Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Glee Project: The Attitudes Come Out

The claws came out on The Glee Project this week, and for once, Lindsay wasn't the one causing the trouble.

Alex started telling others in the house how great he is, especially at dancing. Meanwhile, others criticized him for not being a good dancer at all.

Samuel had to freestyle rap, and he used a rap style he learned from Hannah, including saying the word "skidoosh." He took all of the credit for the idea and didn't even mention Hannah's name. Samuel was the challenge winner this week, and got to spend time with Harry Shum Jr., otherwise knows as Mike Chang on Glee.

Matheus let the success so far get to his head, and he started to become a bit cocky. He even snapped at Damian.

Episode details

The first song performed was Hey, Soul Sister by Train.

The song for the music video this week was U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer, and the cast had to rap. It was interesting. It came off looking and sounding a bit awkward, although some of it was good.

McKynleigh was criticized for acting too much for stage work, and not for recorded video.

Alex was criticized for not being on the top of his game. He even said that he didn't want to win the competition today because someone else deserved a chance to shine. As if he would be the obvious winner if he tried!

Hannah was told that even though she wasn't the best dancer, she did really well.

The bottom three was comprised of Matheus, Alex and McKynleigh.

McKynleigh's song was Last Name by Carrie Underwood. She sang it well, as she should, since she said she sings it in lots of country competitions. She was told that she needs to find her ferocity.

got I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. When Alex performed, his talent was evident, but he sounded like he was really trying to show off. He was told that he needs to be a bit more humble. Then, we got into the emotional stuff. Alex told us how he's insecure about being gay because he was told during his whole life that being gay is bad. He said his mom is the only one in his family who knows, and she said she'd love him unconditionally. (I think that some others in his family might have had an inkling, and they certainly know now!)

Matheus was given Down by Jay Sean. He did make the song is own, even taking off his shirt during his performance. However, he was criticized for not taking notes well during the music video shoot.

In the end, McKynleigh went home. I agree with the decision made by the judges - she just didn't have the memorable personality that many of the other contestants had.

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