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Bachelor Pad 2 Season Premiere - 8/8/11

Today was the season premiere of Bachelor Pad, and my goodness, the producers knew what they were doing when they cast this group.

Vienna Girardi will face life with her ex Jake Pavelka, Michelle Money will cause trouble and Erica Rose will bring back her spoiled girl attitude. These contestants, plus fourteen others, will compete for a quarter of a million dollars.

Justin "The Wrestler", from Ali's season, who got caught having an off-screen girlfriend, is in the house and ready to get some serious revenge.

Jackie from Brad's season appeared next, and she's looking for love. While excited to find love, she's anxious to be around Michelle Money.

Michelle from Brad's season was next. She said she was known for being aggressive, but does not consider herself crazy. Either she's very manipulative or genuinely remorseful about how she acted on The Bachelor. She talked about her struggle with her dad's colon cancer and her desire to get the money to support her daughter.

Gia from Jake's season was next. She appeared on the last season of Bachelor Pad. After some crazy romances, she ended up in some love madness and now hates Vienna. She called out Vienna for only wanting fame.

Vienna said she's competitive and awesome, and she got what she was on The Bachelor for. She said that after breaking up with Jake, she's had a great year.

Kasey from Ali's season is also going to be in the house. Not only is he a Bachelorette contestant, but Vienna's boyfriend. He openly states that he loves Vienna more than she seems to love him...sounds like trouble!

Jake was next. If you recall, he was the star of The Bachelor and chose Vienna. He was less than pleased when Vienna sold their breakup story to a tabloid. Let's just say that his relationship with Vienna is less than stellar, so sparks will definitely fly in the Bachelor Pad between the two. He and Vienna have not spoken since their breakup. He has a lot to say to Vienna, but is concerned because of Vienna's current boyfriend Kasey's presence.

Self-described princess Erica was back and wearing her tiara. She was on the bachelor with Lorenzo. Erica claims that her spoiled attitude was due to her young age on the show (23) and that she's grown up a lot. She said that despite her trust fund, she wants to become financially independent but without a job. Her astrologer said that she thought Erica would win, so Erica went in with high hopes. Erica said she'd hook up or do whatever it takes to win the game. I believe her! Despite the ditzy, fun attitude she portrays, Erica's very smart and I think she can take the prize.

Graham from DeAnna's season was next. His claim to fame was his dramatic exit from The Bachelorette. He now owns a clothing company to fund children's charities. He does a lot of good things for the world. His strategy is to stay focus on the competition and not the women.

Ella from Jake's season let us know that she's after the money so she can buy a house for her and her son. She's very sweet and has gone through a whole lot - she even witnessed her mother's death. You can genuinely feel her compassion and desire to support her son.

Holly from Matt's season was engaged to Michael from Jillian's season. When Holly panicked about commitment and broke the engagement, Michael was devastated. They both clearly love each other, and it seems that their relationship will be rekindled as they live in the house.

The Arrivals

Michelle arrived first, and she looked calm. Blake from Ashley's season was next. He was immediately concerned about Michelle. Holly walked in third and was immediately asked about ex-fiance Michael. Graham appeared next, and Michelle seemed immediately interested in him. Justin was next and said that he's not interested in love, only money. Erica walked in next wearing the tiara. Blake was immediately not a fan.

Vienna was next, and before we even saw her, Erica was saying that she didn't like her. Vienna was asked why she came to the Bachelor Pad, despite her bad experiences. She said she's after the money. She looked so uncomfortable standing in the house. She also began making herself look good and making Jake look bad. Gia walked in with a smile, prepared not to repeat her mistakes. She said she hoped that Vienna isn't in the house, but unfortunately, her wish would not come true. She ended up handling Vienna's presence well by basically ignoring her, but Vienna was fuming.

Kasey entered next, and this is a major relief to Vienna. He said if Jake appeared in the house, he'd go against Jake first. Justin said that Kasey was his arch nemesis. He'd love to get rid of Kasey and Vienna in one shot.

