caroline also approached Teresa and was honest about inviting Kathy and the Wakile family to the party at The Brownstone. Of course, Teresa was upset, but Caroline did the right thing.

The drama continued beyond the Wakile / Giudice drama when Ashley asked to bring friends to the party. That was a big no because of Ashley's past behavior: drinking underage and other bad behavior. Despite last year's mess, Ashley still asked for a drink at the bar. She was turned down for being underage, but she did not seem happy about it.

Melissa and Kathy discussed the Teresa / Kathy drama, and a story about Teresa's claws coming out was shared. When Teresa called Melissa to say she'd put a picture of Melissa and Joe Gorga in her cookbook, she said if she wanted to be mean, she'd put a picture of what Melissa used to look like. Melissa and Kathy discussed what that was supposed to mean and seemed a bit confused, but it seems to tie into the story that Melissa used to have no fashion sense and then after meeting Joe Gorga, started to emulate Teresa.

When Kathy arrived at the party, she gave Caroline a package of cookies that she baked. I think it made a positive impression, which was Kathy's goal. Teresa spent the beginning of the party avoiding Kathy, which Melissa disagreed with. Melissa thought Teresa and Kathy needed to make peace. I think her assessment is fair, since she was trying to do the same and putting in a lot of effort to improve her relationship with Teresa.

Rich Wakile and Joe Giudice used to always pick on each other, but Kathy noted that the words between the two this year were meaner and less focused on fun banter. Kathy noticed the escalation to harsher words, but oddly enough, Teresa said Rich was pleasant to be around at the party.

Melissa complimented Teresa on being okay with Kathy being at the party, and Teresa said she was only happy because it was New Years. She made some over the top statements about being so happy. Melissa probably should have let the subject drop here, but it continued, and Teresa got meaner, saying that Kathy is Melissa's blood now, not her own. I understand that Melissa was trying to make Teresa and Kathy make up, but Teresa had a ridiculous wall up. Teresa managed to insult the Wakiles with a giant smile on her face. She was clearly drunk. Caroline even tried to get through to Teresa to make up with Kathy, but she still wouldn't hear it.

New Year's at midnight came and went, and it was filled with hugs, kisses and love. At this point, we heard Caroline talk about some deep things: Lauren finding her way, Jacqueline wishing Ashley could find her place in the world, the hope for the Wakile's and Gorga's ending their feud, and Teresa's kids not knowing the burden that their parents are carrying.

Next week, we'll hear Melissa record her song, Teresa take family photos (which does not go well), Jacqueline deal with Ashley's disrespectful behavior, and learn about Lauren's body issues.

Teresa appeared on Watch What Happens Live after the show.

On Watch What Happens Live after RHONJ, when asked if she'd rather go up against Danielle Staub or Kim Granatell, Teresa said that Kim G. is a fame whore and Danielle was a prostitution whore. Such lovely statements - haha. I'm not saying that Kim Granatell isn't begging desperately for fame, because she is, but still...ouch, Teresa! As for Danielle, well, she did recently go into stripping and is painting a very negative picture of herself on the reality show Famous Food on VH1.

Andy Cohen asked Teresa to respond to a video of Melissa singing, and Teresa actually did well with her response - she asked the audience what they thought about it. Then she said she'd come out with her own song called Prostitution Whore. It was pretty clear that Teresa wasn't being positive about Melissa's singing, but she didn't come out as outright insulting.

Based on the discussion during tonight's episode, it seems that Teresa and Melissa are actually on decent footing right now. Not great, but not terrible. Teresa pretty much said that Melissa's impression of her has validity (and it really does!) and that she loves her brother and sister-in-law. While she's clearly not being fully sincere, she's at least not being outright mean about the Gorga's.

Andy notes that Teresa's anger could come from underlying issues, and I think he's right. Teresa's clearly upset about being blindsided about Melissa and Joe Gorga appearing on the show, and there were issues among them even before that. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of Teresa lashing out comes from a place of pain, not malice.

I used to be so firmly on Team Teresa, and I'd love to be again, but she's making it so difficult. Make a change, Teresa, and go back to the woman we know and love!

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