Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras: Brock Rocks the Pageant

Toddlers and Tiaras showed us an Illinois glitz pageant, which deviates from the typical natural pageants in the area. The Southern Celebrity Mini Nationals Pageant wanted to bring some bling to the table.

First we met Savannah, daughter of Shanna, who has won over $50,000 of savings bonds. Two years before this pageant, she left the pageant circuit, but she's back. I fully respect the fact that her mom let her quit pageants when she wanted to, rather than forcing her to continue. Savannah noted that she feels bad when she loses, which is sad, but she seems like a mature kid who can handle it.

Sydney, daughter of Kim, who has very high self esteem. I have dubbed Kim as Miniskirt Mom because the really short skirt she wears in her opening scene. Sydney was a natural pageant girl traditionally, and this was her first glitz pageant. Mom said that some people said Sydney can't pull of glitz and she's determined to prove them wrong.

Third up was Brock, son of Tori, described himself as a diva. He seemed to have tons of charisma, and he seems like the kind of kid that's going to grow up to be a really great person. In any case, Brock has dolls and dressed as Dorothy for Halloween. It's cool that Mom supports that! Brock was really excited to get his first spray tan - way more excited than most of the girls we see on Toddlers and Tiaras.

When he was two years old, Brock asked his mom if he could tap dance. The kid is great! In kindergarten, kids already started making fun of him for dancing, but he stuck with it. His goal is to be on Broadway. While that's a long-term goal, his short-term goal is to always take his dolls Lexi and Rebecca to pageants with him.

The Pageant

Brock was the only boy in the pageant. Even though he was competing against girls, he said he thinks he can beat them. I have to say, Brock was pretty good! Not spectacular, but really good. He had a lot of stage presence and charisma.

Savannah had a hair and makeup crisis because she didn't want to wear her hairpiece. Mom considered pulling her out of the pageant. She got seriously frustrated and started yelling at Savannah, asking if she'd rather deal with the hairpiece or skip the pageant altogether. To be fair, her hair was being pulled tightly by the hairpiece, which was later discovered and fixed. Onstage, Savannah looked awesome! She didn't wear a flipper, which was a negative, especially when her smile got a little scary. She also lost points for wearing a skirt that was too short. Overall, though, she did well.

Sydney's mom said she looks like a 16 year old little girl. I think it was a compliment. She really did, and she held her smile during her routine. Apparently, her nickname is Tiki or something, which was noted in the pageant.

Brock's outfit of choice routine was half choreographed and half improvised on stage. That's nice to see, considering how much some of the moms micromanage their kids. Brock's Outfit of Choice routine was awesome. He started with a ballet dance and went into a gymnastic-type one. He was so good. Even if you don't agree with his mom's way of raising him, you have to admit that the kid has talent.

Savannah's mom had a crisis - she and her daughter were running late, and when she finally got out of the hotel room, she realized she forgot the pageant number. When she went to get it back, her hotel key didn't work. (More tragic than that is that she was wearing a Twilight shirt, but that's off topic.) Eventually, the hotel manager went and got the number. Even after the madness, Savannah put on a great performance.

Sydney would have benefited from wearing some more clothing - it was a bit skimpy for a kid. Her outfit of choice routine went well, but she had to take off her gloves and her hat fell off, which may count against her.


Obviously, as the only boy in his division, Brock won Most Handsome, Best Personality, Outfit of Choice and everything else. He was also told that he'd be coming back on stage for a higher title.

Savannah took home Outfit of Choice in her division.
Sydney took home the Natural Photogenic crown.
The division queen was Savannah. Not bad for not having a flipper and returning to pageants after a two year hiatus!

Sydney was told that she'd be coming back for a higher title.

The Overall Most Beautiful title went to Bria.

Overall Personality went to Brock. He totally deserved it. When asked if he wanted a boy or girl crown, he chose the girl crown because it was sparkly.

Beauty Supreme went to Sydney.

Brock was the Boy's Grand Supreme, but he was the only boy, so that was obvious.

The Ultimate Supreme title went to a girl named Ryleigh, who will probably have her name misspelled very frequently throughout her lifetime.


I think Tori is a good mom to Brock. He's an individual, and his dancing and pageants reflect that. Plus, while we see some girls hating pageants, Brock seemed to really enjoy them. He also will gain confidence and self-esteem from pageants, which he'll need when he gets teased throughout his school career.

I think Tori's going to be criticized for focusing on only Brock, not her daughter (who we see a few times), but I don't think she's ignoring her other child - I think the show just isn't focusing on her.

Glitz pageants have a lot of strict rules that cause points to be deducted. For example, not having a flipper hurt Savannah's chances at winning. While Mom supported the natural teeth look, the judges clearly did not.


Fiona said...

Savannah's mom is a nightmare!! Yelling at the hotel front desk staff because SHE forgot her daughters number in her room! Can you say "DRAMA"?????? SMH. SUCH an annoying pageant mom!

Fiona said...

Savannah's mom is a nightmare!! Yelling at the hotel front desk staff because SHE forgot her daughters number in her room! Can you say "DRAMA"?????? SMH. SUCH an annoying pageant mom!