Monday, August 22, 2011

The Millionaire Matchmaker 8/22/11: A Guy Who Sells Baseball Cards With Pictures of Women, and Another Who Thinks He's Perfect

The first thing we learned on The Millionaire Matchmaker this week was that Sex Toy Dave got married! He took the lessons he learned from Patti and found his match. That's awesome!

Destin brought in Brian Wallos, a guy who runs a company that makes baseball cards, but they feature women instead of baseball cards. His business is worth at least $5 million. His goal is to show that he can be monogamous while still being around beautiful women. Patti said he doesn't know how to court a woman and make her feel special, but he was willing to try.

Rachel found a guy, Dave Mehzeritsky from Vancouver who wants a Russian girl. He works in the motorcycle industry and is worth more than $15 million. He's never had a long-term relationship. He said that he thinks he's almost flawless and isn't used to women telling him what to do. So, he's arrogant and sexist. Awesome. (Sarcasm.) Patti wanted Dave to see that a woman can have a career but still be a good wife at home. For Dave, Patti put together a small dinner with three girls that would make good matches for him.

Patti took Dave to meet Tori Spelling, in what seemed to be a way for Tori to plug her fame: she said she does all of her work so she can work from home and raise her babies. I'm not saying she isn't telling the truth or anything, but it does seem like a way for Patti to help Tori by giving her some screen time.

After Patti interviewed lots of women, six women were brought in to date the guys.

, Catherine and Stephanie were brought in for Dave. Cassie, Cynthia and Deborah were brought in for Brian. For his master date, Brian chose Deborah, who was a good match for him. Dave chose Stephanie, the girl he found most physically attractive.

Brian and Deborah seemed to have a good date, despite the fact that Brian talked about how women tend to be jealous because of all of the beautiful girls that he's around. Deborah actually seemed to understand it and was unfazed. When all was said and done, Deborah had a good time except for the fact that some girls Brian knew from work came to the table. Brian and Debra continued to date.

Dave didn't have as much luck with Stephanie. Dave took Stephanie to a cold sauna (negative 110 degrees!) in which she and Dave would be for three minutes. The person at the front desk said that they'd feel like they just had sex when they leave the sauna. Rather than feeling sexy, Stephanie was mad. She did seem to warm up to Dave after they got out (bad pun, I know) and things got better. It seems that Dave and Stephanie broke Patti's rules and had sex on the first date. Patti said that she was done with Dave and she wouldn't try again. Dave and Stephanie did not date again.

What does this teach the millionaires? Listen to Patti. She knows what she's talking about!

Also, Patti will be making an appearance on Drop Dead Diva this week. Check it out on Lifetime.

Random: If you're a fan of reality TV and all other things pop culture (movies, Harry Potter, etc.) check out What's New With Lina. She does awesome podcasts. She's a great speaker, and lets us learn about her and her interests. Definitely give her a listen!


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