Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Night Reality Recap: Glee Project, RHONJ, Famous Food (7/17/11)

The Glee Project

Mattheus went home on this week's Glee Project. I think it was justified. His rendition of These Boots Are Made For Walking was fun, but totally missed the point.

I also think it's Alex's time to go soon. His attitude is getting out of control. He did a good job on his duet with Hannah, but I don't think his out of control ego will fare well on Glee.

Lindsay once again stood out and shined. I can see her as the next Lea Michele, since the original cast members are going to leave the show at the end of the next season. The only concern would be that she looks a lot like Lea Michele and would be a very similar type of character.

Cameron was actually given credit for being upset when Lindsay kissed him because of his religious beliefs. It was noted that kids could relate to his religious struggles. But here's the thing - he's acting. What happens when his character has to kiss someone? Will he freak out and want the script changed?

Marissa stood out for the first time this week. Usually, she blends into the background, and is much less noticeable than some of the standouts. This time, she was awesome in her video, and she and Samuel got their chances to shine.

My pick for the winner of the show is Hannah, because there's no one on Glee like her. Although I don't know if she's got the attitude to play Sue Sylvester's nemesis, as the new character will. I also think Lindsay will be brought in for a more permanent role in later seasons. Yeah, she makes people mad on the show sometimes, but the girl's got talent.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

While I'm still firmly on Team Teresa Giudice, I'm starting to add Melissa Gorga to the list of positive people. She really stepped it up to kick out attorney Monica Chacon from the Christmas party. Melissa got a bad rep in the beginning of the show, but she's really trying, and I give her credit. I still think that Joe Giudice and Kathy Wakile are the problem starters, and if it were just Teresa, Melissa and Joe Gorga, everyone will get along fine.

The worst person of all is Kim Granatell. She's so desperate for screen time that she'll do anything to stir up drama. And in this case, it worked! She brought Monica (who has some legal drama with the Giudice family) to Joe & Melissa's Christmas party just to cause drama with Teresa. (I'm sure she did it to make Teresa flip out and look bad, but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen on the next episode, and Kim's the one to flip out.)

Famous Food

Danielle Staub once again got on her high horse and said that the checkbook was handed to her to be her sole responsibility. Does anyone remember last week when she took the checkbook for herself? It wasn't exactly handed to her. She then proceeded to give people problems for spending money, when she spent the restaurant's money for herself and Heidi Montag to drink wine. In this episode, Danielle once again has to defend herself and say she didn't attack someone, but when it comes up that often (between Famous Food and Real Housewives of New Jersey, she must be doing something to instigate things.

Heidi was willing to shift sides based on who's in the lead in the game, but in this case, she at least had a point. The picnic concept of the restaurant can work, and I give props to Heidi for stepping up and defending it.

It was good to see Ashley Dupre stand up for herself. Yes, she made some mistakes in life, but she seems to have grown from it and actually has some good ideas.

Danielle eventually walked out, and then stuff actually got done. This is not surprising. Other than that, budget issues caused arguments and Danielle made more comments about how money is power, so she has the power. Blah, blah, rinse repeat, blah. She later gave money to a vendor without the permission of her teammates, and generally caused more trouble because the group went over budget.

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