Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some Thoughts on Teen Mom and the 16 and Pregnant and Pregnant Adoption Special - 7/12/11

Last night, I watched Teen Mom and the 16 and Pregnant Adoption Special.

Teen Mom

I realize that Catelynn and Tyler have been through a lot, but I think getting an apartment is going to be challenging. This was evident when Catelynn came to the realization that she and Tyler had to get jobs to pay for the apartment. Granted, the rent was low and they probably have loads of cash for appearing on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, but life still costs money. The thing is, it's not like Catelynn really had a choice - her mom isn't exactly thrilled to have Catelynn in her home. Tyler, though, is putting himself in a situation much harder than it has to be. I respect the fact that he's supporting Catelynn's choices, but it's going to make his life a lot harder.

I realize that television skews the truth, but I think Amber is way too hard on Gary. He seems to genuinely love her and want to be with her, but Amber keeps pushing him away. It seems like the issues she has with her own parents affect her relationship with Gary. And the cursing in front of Leah? Definitely inappropriate.

I understand both sides of Maci's situation in which she wants to move in with her boyfriend. Bentley has bonded with Maci's boyfriend Kyle, but Ryan has the right to be concerned about losing his status as Bentley's father. That being said, Maci doesn't even want Bentley around Ryan's girlfriends, so she really has set a double standard. On the other hand, Ryan has hardly been involved, it seems, so should he really have a say in this?

16 and Pregnant Adoption Special

It was pretty evident that there is a major difference between Catelynn's and Ashley's situations. I'm not just saying that Ashley has an open adoption and Catelynn's is semi-open. I'm saying that Catelynn's situation is healthy, and Ashley's really isn't. It must have seemed like a great idea at first for her aunt and uncle to adopt her daughter Callie, but it's created a major conflict of interest, because her daughter being accessible makes healing nearly impossible for Ashley, and Ashley not getting over the fact that she wants her child back makes her aunt and uncle's lives difficult.

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Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

I definitely agree, Catelynn and Ashley's stories are completely different!! Ashley kind of bugs me. It seems like she is never going to move on with her life.