Monday, August 29, 2011

The Millionaire Matchmaker 8/29/11: We Actually Had Two Great Millionaires!

"He could never get Blake Lively. Maybe fat Jessica Simpson, but not Blake Lively." - Patti Stanger, quite unfairly, about millionaire Daniel.

Daniel was the first millionaire on this week's episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker

Daniel Kibblesmith is a dorky new millionaire. He's a humor writer for Groupon, and it's evident that he's good at his job because he's a genuinely funny guy. His longest relationship was six months, due in part to the fact that he gets wrapped up in his own life so doesn't actively seek out dates. He also likes comics, which is probably a turn off to some women. While Daniel was clearly an awesome guy, Patti Stanger was quick to insult him. It's probably because he looks dorky and acts the same way. I see what Patti's saying in the love department, but I think she was still too harsh. Does Daniel seem romantic? No way. But does he seem like an awesome guy? Absolutely. (He actually stepped up and showed a romantic side later in the episode.)

The always tactful Patti Stanger (Sarcasm.)
Patti's first order of business was to get Daniel a makeover. She took him shopping and made him shave his face and get a haircut. She said he looked much older than his 27 years, so she wanted to make him age appropriate. He cleaned up pretty well! Despite his new appearance, he was still intimidated when he found out that the other guy at his mixer is a prince.

Prince Max was the second millionaire

Max is a German prince. Literally. His claim to fame is that whoever he marries will be called a princess. He says he doesn't want someone to like him only for his title, but he flashed it around as soon as he talked to Patti. He also introduced himself with his full name: Mario Max Oliver Edward George, Prince Schaumburg-Lippe. (Try saying that three times fast!) He loves traveling and runs his own fashion, alcohol and fragrance company. At first, he seemed incredibly full of himself. He said he didn't want a girl who wants him just to get famous, but the thing is, he probably wasn't really at all famous in America until he appeared on this show.

The Mixer

Daniel looked really overwhelmed and lost at the mixer. He told a girl that he has a pet turtle that's the size of a dinner plate. So funny, but really awkward.

For his mini-dates, he chose Shereena and Krystyna. Shereena and Daniel seemed to get along - she seems to be a bit over the top, but Daniel's also a creative type, so it worked out well. On his mini-date with Krystyna, she convinced Daniel to step out of his shell and dance. He was weirded out by it because they were dancing without music, but he was a good sport. Daniel chose Shereena for his master date. At the time, I thought this was definitely the right choice.

Max was great at talking to all of the women. He said it was great not to be known as the prince, despite the fact that when he said it to Patti, he listed his whole royal name. During the mixer, he wasn't allowed to mention his royal roots, and he stuck with it. For his mini-date, Max chose Erika and Clark. His mini-date with Erika was awkward - there were a lot of silences and Erika had to carry the conversation. Max's date with Clark was a lot smoother. They were able to make the conversation flow easily. Max chose Clark for his master date, which was also the right choice.

I feel like this is one of the few episodes where both millionaires make the right date choices...or so I thought at the time.

The Dates

Daniel took Shereena out in LA to some art galleries. She started out awkwardly by saying that usually bodybuilders and Guidos are attracted to her. (Classy, right?) In any case, she seemed interested in Daniel's art knowledge, which was cool. After that, the date went a bit downhill. Shereena (who lost points in my book around this point) took Daniel to a local bar for shots. Daniel reminded her of the two drink minimum, but she didn't seem concerned. He said that the Old Fashioned that Shereena convinced him to drink was a mix of tuxedos, motorcycle fuel and alimony payments. This guy is awesome at analogies!

After a few drinks, Shereena went nuts. She told Daniel that she lost her virginity at 18 and that she can help him loosen up. She also started looking a bit crazy. At this point, I took back the thought that Shereena was even remotely right for Daniel.

When Patti called Shereena after the date, she said the date was great. However, she said Daniel wasn't aggressive at all. She essentially said that Daniel tried and he and Shereena could be great friends (meaning not in a relationship). Daniel was not ungrateful for the date - he said he learned a lot. However, he and Shereena did not continue to date.

Max took Clark ballroom dancing. He presented her with a dress to wear while dancing. He picked out the dress himself, and it was an incredible dress. For a guy that originally came off as conceited, he really seemed to be a great guy as the episode progressed. He ended up revealing his status as a prince to Clark, and she loved that. He then opened up, saying that he was glad that he didn't tell her right away, because often girls like him for his title.

Clark said her date was a lot of fun and would go out with Max again. When Max showed up at The Millionaire's Club to meet Patti, he looked so happy. Max and Clark seemed like a good couple. They are still dating at this time.


I think both millionaires this week were cool guys. Usually, there's at least one that's completely unlikeable, but on this episode, both Daniel and Max seemed to be genuinely good guys.

Patti came off much meaner than usual on this episode. I'm usually a fan of hers, but during this episode, she was just plain rude.

Online research shows that Prince Max is not actually a prince. His mom married someone in the royal family, and he is not recognized in the royal lineage.

On his Bravo blog, Prince Max claims that Clark was using him to further her career and they are not dating, contrary to what was noted at the end of the Millionaire Matchmaker episode.


Anonymous said...

Mario Max has been adopted as a "prince". He was born Mario-helmut Wagner. The rest of the family apparently disdains him and wants nothing to do with him.

Daisy Von Ducklingen said...

Indeed. He was adopted as an adult only a few years ago, there is not a single drop of blue blood in his veins.
So, Mario Max is legally entitled to the surname "Prinz von Schaumburg-Lippe", but he is not a member of the princely family nor is he entitled to HSH, so he is not an aristocrat. He's a younger edition of Robert Lichtenberg (=Frederic von Anhalt = Mr.Zsa Zsa Gabor).

Please see for more info:

Germany mostly ignores him, or some might secretly throw up when they see him.

Anonymous said...

All you need to know about this little fraudster is right here:

Anonymous said...

It's been well established that "Prince" Mario Max is not a real prince.

The real question is, Is he a millionaire? Did the show even bother to try and find out?

Do they evaluate assets, bank accounts, holdings, etc?

Girls using him for his title? BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Anonymous said...

Such a fraud