Sunday, July 10, 2011

Famous Food on VH1: Series Premiere

On Famous Food, some people from scandals, music artists and D-list celebrities had to work together to open a restaurant that will be financed by The Dolce Group.

Their goal was to get the restaurant up and running, and at the end of the show, one of the celebrities would get a stake in the restaurant. If it was up to the other investors' standards, that is.

First, we saw DJ Paul and Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia. They were fun! They brought a lot of liveliness to the group.

Next up was Ashley Dupre, the mistress of Elliot Spitzer. She said she's upset that tabloids call her an escort, because that's not all that she is.

Jake Pavelka was next. He was on The Bachelor and Dancing With the Stars. He said he's always looking for love in the wrong places.

We then saw Danielle Staub of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She said her personality is controversial. Danielle said it was okay to be labeled as a villain, but she was treated badly on the show. Danielle started out by saying that everyone's ideas are important, but hers are more important.

Vincent Pastore from The Sopranos came next. He said he could be described as "a pain in the ass." Danielle started out by saying how she's met Vincent before, and he thinks she likes him more than she does.

Heidi Montag came next. She called herself a cultural phenomenon. She was on The Hills, but really became famous for marrying Spencer Pratt and getting way too much plastic surgery.

When Heidi came in, she immediately suggested a high class Mexican restaurant. Danielle disagreed, saying it should have fusion food and have a celebrity chef. Next, Mike and Lonnie, the guys from The Dolce Group, came in and reminded everyone that the show is a competition. The next day, the guys came back and overwhelmed everyone with lots of stuff that they have to do. Their first challenge was to come up with a concept and name for the restaurant.

The contestants were given $5,000 cash to begin. Immediately, the fighting began. Danielle took control of the money because it gives her power. (I think Danielle with a lot of power is a scary thing.)

Danielle claimed that she had an 'epiphany,' saying that the group should combine all of their ideas. Then, everything erupted into chaos.

The concept ended up being Italian and Soul Fusion. They chose a name for the restaurant: Fame. This is because the contestants are all famous.

Ashley suggested putting high-scale picnic tables in the restaurant. Everyone got silent because it wasn't a great idea, but Danielle outright criticized it. I really don't know why Danielle doesn't realize that she causes a lot of conflict.

Danielle said Heidi teamed up and pretty much named themselves the leaders of the pack. It was interesting that the two villains from different shows came together. Danielle claimed that she and Heidi have the most connections, which I think is pretty far from the truth. Heidi? Maybe. Danielle? Not so much. They also spent money from the budget to buy wine for themselves.

Mike and Lonnie met with the celebrities. Danielle did the presentation. She started by saying the colors are purple and gold because purple is passionate. The menu will feature the celebrities' own favorite recipes, but with the Soul & Italian fusion mix.

At this point, Mike and Lonnie look horrified.

They were told that their idea was bad. Their reasoning was because they only have 28 days to open a restaurant, and it's not smart to start with a whole new restaurant concept.

The investors said that Danielle stepped up to present the group's concept, but her ideas were way off base. After that, Ashley, who had been shut down before, suggested her picnic table concept again. Mike and Lonnie loved it. Heidi immediately turned on Danielle and said that Ashley is her new best friend.


Famous Food really isn't that good. It's pretty weak by VH1 standards. I don't think most of the celebrities on the show have enough pull to carry this show. If it was a great show, I think it would work. But if the premiere is an indicator of the season, I don't think it'll do that well.

I do not enjoy hearing Danielle Staub complain as much as she does on the show. I think she'll stand out the most on Famous Food, but not in a good way.

This reality show format is different from the traditional format where someone gets kicked off each week, and I think that hurts the show. It takes away the desire to watch every week to see who gets kicked off.

In the previews for the rest of the season, Danielle yells at people to stop disrespecting her. Flashback to Real Housewives of New Jersey much? I'm over her respect antics and don't want to watch them again.

Overall, I think you can skip Famous Food. It's not worth the hour of your time, unless you really like Danielle Staub getting mad at things.

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