Friday, August 5, 2011

AHH! How Did I Miss That Erica Rose - My Favorite Bachelor Contestant Ever - Will Be On Bachelor Pad 2?!?

Bachelor Pad 2 will premiere August 8, 2011, and will feature my favorite Bachelor and You're Cut Off contestant ever...Erica Rose.

Erica Rose caused trouble on The Bachelor: Rome for being a spoiled brat. She was cast on You're Cut Off for being a spoiled brat as well. But for some reason, her brattiness - and the fact that she's secretly a smart girl - makes us love her so much.

Season two of Bachelor Pad is sure to be a good one, due in part to Erica simply existing in the Bachelor Pad house. And, we already know she's making waves: she encouraged Vienna Girardi to get a nose job while on the show...and even got her dad to do it! Erica will reportedly appear in all seven episodes of Bachelor Pad 2, and that in and of itself is enough to keep me glued to the TV.

Adding to the drama will be Jake Pavelka, Vienna's ex, and stories are flying that the two form an alliance that Vienna quickly breaks. Michelle Money will also appear, and just to include a bad joke, she'll give Erica Rose a run for her money as the villain of the house.

While Erica didn't win over Prince Lorenzo Borghese on the Bachelor, she won us over on You're Cut Off, and she's sure to do it again on Bachelor Pad. I'm not convinced that Erica will take home the $500,000 prize or a new boyfriend from her stay, but she'll certainly gain more of the fame that she clearly wants and deserves.

Update: I was able to snag an email interview with Erica Rose. Click here to read it.

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