Jackie was next, and Michelle made it clear that she'd be avoiding her at all costs. Michelle also said she'd be convincing the guys to get rid of her. Melissa was next, but didn't do anything notable. Michael came in next, and was concerned that Holly said that their relationship was over. However, he seemed hopeful, yet reserved, about the idea. When Holly noticed him, she was immediately uncomfortable.

Jake appeared last and stated that he needs closure with Vienna so they can both move on. I somehow doubt they'll ultimately find closure; I'm thinking there will be drama. He said he didn't know what to expect, but it's pretty obvious that he'll be in for a wild ride. Immediately after Vienna said she'd be terrified to see Jake, he made his entrance. He was very good about meeting Kasey - he said, "Hey, I know who you are!" in a cheerful manner and moved on. When Vienna saw him, she looked devastated. When Jake saw Vienna, he asked how she was, and she said well. He said she looked nice. After that, Jake just talked normally (about the weather, but still) as most of the others stood in awkward silence and Vienna fought back tears. This was a ridiculously awkward moment.

Jake Talked To Kasey

The thing is, Jake was really trying to figure things out with Vienna. Not to get back together, but get closure. Jake was advised to talk to Kasey so nothing bad happened, as Jake was afraid for his safety.

Jake let Kasey know that he was happy for him and Vienna and did not plan to get in the way of it. He stated that he wants happiness for both of them. He said she's no longer in love with Vienna but will always care.

Kasey responded by saying that he knows there are two sides to every story, but the story he knew of Jake isn't very pretty. He said he isn't going to judge Jake based on what he's heard, but he's upset seeing his girlfriend upset. He said he was hurting based on Vienna hurting. Jake said he's no threat to their relationship, but Kasey was more concerned with saying that he was hurt by Vienna's pain.

You can tell that Kasey was trying to remain neutral, but he was struggling with the words that Vienna had told him about Jake. Kasey said he wasn't expecting the discussion to happen so quickly with Jake, and he still plans to get him out of the house. He also said that Jake was being insincere and was scrambling because he was threatened, but I actually don't think so - I think Jake really needed closure with Vienna.

Chris Harrison Welcomed The Group To The Bachelor Pad

Chris began emphasizing the need for strategy, and that the contestants would be voting each other out. The girls would vote out the guys, and the guys vote out the girls. The men and women were told to couple up for the next day's challenge.

Kirk noted that he'd had one too many cocktails the night before, and ended up with Erica as a partner. While he wasn't thrilled about it, I think he's really underestimating Erica - the girl is much smarter than she wants people to think.

At the opening of the challenge, we saw a row of nine beds. The game was called Hookup. The winning couple would score a rose for each of them, safety from elimination and a romantic date. The guys were placed in a harness ten feet above the ground. The women were told to hold onto the guys as long as they could. As each woman dropped, she'd land on a bed. The last connected couple would claim the prizes.

After ten minutes, Will dropped his partner Gia. Holly was ready to drop next, and partner Michael let her go. Graham then dropped Ali. Melissa went down next. Erica struggled with Kirk, but hung on. Ames hung Michelle upside down. Erica went down next, followed by Michelle. Jake and Jackie, Justin and Ella and Kasey and Vienna still held strong after thirty minutes. Ella dropped next.

You realize what this means, right? The competition went down to a Jake versus Vienna situation. And neither team was even remotely willing to give up.

To keep himself going, Jake imagined that if he let go, Jackie would fall to her death. He imagined that rescue helicopters were on their way and they had to hang on just a bit longer. Kasey started to give up, and Vienna let herself drop. Jake and Jackie took the victory. Jake was definitely relieved, but Vienna was upset. She immediately began blaming Kasey and saying that he said he'd protect her and they wouldn't fight, but he was breaking it. However, in reality, he was trying to stay calm and Vienna was being a spoiled brat. Vienna attacked him, questioning his love for her and retaliating after he said that Jake and his partner won fair and square. They ultimately made up in a sugary sweet way, talking about loving each other more than cookies.

