Monday, August 15, 2011

The Millionaire Matchmaker is Back in California - Season Premiere 8/15/11

Patti Stanger is back, single and ready to match up California. However, the first guy she matches up is a native New Yorker.

Gary Mancuso Jr. is from New York, but spends half of his time in California. He's a germ freak and a control freak. He's a Scorpio. He owns websites. He says his net worth is $5 million. His home base is Long Island, NY but he plans to move to LA. His hobby is being on the water, whether it be on a boat or a jet ski.

Michael Donnellan lives in California, but has lived all over the world. He owns a production company. His estimated assets are over $10 million. He says he has been overly critical about girls he's dated. He feels more comfortable single than a relationship. He also has questions he asks girls questions before he decides to date them. He is also a Scorpio. A perfect woman for Michael carries herself with elegance and can be trusted. Patti decided that she'd have to stop him from testing girls before dating them because that is a turn off for women.

Patti held a millionaire mixer for Gary and Michael, and she told Michael that he can not test the girls.

Recruiter Tamara brought eligible bachelorettes for Gary and Michael. When a potential date, Tiffanie was asked if she'd shower between two events on a date, she said she wouldn't wash her hair twice, making her a potential candidate for Gary. Bonnie was accepted, but with a different outfit. Most of the other girls seemed to be given a lot of criticism. Potential date Jennifer described Patti by calling her the B word.

Michael chose Jennifer as his first choice and Tami as his second. The discussion between Jenny and Michael sounded a bit awkward. He asked Jenny to talk, but it seemed forced. Jenny said the conversation was boring. Tami and Michael seemed to bond better based on their interest in traveling and languages. Michael ultimately chose Tami.

Gary chose Bonnie first based on physical attraction, and Tiffanie was chosen second. Tiffanie seemed to be a great choice for Gary. She'd be totally open to going out on his boat for days, and she felt like there wasn't an awkward silence in their whole conversation. When asked if she'd been on a boat, Bonnie said she never had but was willing to try. She said she likes sports, whereas Gary's not interested. This was an awkward date that clearly wasn't meant to turn into a full blown relationship. Due to physical attraction, Gary chose Bonnie. Patti was horrified. Tiffanie was also surprised since they clearly had great chemistry.

Gary's Date

Gary's date with Bonnie was awful. He took her in a helicopter, and she looked terrified and disgusted. Then, Gary took Bonnie on a boat. When Gary suggested a toast to a good first date, Bonnie said that wasn't romantic enough. At this point, Bonnie questioned why Gary even chose her. After that, the date got a bit less awkward, and Gary offered to step out of his comfort zone to go to a Lakers game. Next, Gary asked to kiss Bonnie, and she said he should have just done it instead of asking.

Michael's Date

Michael set up a photo shoot where Tami was the center of attention. She was uncomfortable with it, but she was great about going with it. Then, the pair went to dinner. Michael then asked Tami about herself. She noted that she likes to go from place to place. This fits well with Michael's life choices, which involve moving around. Michael gave Tami a kiss, and they agreed to see each other again.

The Recap With Patti

When Patti called Bonnie, she said that Gary seemed nervous and wasn't opening up to her. Despite that, Bonnie agreed to see Gary again since he promised to take her to a Lakers game. At the time of filming, this plan was still in place.

When Patti spoke to Tami, she noted that Michael was testing Tami by having her star in a photo shoot. She noted that she was uncomfortable during this part, but the dinner did go well. Patti told Michael that the test (the photo shoot) was unacceptable, and testing women is not allowed. When Michael got an attitude with Patti, she fought back and kicked him out of The Millionaire's Club. While he and Tami went out once more, it didn't go anywhere.

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