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The Glee Project: Sexuality (7/31/11)

This week on The Glee Project, the theme was sexuality.

First and foremost, this week's episode was tough for Cameron (I got kissed, then cried and called my mom boy) and Hannah (I'm just exploring my sexuality girl). The challenge song was Like a Virgin by Madonna.

The guest judges were Mark Salling (Noah "Puck" Puckerman) and Ashley Fink (Lauren Zizes).

During the performance, Samuel was steamy. Like, really good, up in Hannah's face, steamy. Hannah looked nervous at first but got better (although the guest stars liked her). Cameron looked like he was going to throw up. Alex rocked it and Lindsay didn't stand out as much as she usually does.

Samuel won the challenge, which was not a surprise.

The week's music video was Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. Alex was paired with Samuel, so they shared one-on-one time with Mark and Ashley. Damian was paired with Lindsay portraying a jock and cheerleader relationship. Cameron and Hannah were paired and asked to have a flirty food fight.

Note: Cameron's on Twitter as this show airs, and just posted "I knew that me and Hannah were going to have fun. We're like brother and sister. I was excited!" I think that's a bit creepy based on the whole sexuality theme. Just sayin'.

Samuel struggled a bit with playing a gay character because his mom raised him Christian, and she'd be displeased with him playing a gay character. That being said, he had shown a connection with both the girls and guys in the challenge, so it's not a game stopper for him.

Samuel's singing was interesting - it sounded off key to me, but it was probably just in a different note. It went over well. Alex sang pretty close to what Katy Perry sounds like, which isn't necessarily a good thing because I'm not convinced that Katy Perry sang this song that well. Lindsay struggled with her singing today as well, which is weird because she usually rocks it. (I'm a Lindsay fan all the way.)

In the music video, Alex was over the top as he tried to play sexy, but it was a bit scary. During Lindsay and Damian's shoot, it was noted that she's very musical theater based and doesn't have a lot of versatility. And, Lindsay kissed Damian to kick up the heat. Hannah, who has a crush on Damian, was upset by their kiss.

Cameron was asked to kiss Hannah during his shoot, but he refused due to his religious beliefs. Hannah was obviously disappointed because this could hurt her because their performance might be missing the 'it' factor.

During the video, it was evident that not all of Alex's singing reached the point of being great. It was also evident that Cameron and Hannah did not play sexy well together (mostly because of Cameron, I would say). However, Hannah's hair looked awesome straight. Alex's acting was over the top, which I think made acting interested in him difficult for Samuel. Lindsay made up for her singing issues by making her performance with Damian practically ooze sex. I did think they chose good vocals for her because she sounded great.

Instead of first naming a bottom three, the top three were named. First named was Hannah. Samuel took the second spot in the top 3. Cameron was criticized for not doing the kiss, landing him in the bottom three. Alex was also in the bottom three for being over the top. Damian took the third spot in the bottom three, making Lindsay safe.

For the last chance performance, the cast members were given songs that they might use on the show to audition for New Directions. Alex got I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. Cameron was given Blackbird by The Beatles. Damian was given Danny Boy, the traditional Irish ballad.

Damian's performance of Danny Boy was good but didn't do his voice justice. He sounded a bit tired or nervous, in my opinion. The judges said he sounded disconnected, but he'd had growth. He was told at times, he could be seen as the next Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) but didn't show it in this performance.

Alex performed second. In my opinion, he was so over the top again, which is just what he was criticized for in the first place. That being said, the judges seemed to like it, although they did say that they wanted to see something different and real from him.

Finally, FINALLY, after his performance Cameron was called out on his lack of sexuality and inability to kiss anyone on screen. After all, Glee has a lot of sexual references and it would hardly be realistic to think that Cameron's character would have less than a kiss if cast on Glee. I have to say, Cameron's singing was good, but I agree with the judges' assessment: he may just be a singer, not an actor, because of his self-imposed restrictions. After his performance, Cameron noted that he has issues with sexuality because of his religious beliefs. Ryan Murphy noted that he respects Cameron's beliefs, but he can't guarantee that Cameron, if cast, would never have to kiss Lea Michele (Rachel Berry). After that, Cameron dropped a bomb. He said that he didn't think it was fair for him to stay in the competition because of his convictions. He said that the competition isn't for him. Ryan said that he shouldn't quit and asked if the judges can make the decision whether he stays or goes. He agreed, and Cameron did not quit the competition. Ugh, why do the judges keep defending this guy? He wants to leave and I think he should!

Ryan went backstage to talk to Cameron after this all went down. He said that he was not going home this week on the judges' accord, and he can make a decision based on that. Ryan said that they respect his values, so he shouldn't quit and should keep trying. When asked if he'd do another week on The Glee Project, Cameron said that he had to leave. Ryan was sad but had to respect his decision.

Okay, I am seriously over this. Why is Ryan begging Cameron to stay? I think there are way more qualified, talented contestants to star on Glee, namely Lindsay and Samuel. Hannah's great too, although I think Ashley Fink's Lauren Zizes and Hannah's character might be a bit too similar. I don't think Alex should take the prize, but at least he'd be willing to kiss someone onscreen!

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