The Date

As Jake and Jackie went on their date, a little girl stopped him and cried because she was so excited to see him. They took pictures together and it was adorable. Jake asked the girl if she ever wanted to be on television, and she said it was her dream. Jake said he thought that her dream would come true.

As they walked down Hollywood Boulevard, Jake and Jackie saw their name lit up at the El Capitan Theater. They entered and saw a romantic setup over the marquee. To get there, they had to crawl through a window.

This date did great things for Jackie's perception of Jake. She seemed unsure about him at first, but throughout their date, Jackie began to like and trust Jake more.

Jackie questioned Jake about the Jake and Vienna breakup story. Jake said he kept falling for Vienna and things were great, until the tabloids started to pour negativity on them. He said that their love didn't make that right. After eight months, they started having normal problems. A friend called Jake and said that Vienna went to a tabloid and sold them a breakup story for thousands of dollars, and the relationship was over. She left her ring and moved out. Jake said he still held hope for the relationship being rekindled, but realized that it would not.

Jake admitted that he made a fool of himself on the breakup special because he was so hurt by the situation. He said he definitely wasn't perfect in the relationship, but nothing was so bad that she should have done what she did.

Up until this point, I really believed Jake 100%. But when he said how great Vienna looked, he just seemed a bit over the top and fake. While I'm still on Team Jake (versus Team Vienna), I'm not completely convinced that he's sincere.

While the date occurred, Vienna discussed the situation with Jake. She claimed that everything Jake does is for show. She said she doesn't feel bad about how she ended the relationship because she had to do it. She said that no one sees the real Jake because he puts on a facade for everybody.

Events Leading Up To The Elimination

Vienna, Graham, Michelle and Kasey named themselves the 'Core Four' and began to strategize. They discussed who else would partner with them and built up a way to stay in the house. Their team eventually built up a majority, which may work for now, but is sure to backfire later in the series.

Already, for the first elimination, Justin was caught being shady and set himself up to be kicked off the show, or at least put in a bad place.

Jake and Jackie were given a rose to save a person of their choice, which would protect the person from elimination. During their date, Jackie suggested that they give Vienna the rose to give Jake a chance to talk to her. It was evident that others thought this was a terrible idea because Vienna would kick him off in a second. Even Jackie doubted her thoughts the next day. She also said Jake should make the decision to prevent hard feelings against herself. That being said, Jake's motivation was to show Vienna that he's not a bad guy, but this is clearly not the way to do it.

Aside from the Vienna thoughts, Jake thought about giving the rose to Gia because she'd likely be going home otherwise. When he told Gia about possibly giving Vienna the rose, she was horrified. Gia was also devastated that she wouldn't be getting it, because as strategic partners, she felt that she deserved it.

Ultimately, the rose was awarded to Vienna.
Jake said his reasons were specific and he wanted to talk to her and Kasey. Meanwhile, Gia was devastated and with good reason, because she was always there for Jake and he didn't reciprocate. In any case, Jake spoke to Vienna and Kasey in exchange for the rose.

Jake said to Vienna that the great times they had were great and the bad ones were bad. Jake apologized for raising his voice to her, stating that he didn't mean it. He said he wasn't ready to accept the demise of the relationship. He said that you don't talk to people that you love in the way that he did. He noted that the relationship was two wrong people that just couldn't make it work.

After the discussion, Jake was clearly relieved. But Vienna felt differently. She said she felt sick by it, due in part to Jake's perceived falseness. Vienna was clearly ungrateful for the rose and walked away with anger. Jake, you made a mistake! You could have done this without a rose! As much as Vienna accuses Jake of being fake, she sure put on a fake show when telling Kasey how much she loved him. Jake may be fake, but Vienna's no better. And Vienna's complete and total lack of graciousness was appalling. While Jake saw some improvement in their relationship, Vienna was totally closed to it and didn't even try to accept any of it.

Kasey's also dumb in this situation. He talked about how he protects his girlfriend, but really, he didn't do anything! He didn't win the challenge for her, he didn't work to get her the rose, he didn't do anything!!!

