Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dance Moms: 7/20/11 - Dancing Way Too Sexy

I put on Dance Moms this week hoping for some trashy TV, and Dance Moms did not disappoint.

Abby Lee gave us some good stuff this week, including:
- Saying that she raises the kids at her dance studio
- Having the kids dance ridiculously sexy
- Dressing the young dancers like 'prostitots'

Christi, Chloe's mom, expressed her concern about the sexy costumes. While the costumes seemed similar to those worn in west coast dance competitions, the upcoming competition is StarQuest in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which may not be an appropriate venue. When the outfit was criticized as being sexy, Abby said, 'let's just call it skimpy.' I don't really think that makes it much better, but whatever.

Cathy and daughter Vivi-anne came back to this week's episode. If you recall, Cathy is a dance teacher at a different school, but wants her daughter to have her own coach. Vivi-anne was allowed to compete with the other girls right away, even though she was much less talented than the other girls.

Cathy came in flinging the insults. She said that at her studio, a seamstress puts the crystals on the kids' outfits, whereas at Abby Lee, the moms need to know how to sew.

Abby Lee criticized the moms of her competition kids for making other people's kids want to quit because they sit there and critique everyone. She advised that the moms get jobs, rather than sit there. Meanwhile, if the moms had jobs, they probably couldn't bring their kids to their 4 PM to 10 PM dance practice every day.

Christi's concern became more evident as the episode progressed. Yes, there's jealousy within the dance school with Maddie being the star and Chloe playing second string, but it really does seem as if Maddie gets more attention than Chloe and some of the other girls. That being said, I think Maddie's mom Melissa gives Abby less trouble than Christi does.

Cathy, although very nice, seemed to not quite fit in with the other moms. When she went up to the viewing booth, she asked if the women were applying rhinestones again, and then said, "Well, I'm not a stoner!" or something - it was a pretty bad joke.

Towards the end of rehearsal the day before the competition, Christi started to lose it. She began to cry and asked Abby what was going on. Abby needed Chloe to stay, so Christi had to back away and let Chloe stay if she wanted to keep her solo. We got to learn more about Christi at this point - she said she had a tough childhood. She wanted to be a dancer but couldn't be, so it hurts to want the best for Chloe's dancing, but also have to push her so far. Sadly, Abby criticized the crying and hugging that went on between Christi and Chloe, comparing Chloe to Maddie, who was still dancing. Chloe had a mature attitude about the situation, later commenting that she and Maddie shouldn't be compared because they are different people.

Chloe had a solo dance and she did great. She was happy and her mom was happy. But immediately after leaving the stage, Abby had something to criticize.

Maddie was next, and the girl has stage presence. She dances and her face speaks volumes. Her facial expressions were phenomenal. While Abby said that Maddie and Chloe were neck and neck, she didn't criticize Maddie when she left the stage.

Maddie took first place in the solo competition, and Abby said she expected nothing less from her.

Mackenzie (Maddie's sister) and Vivi-anne did a dance together, which turned out well despite Vivi's mistakes in rehearsals. Mackenzie was more of the featured dancer, and despite that, mom Cathy said that Mackenzie was not far ahead of Vivi talent-wise. Additionally, Vivi doesn't seem to really want to dance (she actually says it), but in the last episode, mom said something like 'she'd slit her wrists' if Vivi didn't want to dance.

After this, we saw all of the girls in their 'skimpy' costumes. One of the moms said they look like street walkers, and I can't say I disagree. The outfits were definitely not age appropriate. The dance moves were also horribly inappropriate, and the song was pretty obviously sexually charged.

The girls didn't even place for this dance. While Melissa was okay with the dance, the other moms said it was clearly inappropriate, and they thought the judges agreed. Abby actually took the rejection well, saying that the judges just didn't get it. Nia's mom Holly and Chloe's mom spoke up to Abby, saying that they were horrified when they saw the dance moves. Abby was having none of it - she even criticized Christi, saying that Chloe loved the dance. Abby went on to tell the cameras that kids are replaceable, and if her mom's not into it, she can leave. She also said moms ruin their kids. Lovely.

Oh, Dance Moms. You are so messy but I can't look away. You are my new favorite trashy TV show.

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Anonymous said...

You like a TV show where the pedophile dance teacher tells kids to dance sexually, and verbally abuses them, and where one of the mothers talks about her daughter's sexy little body ("showing off your sexy lil bod")?!