Monday, August 29, 2011

Bachelor Pad: Some Random Tidbits from the 8/29/11 Episode

This week on Bachelor Pad, Jake Pavelka went home.

At least he did it with a bang. First, he said that they sent the wrong guy home. He told the group that in order to win, they need to take out the power couples. He then said that it was awesome to meet Kasey or something and bowed to Vienna and said something about forgiving her.

When Jake went home, Kasey called himself the greatest strategist. The only problem? He said stra-TEE-gist. You know, the not STRAT-a-gist, the correct pronunciation. But I highly doubt that anyone who dates Vienna is smart, so I shouldn't be surprised.

Fortunately, Ella realized that Kasey's being a snake, and Erica already knew it, so it seemed like the tables were going to turn.

The contest was a kissing competition.

Some people got all high and mighty about how it's gross and they won't do it, while others were all for it. Kasey talked about how Vienna would hate him kissing other girls, and Vienna acted like she's all that and too good for this.

Blake was crazy when he kissed Holly. It was a hardcore kiss. All the girls had fun with it until Vienna, who no one wanted to kiss. Michelle removed herself from the competition.

Erica was the first to kiss the guys, and she gave crazy kisses to everyone except Kasey. She said all the girls said he had bad breath.

Ella and Blake won with overwhelming majorities. Ella took Kirk on her date. Blake took Holly, despite the fact that it meant betraying partner Melissa, and Melissa would likely go home. Melissa went nuts. Like, crazy nuts. She claimed Holly was flirting too much with Blake and lots of other ridiculousness. This made her a major contender for being kicked off Bachelor Pad this week. Clearly, she blames Blake, even though she's the one who went crazy. Melissa tried to get people to vote for Erica, which was not cool - Melissa deserved to go home (only second to Vienna, of course).


Ella and Blake, as the competition winners, handed out the roses.

Graham got a rose first.
Michelle was second to get a rose.
Michael was third.
Vienna was fourth.
Kasey was fifth.
Erica was sixth.

That left Melissa and William to go home and leave the Bachelor Pad house.

Overall, I was happy with the results. I was happy to see Erica stay and Melissa go. However, I would still have been happier if Vienna and Kasey went home in place of William and Melissa. Should Blake have saved Melissa by giving her a date and a rose? Strategically, yes. But he took a personal risk, and that's admirable in a way.

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Lina said...

This was a great episode. Like I said on my podcast, even though I think it was messed up for Blake to lead Melissa on, I was beginning to feel bad for him. He told her that he was sorry, he still wants to be partners just not in a romantic way. But she still kept coming at him and coming on way too strong. If she had been more chill, he might have taken her on that date for strategic reasons. But instead she pushed him away. I'm glad she is gone from the house. She is way too emotional.