Monday, July 25, 2011

My Thoughts On Cameron Mitchell of The Glee Project

I kind of hate to say it, but I'm not in Camp Cameron on The Glee Project.

This past week, we saw the talented Marissa Von Bleicken go home in place of Cameron Mitchell. I'm not saying that Cameron isn't talented, I'm just confused as to why he's lasted so long on The Glee Project.

Let's backtrack a bit. First, I think Cameron's a bit one-dimensional. I don't think he'd make a sustainable character in the ever-changing world of Glee. Look at the changes that Rachel, Quinn, Finn, Santana and Brittany have made - they've had to rework their personas several times as the show progressed. I don't think Cameron has that flexibility. Don't get me wrong - I think Cameron might be good as a specific character (perhaps in a Christian movie or something), but on Glee? Not so much.

Secondly, Cameron's strict religious beliefs are going to be hindrance to his participation in Glee, to say the least. When the judges complimented him for his convictions and said that kids could relate to him, I had to say "what?" I think as a character on Glee, kids can relate. But as an actor, it's a setback. Let's step back to when Lindsay kissed Cameron in their video shoot. He called his mom and cried because he felt like he'd cheated on his girlfriend. So, what happens if the Glee writers script a kiss for his character? Will he say no and want to quit? Will he do it but have a breakdown afterwards? I just don't think it's going to work.

Additionally, as a commenter on a previous blog post noted, what would happen if Cameron is asked to play a gay character or have an interaction of the sort? It wouldn't be out of the ordinary considering what other topics have been featured. Would he be able to handle that? Would he even be okay with really sexually charged songs?

I also have to say that I think other participants on The Glee Project are better suited for the role of Sue's nemesis on Glee. Cameron's a nice guy - he wouldn't be well suited for the role of an enemy of Sue Sylvester. Unless she hates him for being too nice or something. I think better choices would be Sam as a bad boy, Alex as the guy who puts the girls on The Cheerios to shame, or Lindsay as a long lost half-sister to Rachel or something like that. All three can play mean, abrasive or irritating (and I mean that in a good way) so they would be a better fit to battle it out with Sue Sylvester.

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Lily said...

I completely agree with you. Cameron seems like a fine guy, but he really is NOT one of my favorites. His personality is just not appropriate for glee.