Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Teen Mom Season Premiere: Welcome Back, Catelynn, Amber, Farrah and Maci!

This week on the season finale of Teen Mom, Farrah told us she wanted breast implants. She said it's an investment for her modeling career, which it probably will help, but is that really the best use of her money? I'm not convinced. That being said, I can definitely understand Farrah's frustration with her looks. Unfortunately for her, she had trouble getting financing for the surgery.

Farrah's relationship with her mom seems to have improved a lot. That being said, Farrah's mom suggested that she get a will, and seemed genuinely hurt when Farrah didn't immediately say that she'd be Sophia's guardian if anything happened to Farah. She ultimately chose her mom as the guardian, and that made her mom more supportive of her having the breast implants. Farrah ended up going for it and had the surgery. Her dad was super supportive - it was nice to see Farrah's family happy after all of the turmoil in previous seasons of Teen Mom.

Catelynn faced an attempted break-in. This led her family to have to move. Catelynn's mom did something awesome - she stuck up for Catelynn. Catelynn and her grandmother don't get along, and her grandma said that Catelynn's mom and little brother Nick could move in with her, but not Catelynn. Catelynn's mom said she wouldn't abandon Catelynn. This is a big step up from what we've seen in the past! At this point, Tyler brought up the pair getting their own apartment, but nothing happened immediately.

Catelynn brought up the idea of living with Tyler so her mom could live with Catelynn's grandmother, and her mother was supportive and rational. She noted that Catelynn can do it, but she needs to understand that there are a lot of costs associated with renting a place. While Catelynn's mom was easy to talk to, Tyler's mom was a bit more difficult. Tyler's mom made it very clear that he has a choice about moving out and he shouldn't do it. She said that Catelynn and Tyler are rushing through things. Basically, she was not supportive at all, and honestly, I can't say I blame her! I understand Catelynn and Tyler's perspectives about moving out on their own, but they really are trying to grow up fast.

Amber and Gary contemplated their relationship. Once again, it was evident that Gary loves Amber and really wants to be with her, although Amber remains unconvinced that they should try their relationship again. Part of Amber's hesitation to return to a relationship with Gary was her relationship with boyfriend Chris, even though she realistically knew he wasn't in the same life stage as she was. Chris declared his love for Amber just as she was going to tell him she was getting back with Gary, despite her reservations. She told Chris she wanted to break up and he asked her to stop by his place. Chris seemed heartbroken and asked Amber to give him a chance. Amber said that she just can't do it because they're at different points in their lives. Chris left heartbroken, but Amber really was doing what was best for her, Gary and Leah.

Amber and Gary went to counseling, and Gary professed his strong regret for kissing another girl. During the counseling session, Amber looked like she just wanted to leave, and Gary looked like he was really trying. Amber made a strong accusation: that Gary got her pregnant at seventeen. Sorry, Amber, but you were a part of the babymaking too! Amber did make progress - she discussed why she got physical with Gary and the pain she faces because she doesn't like herself.

Maci stated that Ryan wasn't paying child support. Things seemed really tense between Maci and Ryan. Ryan inquired if Maci's boyfriend Kyle is 'slow' because people asked him. It was strange. But Ryan brought up a valid point - he said he doesn't know Kyle. Ryan does have the right to meet the guy who's raising his kid.

When Maci confronted Ryan about the child support issue, Ryan claimed that he'd been paying it, although Maci hadn't received it. It turns out that Ryan was paying and Maci's bank actually made the error.

It looks like it's going to be an interesting season of Teen Mom. Farrah deals with the death of her ex-boyfriend Derek, Amber deals with legal issues and Maci deals with custody issues. Catelynn and Tyler are sure to bring us a good storyline as they deal with their families. It should be a good season!

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