Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Toddlers & Tiaras 6/22/11 - A Halloween Pageant

This week on Toddlers and Tiaras, we saw a Halloween themed pageant - the Halloween Bash Pageant.

The Introductions

This week's show featured Chloe, a 9 year old who can climb door frames. Chloe has won over $20,000 from pageants so far.

Next up, we met Hallee. Mom Elicia said she was brought into the world to cater to her daughter's needs hand and food. Hallee also really liked beef jerky. In fact, she's given beef jerky as a reward for doing well in pageants.

Third was Saryniti. She's into God and glitz pageants, which don't exactly go well together. Mom Ca'Trina says that she prays to God about every outfit Saryniti wears. That's how Ca'Trina decided that pageants are okay - God told her so.

I know it's not exactly fair of me to pass judgment, but I'm not really buying this whole God-and-beauty-pageants thing. Religion tends to preach modesty, whereas pageants encourage being scantily clad at way too young of an age. In any case, my real gripe with this family is Saryniti's awful name. It actually took me several readings of her name to realize that Saryniti is actually supposed to be Serenity...or so I think.

I felt better about mom Ca'Trina when I learned that she didn't name Saryniti - she's her stepmom. I also give her credit because she believes in being a bit more conservative - Dad's the one who encourages getting completely glitzed for pageants.

Ca'Trina prayed at a lot of things, including Saryniti's spray tan. She wasn't okay with it, but she prayed and became okay with it.

I have to give Ca'Trina credit. She's an amazing mom to Saryniti. She has a china cabinet in which she plans to display Saryniti's crowns. It was empty at the time of filming because Saryniti was going to complete in her first pageant on this episode of Toddlers and Tiaras.

Both Chloe and Hallee's mom had professional photos taken of their kids, although Chloe's mom took them herself and Hallee's mom paid for them.

Chloe said she wears flippers so she doesn't look like a jack-o-lantern and she doesn't want to be a jack-o-lantern because they're fat. Nice, weight issues already!

Saryniti and her mom made goody bags to give out to the pageant contestants. It was a really nice idea. I'm sure the kids who end up disappointed probably will appreciate the kindness.

The Pageant

The crown for this pageant features a spider, so it definitely was original.

Saryniti's mom and hairstylist both forgot to bring a brush, and they were also missing rollers. Needless to say, hairstyling did not go as planned.

We saw a random contestant in the 3 - 4 age division named Alexis who looked clueless and scratched her nose on stage, which was a major contrast to Hallee, who had major stage presence and appeared after her on stage.

Saryniti's name was called to on stage, but she was nowhere to be found because she was still in hair and makeup. Chloe's mom was awesome and volunteered to go get Saryniti and let her knot it was last call. Saryniti looked quite nervous during beauty, which is no surprise due to this being her first pageant and being late. That being said, Saryniti felt happy, and that's something we don't see much in the pageant circuit. It was refreshing! No tempter tantrums, no screaming, just enjoyment.

After that, we met a contestant named Maybre (not sure of spelling) which just reminds me of the word maybe. I'm not a fan of the name. In any case, Maybre was an awesome contestant who was clearly in the pageant to win it.

Onstage, Chloe held her smile like a pro. She literally looked like a doll. It was pretty incredible. She's got good skills and polish for the pageant circuit.

Halloween wear came next. Saryniti was a bride to a swan, and she was conservative. Chloe was wearing booty shorts and a cropped shirt, and was dressed as Daisy Duke, so she wasn't conservative. Even a judge noted that she was a bit under-dressed. Hallee was adorable as Little Bo Peep.

The Crowning

We first saw the 3 - 4 age division. Alexis, who had a total meltdown, won Princess in her age group. She crawled off stage. Next, Hallee was named princess as well.

At this point, Saryniti was upset because she didn't realize that they weren't judging her age group. That's when the 5 and 6 year old girls were called up. First, Tyra was named a Princess. Next, Grayce was named the same. Saryniti got the same title of Princess.

7 to 9 was next. Vanessa was crowned Queen of the division, so that means that Maybre and Chloe were pulled for higher titles.

Hallee was the Halloween costume winner, and I think that was well deserved - she was age appropriate and adorable.

Mini Grand Supreme went to Maybre.

Grand Supreme went to Chloe. It was well deserved.

One notable thing about this pageant was that the host had a ton of personality. He was really into pageant hosting. He even wore a Batman costume for the costume portion of the pageant.


AlesiaMichelle said...

I just have to say I cried this episode I thought Saryniti was so sweet. She was so excited to get a crown and dress up. I thought her stepmother, Ca'Trina, was so endearing. she just wanted to give Saryniti the best experience possible. Ugh. I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about it. These are the times when I actually see the good in pageants. It gives little girls the chance to be a princess.

Anonymous said...

Alexis in the 3 to 4 division, while dressed as a tiger, looked like she was doing something a 4 year old should NOT be doing when she was instructed to act like she was "licking her paw". It looked like something entirely different and very disturbing to say the least.