This mess left Gia in a bad place, so she had to try to find alliances by pretending she had power. She ended up building an alliance with Kasey because he and Vienna have a lot of power. Kasey risked making Vienna mad because he partnered with Gia, but that was the right move. He needs to think on his own and not simply listen to Vienna.

The Vote

The guys were told that they'd each vote one girl out of the house and the girls did the same. When they were ready, they'd go into the elimination room. When they made a decision, they put the person's picture in the elimination box. At the end of the vote, the people with the most votes would be eliminated.

It was believed that Kasey, along with the other guys on Vienna's team, would vote Gia off. So something's going to get messy when the votes are counted, based on whether or not Kasey votes Gia off. Kasey talked to Vienna about his guilt about voting Gia off, and she pretty much controlled his mind like a puppet. He said he has integrity, but then he went back to all of the "blah, blah, I protect my girlfriend, blah, blah" stuff and fell back into Vienna's trap. The sad part is that he really likes Gia and would want to save her, but couldn't because he can't make his own decision.

Alli was also considered a contender to be voted off because she told people to get rid of Justin, breaking her alliance. So Justin turned on her and tried to get her voted off. This could ultimately get both of them pulled from the game.

The discussion turned to voting off Kasey, and with a team of five women, that could be done. This is the best news I've heard so far in the 2.5 hours of Bachelor Pad 2. This will break the Vienna alliance (and maybe Vienna's spirit), and at least somewhat undo the damage done by Jake's misdirected rose. The vote would come down to a fifth woman, and that would have to be Gia. Gia wouldn't turn on Kasey, unfortunately, although it seemed that Kasey probably turned on her. Gia was in a tough spot because she knew Kasey should go home, but she had made an alliance.

The Elimination

When Chris Harrison called each contestant's name, they'd receive a rose and become safe from elimination.

At this point, Jake, Jackie and Vienna are already safe.

Ames was called first. Erica was second. She said "Thanks, boys" in a sexy voice and the guys snickered. Blake was third. Holly was fourth. She also thanked the boys, but in a much less sexual manner. William was fifth. Michelle got the sixth rose. Kirk went seventh. Ella got the eighth rose. Michael got the ninth. Melissa was tenth. Graham took the eleventh rose.

This is where we got the dramatic speech about the final people taking the roses and two going home.

Kasey was asked to step forward. Gia was also asked. They both got roses.

That meant that Justin and Alli were out. Justin made a bit of a scene, going as far as to steal a rose, and the pair, who were probably relatively harmless in the long run, went home.


Vienna is way more manipulative than Jake. And Gia. Maybe even Jake and Gia combined.

We didn't see much of Ames or Erica Rose. What's up with that? Ames gathered lots of attention on The Bachelorette, and Erica shined in You're Cut Off. But here, I guess they can't carry the drama like Vienna.

Kasey needs to stand up for himself. I am so over hearing "I'm protecting my girlfriend." First of all, you're not. But I don't blame you for believing that you think you do, though. Mostly because Vienna walks all over you and plays you like a puppet, including convincing you that you protect her.

I think the elimination would have been totally different if Jake didn't give Vienna a rose. I think she may have gotten booted out right in the first episode. Then again, the show would be lacking some major potential drama if she left right away.

Kasey's on some kind of power trip. He says he's going to get Jake off the show and no one will go against him. I think he's giving himself a bit too much credit.

The Blake / Holly / Michael love triangle is going to be the source of some major drama. From the previews, it seems that even more people will be involved.

Kasey proposing to Vienna on Bachelor Pad? Tacky!!! Especially because Vienna said that if she had to choose between Kasey and $250,000, she'd choose the money. So, wait, I'm sorry - we're still supposed to believe that Jake was the sole cause of their breakup? She clearly sold their breakup story for cash, and may have ended the relationship just to get the cash and media presence. She even made getting a nose job, which millions of people do each year, into a news story.

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