Sunday, July 24, 2011

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Boo Kim Granatell!!!

Before we get into the BS that Kim Granatell caused on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, can we discuss the fact that she's reportedly dating Michael Lohan? Can we say famewhoring, much?

It was funny - Melissa Gorga said that Kim G. and Teresa Giudice are a lot alike, but Melissa and Teresa are more alike than Teresa and Kim G! In any case, it was great to see Melissa and Teresa getting along.

Kim G. started issues as soon as Monica Chacon was asked to leave. She started bashing the fact that Monica was asked to leave. Caroline Manzo came around and asked Kim to be quiet and show a bit of respect. When Kim wouldn't do that, Caroline got mad. She called Kim out on the fact that she came just to cause problems. Caroline's son Chris Manzo came up to diffuse the situation. Kim G was told to leave, and she started protesting.

Chris took Kim outside to discuss the situation. He said that his family is looking out for each other. He said he sees Kim's son Johnny like a brother. After that, Albie Manzo came out and broke up the conversation because while Johnny and Chris are friends, Kim has gone after Caroline. Caroline then came outside and told Kim to leave because she came with the intent to hurt others. Melissa said that she found it interesting that the Manzo family kicked someone out of her party, but she said that she hoped her sons would do the same for her if she was put in the situation that Caroline was put in.

Chris was caught in the middle because he felt bad that he had to kick out his best friend's mom and he wanted to be respectful. Albert made a really good point about Kim G. - she brought a bodyguard to the party. That did indicate the fact that she planned to start trouble. The Manzo's mentioned that it was reminiscent of Danielle Staub and her bodyguards, and that's a good point.

After that went down, Chris took a call from Johnny, Kim Granatell's son. They had a long conversation and put it behind them.

Notably, Teresa and Joe Giudice stayed out of it, but couldn't help but gloat a bit, and really, can you blame them? Kim has been a major problem starter, and she deserved to be kicked out of the Gorgas' party.

Here's the thing - Kim has pretty much shown us that she is desperate to be a Real Housewife of New Jersey. And if she can't, she'll do anything she can to get screen time. It's sad - she's starting problems for her own benefit. She probably thrives on negative press and blog entries like these.

On another note, the Wakile family is causing legal drama with a local business because apparently they have a strong brand now. I guess fame went to their head really fast. They're hardly an established brand - if The Real Housewives of New Jersey went off the air, their fame could be gone in an instant. Their fame isn't sustainable yet. In fact, they don't exactly come off as a positive brand, so even if they do have one, it's not one that many people are going to respect and love. (If you want the synopsis, Rich Wakile and his son Joseph Wakile did a photo shoot for a local business in exchange for two expensive shirts apiece. All of a sudden, that's not enough for them and they're accusing business owner Ed Bergan of being cheap.)

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