Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Glee Project 7/14/11: Tenacity

This week on The Glee Project, the topic was tenacity. The song was Bulletproof by La Roux.

This challenge brought out some interesting stuff from the cast members. First of all, Lindsay let us into her psyche a bit - she told us that she was adopted and it took tenacity to get through feeling like she didn't belong.

Alex gave us something we already knew, but it was entertaining this time: he changed the word tenacity into "tenasty."

Marissa showed us that she can stand out more now that she's gained confidence from her challenge win last week. She won again this week and won some time with Max Adler.

Max, the guest star who plays Dave Karofsky on Glee, asked the performers to stop their performance of Bulletproof in the middle and do it again and do something they'd never done.

The second challenge this week was to perform a mashup of Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice and Under Pressure by David Bowie. During this, the cast members were told that they were going to get slushied, which is something that will likely happen again to the winner of the show during his or her stint on Glee.

Samuel had some issues with his confidence, and his belief in himself was clearly beginning to crack. Hannah hit some roadblocks with the choreography - she had trouble getting some of the dance moves down. She also broke down during the recording session.

Marissa, when confronted with being slushied, said she wanted to be tenacious and not wear goggles. In return, it was noted that she was electric because while being slushied, she didn't miss a beat.

Cameron did not respond well to the coldness of the slushie. It was noted that everyone's was the same temperature and Cameron didn't deal with it as well as everyone else.

The judges' decision about the bottom three, for the first time, was not unanimous. Damian, Samuel and Lindsay were told that they were safe first. The judges said they fought over the other four cast members. Alex, Marissa and Cameron. The choice between Cameron and Hannah is what left the judges deadlocked. The three were given songs from their original auditions.

Alex got And I Am Telling You That I'm Not Going. Marissa got Hate on Me. Cameron got Love Can Wait (his original song). Alex decided to perform his song in drag. Marissa's nerves were evident. Cameron shared his thoughts on his original song.

Alex gave a good story to back up his decision to dress in drag - he was getting into character, basically. He made a pretty convincing woman! And with his vocals being super strong in his performance, the costume definitely added a nice edge. (The boy can walk in heels, I have to tell you.) The end line of the song was "you're going to love me" - and the judges really did!

Marissa came out with nothing less than the tenacity requested from this week's lesson. Her singing may not have been as on point as Alex's, but her performance was solid. She threw Ryan's name into the song, which was fun but a bit played out. Marissa was criticized for being a bit out of control.

Cameron was told that his acting was a concern because most slushie scenes are only filmed once.

Of the three, Marissa was the only performer who didn't think she'd be going home this week. As it turns out, she was incorrect, and she was sent home. I'm going to say that I do not agree with this decision. I think Marissa had a lot of talent and tenacity, and the judges would have been much better off sending I-can't-kiss-a-girl-or-take-a-slushie Cameron home...but what do I know, right?


William said...

I don't understand this fawning over Cameron. They fall all over him, even giving him his own song to sing, almost as if they are apologetic for making him sing. He is a disaster. He is supposed to be an actor, and when he has to hold hands or get kissed he cries and calls his Mama? He's 21 for God's sake. What would have happened if he was paired with another boy? How could there be any discussion of whether or not to put him in the bottom 3? He FAILED. Hypothermia? This kid hasn't ever suffered in his life, and has no depth of character. In next week's preview I noticed that someone was being asked if he was quitting, and I wouldn't be surprised if it were wimpy Cameron. He probably gets paired with a boy for 'sexuality' and won't do it because of his 'religious' beliefs. (homophobia, bigotry.....) This is supposed to be acting, not preaching. He is treated with kid gloves, catered to and declared a star without anything to back this up. There is a nauseating favouritism towards him and I don't get it. There should have been no discussion about his being in the bottom three. If he wants to only portray characters and behaviour that comply to his 'religious' views, perhaps he should be trying out for the church theatre group, or start his own network. In the meantime, someone please tell the casting director and choreographer to cool it with their panting over this mama's boy princess brat. Poor Cameron, ism's cold???? A girl kissed you??? Poor poor dear, there there, it'll be allright, we're sorry we put you in the bottom three........BLEEAHHCKK.

Cadence said...

I agree with you - I am definitely not on team Cameron. His issue with the kissing last week was silly. And, you're right - sexuality is a huge issue on Glee, and Cameron would definitely be uncomfortable with playing a gay character.

I feel like his religious beliefs will be more of a hindrance than a benefit. It's fine to write in a religious character played by a regular actor, but his personal beliefs will make giving him a part very difficult.