Friday, August 5, 2011

Patti Stanger: Is The Millionaires Club Not As Real As She Wants You To Think? Despite Reports, I Think She's Pretty Legit.

When you watch The Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger makes it look like each millionaire gets face time with her. Recent reports state otherwise.

It's been noted that as long as someone can pay the $40,000 membership fee to The Millionaires Club, he or she is admitted and set up on as many dates as they want...but with minimal involvement from the staff. It's noted that Patti Stanger barely meets any of the millionaires, and that Destin and Rachel do most of the dirty work.

Actually, it seems like even meeting Destin or Rachel may be a stretch for some. One millionaire has gone as far as to claim that he was only interviewed by phone, and after sending in pictures to The Millionaires Club, the team gave him the sales pitch to join.

Here's the thing, though. Did every millionaire in the club really expect a sit-down session with Patti? The point of the club is creating a match, not earning face time with Patti Stanger.

Let's face it - Patti's busy with her television show and other business ventures. She's obviously going to be preoccupied and not able to devote all of her time to the members of The Millionaires Club. And, the purpose of the club is to meet a match, and it doesn't really matter if Patti or her proteges set up the dates.

Can you really blame Patti for not having the time she used to for meeting people one-on-one? Her club has probably grown exponentially since the premiere of her Bravo television show. It wouldn't be possible for her to meet with everyone she accepts into her club.

As for the guy who claims that he was accepted without the club even checking if he was a millionaire, can he prove that? The organization probably ran background checks, or even easier, reviewed his application and deemed him appropriate for the club.

So, is The Millionaires Club real? I would say yes. But the members need to be realistic about what they're signing up for: a membership to an exclusive - and now famous - organization. An organization that attracts tons of attractive girls willing and hoping to date guys for their money. If someone signs up just to meet Patti, he's in the club for the wrong reasons anyway.

It's all about the money

The Huffington Post reports that Patti's matchmaking business may be all about the money, not the matchmaking. Is this really a surprise for anyone? This is hardly news to me! Patti runs a matchmaking business. Yes, a business. With the intent of bringing in cash and keeping Patti living a comfortable lifestyle. Like any other business, Patti's goal is to make money while providing a service. And as the reports state, she does that. The package may not be as neat and clean as it looks on an hour long episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker, but the guys in her club are paying for what they're getting.

The guys on The Millionaire Matchmaker

If a guy really wants to meet Patti, his best bet is to be eccentric so Patti can put him on TV. Patti spends lots of time with those guys because they're earning her television ratings, and not unexpectedly, that's a priority for her. Plus, being on television saves the applicant the $40,000 fee. If you read the show's credits, you'll see that services are provided gratis to men on the show.

The 99% success rate

A point of contention may be that Patti claims to have a 99% success rate. Well, I believe her. But not because I think Patti always makes the perfect match. Per the reports cited above, millionaires get as many dates as they want, as long as they keep paying the club. So yeah, after hundreds of dates, most people are going to find someone that they like...especially when everyone brought into the club has passed an attractiveness test. There you go - a 99% success rate, although it may take 400 dates and several yearly payments of $40,000 to get there.

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