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Toddlers and Tiaras: Rock Star Divas and Dolls in Georgia

Rock Star Divas and Dolls is a straight-up glitz pageant, Georgia style.

We first met Cindi and daughter Peyton. Mom said that as soon as she found out she was having a girl, she had pageant aspirations. Peyton, who is two years old, is spray tanned. She'd been spray tanning since she was 11 months old. Mom said she loves it, but the girl certainly looked unhappy as she was being tanned. The kicker of all this? The guy tanning her is a guy who sprays cars, so that's how he's qualified to spray tan kids.

Next was Karey and daughter Olivia. Olivia was sassy and bossy, but mom embraces it, saying that Olivia's spunky. She also said that Olivia's actions are a direct reflection of her. Olivia, even with a darker complexion, gets tanned. When she was done, she announced, "I'm black." I get that she's a kid, but that was still an "umm...okay..." kind of moment.

Third was Haley, daughter of Caliese. Haley likes to be herself, and prefers a natural glow from the sun to spray tans. Both of Haley's parents are involved in her pageant prep - dad even joins Haley and Caliese at the nail salon.

The pageant

Beauty is the most important part of the Rock Star Divas and Dolls pageant, because that's where the most points can be won.

Peyton went on stage first, and I have to say - I wasn't crazy about the yellow dress with Peyton's complexion and red hair. It didn't look bad, but I think with her hair color, she could have worn something more understated and still stood out.

Olivia had some serious attitude before going on stage. When she hit the stage, I have to say - I wasn't super impressed. She looked like a doll, so her makeup was done well, but her smile wasn't quite there and neither was her stage presence.

Haley looked awesome on stage. Her stage presence was great and her makeup was impeccable. The lavender color of her dress was perfect with her complexion and hair color.

Swimwear was next.

Peyton's swimsuit was age appropriate. It was ruffly and fun. Peyton ran around on stage and fell down, but she picked herself up and kept going. Olivia threw a fit backstage and could be heard on the stage. I feel kind of awful saying this, but in the swimwear competition, she kind of looked like a bobble head doll, based on the way she moved. Haley's beachwear seemed to stand out from the other girls' outfits in her age division. While many girls had single-colored, ruffly swimsuits, Haley's was patterned and fit her personality perfectly.

Outfit of choice was third.

Peyton, dressed as Pebbles Flintstone, was adorable, but didn't do much on stage. She was supposed to play drums, but had the drumsticks in her mouth. She was led around by her older male cousin, who had no idea what to do when Peyton wouldn't perform. Earlier in the episode, we were told that another girl was also dressed as Pebbles. Her name was Paisley (love the name, by the way), and she did a lot better than Peyton did on stage.

Olivia's outfit was cute, but once again, I wasn't enamored with her performance. I think it had to do with her stiffness and lack of facial expressions.

Haley's outfit of choice was awesome. She seemed to do her routine really well, and she had good facial expressions.


This pageant does not double crown.

19-35 months

Wee Miss second runner up: Braylee
First runner up: Riley
Queen: Peyton

Tiny Miss Division

Second runner up: Alycesaundra
First runner up: Ava
Queen: Olivia (I guess I judged this wrong - so did her mom, who said she was surprised by the high title)

5 - 9 Age Division

Second runner up: Jadon
First runner up: Caroline
Queen: Anna

This means that Haley could go for a higher title.

Supreme Crowning

19 - 35 Months - Ultimate Grand Supreme: Paisley (who beat Peyton by rocking out in her Pebbles routine)

5 - 9 Years Old - Ultimate Grand Supreme: Haley


I think there was a girl named Chatham in the pageant. I kind of hope I'm wrong.

I heard a great name - Alessandra - until I saw the spelling: Alycesaundra. Seriously? Do you want your child to ever find anything personalized or be considered for a job?

There were some great names in this pageant: Giovanna and Paisley, just to name a few.

It's cool to be proud of your kid being strong willed, but when she's super bratty, it's just not that cute.

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Bluedog said...

While a lot of competitors T & T follow obviously hate being in pageants or have really bad parents, Haley's family are the exception. Dad is supportive without being over the top, and I think he had a lot of fun playing to the cameras. They have the money to compete without it affecting the family. I remember a previous episode where a mother said she paid pageant fees instead of the electricity bill.
The most important thing they have taught Haley is manners! She is the first winner I have ever seen who thanked the judges! Well done to her parents - Haley is beautiful on the inside as well.