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The Glee Project: Generosity 8/14/11

The Glee Project was back, minus Hannah, who we miss a lot because she was awesome.

Kevin McHale, known as Artie on Glee, was the guest star this week. The cast had to sing Lean On Me by for him. To show generosity, each person led the song for a period of time, while the others stepped back to act as backup.

Lindsay had to really think about who she is because she was advised to be herself. This was hard for her because she had to figure out who she really is. I have to say, her performance of Lean On Me was the first in which she genuinely seemed happy and real. From this, she was told that she was completely into the song. And, her true personality earned her a challenge win. Her first challenge win, in fact.

The music video was Sing by My Chemical Romance. In the video, the cast members had to sing and play a musical instrument. Of the group, only Samuel actually plays instruments. The actual challenge was to pretend to play an instrument, which can be incredibly challenging - you have to make it look real without it actually being real. Samuel got keyboards. Damian got drums. Alex got bass. Lindsay got guitar.

Each cast member, in the spirit of generosity, was told that they'd share their music video performances with a special guest. At the time of this announcement, the guest partners had yet to be announced. When they did come in, the guests were kids! They were part of a music program for disadvantaged kids. Their roles were to help and work with the kids, and basically be generous with their time and talent. It seemed to go well for everyone except Alex, who struggled to connect with his counterpart. He also struggled with the music video and noted that he thought this might be his last week on the show.

The goal of the shoot, which the Glee Project contenders shared with their mini counterpart, was to learn about generosity...namely, if the cast members have it. This would be a valuable asset on an ensemble show like Glee. The cast members didn't seem to realize that their performance in the video would have such an impact on the decisions made in the show...they probably thought it was mostly about pretending to play music, rather than sharing the spotlight.

Lindsay was criticized for concentrating too hard on the instrument, so she messed up her lip syncing. Damian messed up his lip syncing as well. Samuel struggled with harmonies. Alex didn't work on fun bits with his partner.

The contestants were told that Glee co-creator and writer Ian Brennan would be judging the last chance performances with Ryan Murphy. Because of this, all four contestants were told to perform in the last chance performances.

Lindsay got Defying Gravity from Wicked
Alex got His Eye Is On The Sparrow, a classic gospel song.
Damian got I Gotta Be Me by Samuel Davis Jr.
Samuel got My Funny Valentine, which seems to have been sung by several people. However, Samuel had never heard it.

Last Chance Performances

It was noted that Alex could be Kurt and Mercedes' friend on Glee, like a little brother, that they take under their wing. It was also noted that he has the best voice (I don't agree - I think Lindsay does) but has a confidence problem. When asked how high school was for Alex, he said he got picked on and relates better to girls than guys.

Damian was called "Mr. Personality" and has spent a lot of time in the bottom three, but has improved and you can really root for him. Damian was told that he has the longest road vocally, but you can really tell that he wants this, and he made the song his own. He was seen as a freshman on Glee.

Lindsay's version of Defying Gravity was not the best I've heard from her, but she once again seemed so real. She seemed a bit defeated, in a way. She seemed so longing, and I think there was real, genuine emotion behind her words. She didn't do any fancy theatrics or moves, but she really showed herself and her talent. It was noted that Lindsay does well at that style, but it questioned whether Lindsay can rock out as well. She said yes, but not definitively and confidently. It was so different than the normal, strong Lindsay persona that we see.

Before Samuel came on, Ryan noted that he has Jesus and bible related quotes as tattoos. Ian didn't seem as impressed by this as Ryan, noting that he hopes that they aren't boring quotes. Samuel was told that he might be hurt because he's not the underdog, and Glee is about being the underdog. Samuel said that the last time he cried (when asked) was yesterday because he wasn't sure if what he wanted was what God wanted for him.

In the end, all of the cast members were called back for the finale. No one was sent home.

Next week will be the season finale. My guess for the outcome is:
Winner: Lindsay
Second place: Samuel
Third place: Alex
Fourth place: Damian

We will see!

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