Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dance Moms: Onstage NY Competition in Pittsburgh, PA - Abby Lee Studios' Hometown

This week on Dance Moms, Abby Lee gave each dancer a solo...but Maddie got two.

Cathy, of course, complained about the girls having solos, because that's what she does. Her daughter Vivi was supposed to do her bumblebee dance (which I think she skipped last week with her mother's consent, but not Abby's), but mom once again stepped in and had to note that Vivi doesn't like new choreography. Keep in mind, Cathy's the woman who thinks her daughter should only dance, not play softball or anything else, yet she won't encourage her to improve.

Abby caused more drama by giving Maddie two solos, even though Brooke was moved to the top of the "I play girls against each other" pyramid. Speaking of Brooke, Abby once again proved that she only talks to kids and not their parents when she interacted with Brooke. She said directly to Brooke that she was dramatic about her hip pain last week, and instead of going to her mom, she should have gone to Abby. Wait, what? You're telling a barely teenage girl to not talk to her mother about health concerns? Her mom was the one who put ice on her hip and things, whereas Abby would probably just tell her to keep dancing until her hip hurts so much that it goes numb.

Mackenzie, Maddie's little sister, said that she'd rather sit home and eat chips than dance. Brooke said that she likes dance, but would rather hang out with her friends...or boys. Does anyone else see how this dance life is a bit unhealthy for the girls and their social maturity?

Cathy also proved to not be a team player because she doesn't want to be a part of the dance mom team. She says she doesn't want to be a cheerleader. She said that she doesn't want to stay and watch the other girls dance, despite the fact that everyone goes early (or stays) for Vivi-anne.

This week's episode of Dance Moms was pretty hardcore with the drama. Cathy made it very clear to the moms (who tried to include her, for the record) that she didn't want to be there for the other kids, she's a colleague of Abby's and she's probably paying double what the other moms pay. I think she's just nuts. She also said she'd reimburse Abby for her time if she forces Vivi to do the bumblebee dance, as well as pull her out of the competition. Abby made the point that Vivi's not at the level that she should be, and that has to do with Cathy's behavior. Abby pulled Cathy aside to discuss this, and before Abby could talk, Cathy started ranting about how she won't take the bus with everyone else. Abby said that she's not special and she needs to ride with the team for team unity, and Cathy protested, saying she was being treated like an elementary student by being forced to ride a bus. The other moms even got together to discuss Cathy's outrageous behavior. The moms agreed that Cathy should follow Abby's rules like everyone else, including riding the bus.

At the mom meetup, Christi asked Melissa to drop one of Maddie's dance solos so the playing field is leveled for all of the girls. Melissa, of course, was hesitant. After all, Abby suggested the solos, not Melissa. It seems like the motivator behind that request was jealousy, as the moms clearly agree that Maddie is talented and tough to beat in competition. Additionally, it was stated that Abby Lee only cares about Maddie competing because she can bring home the titles, so that makes Abby Lee Dance Studios, and Abby herself, look good.

On the day before the competition, Paige still hadn't heard her music, which is hardly helpful for her performance. Plus, she doesn't get the private dance time that was awarded to the top girls like Maddie, putting her at a further disadvantage. Paige's mom went to Melissa (Maddie and Mackenzie's mom) who works for Abby. She was downloading the music, and due to the slow and late download, they started getting frustrated with Melissa. Then, the topic turned back to Maddie and her personal attention from Abby. While this got super catty, it's not like the moms' concerns were unfounded. Abby was working with the girls on an acrobatic routine and not on the solos, of which some of the girls hadn't practiced enough or heard their music.

Maddie danced well. This is not a surprise.

I have to say, Mackenzie's solo was adorable. First of all, the girl is talented. Secondly, she was dressed as a mouse, and since she's so young, it was SO CUTE. Although Mackenzie said her mouse tail got in the way, her dance seemed perfect. So, so cute.

Once again, I was not impressed with Vivi. She looks confused on stage and her form isn't that great. She slipped on stage, but to her credit - she played that off well. After Vivi's dance, Cathy said she doesn't feel like part of the Abby Lee team because she's not part of her history...but has she considered that she's clearly alienating herself?

Brooke's dance was great, but Abby looked horrified during the performance. The poor girl has red marks all over her neck from the tape on the floor.

Nia had great dance attitude and facial expressions. She may not be as technically perfect as some of the others, but the girl has style! And, she's smart. When she forgot part of her dance, she made something up and completely played it off.

Paige...oh, poor Paige. She forgot part of her song on stage and froze. It happened more than once. She just stopped and looked confused. And after that, she didn't leave the stage right away, and that just made it worse. I felt so bad for Paige - she was clearly at a disadvantage due to the late arrival of her music and other factors. Abby said that the deer-in-headlights situation like Paige's hasn't happened in 25 years, and she was mad. Abby said she was humiliated, and Paige should be as well. (Ugh, Paige is a KID! This stuff happens!) Paige's mom was so good about it. She comforted her like a good mom, and comforted Paige by saying that she had just gotten her music and it wasn't fair.

At this point, Christi tried to stop Melissa from letting Maddie do a second solo. Melissa wouldn't even listen to her, and I don't blame her. It's not even up to Melissa if Maddie gets two solos, for goodness sake. Plus, if Melissa pulled it, Abby would have a fit. Maddie danced well, as usual. Fortunately, the feud between Christi and Melissa doesn't affect Maddie and Chloe, who are clearly good friends.

Chloe danced well, but Christi still looked horrified during her performance.

Chloe took fourth place in the solo competition, and Maddie took first place.

After the awards ceremony, Christi approached Abby. She started yelling. To be fair, she has some valid concerns, like Chloe's music issue and unfair distribution of dance time. However, freaking out in front of the other moms and the kids was awful. Christi was screaming like a crazy person and blaming Melissa and Abby for everything. The kids were crying. The moms were dragging their kids out of the room. Christi threatened to quit, and Abby didn't try to stop her. While I agree with Christi's concerns, she's missing one big factor - Maddie may simply win more titles than Chloe, and that isn't Abby or Melissa's fault.


Anonymous said...

Just as an FYI: Chloe and Maddie are in different age divisions and don't actually compete against each other in overalls...the show just makes it seem like they do...

Cadence said...

Then why did Christi get so mad when Maddie had two solos? I'd love to email with you if you're connected to Abby's studio or can offer information that I can share on the blog.