Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cast Members of The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Involved In Lots of Bankruptcy and Criminal Activity

The latest news in Housewives history is that Teresa Giudice may face jail time...along with Ashley Holmes' dad and stepmom.

Teresa Giudice
may be facing jail time for omitting information during her bankruptcy proceedings. She reportedly received the contract for her Skinny Italian cookbook before entering proceedings, but didn't sign it until afterwards. She also seemed to be hiding assets from her clothing website, This was probably done because any earnings brought in before bankruptcy proceedings can be slated to pay debts; earnings after bankruptcy remain the property of their owner.

Ashley Holmes' dad, John Madison Holmes, (AKA Matt Holmes) was recently arrested for charges of arson, leading to insurance fraud, for burning down his own home. He was also charged with money laundering. His wife, Jodi Sue Holmes was arrested for money laundering as well. Their house, which was undergoing renovation, was said to have been set on fire by John in order to collect insurance money. Which he did, for the record - $429,000 of it. The investigation is ongoing but it's not looking good for the Holmes family.

Rumors have also swirled that Chris Laurita has been facing monetary problems, which may play a role in why Jacqueline Laurita and Ashley Holmes are leaving the show. In fact, banks have won judgments about Signature Apparel Group, the company he and his brother own. Additionally, creditors are trying to force Rocawear, one if its brands, into bankruptcy due to debt. I'd still say that Jacqueline and Ashley's exit from RHONJ has more to do with the drama among the housewives and Ashley's awful behavior than this, but I'm sure it played a role.

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