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Toddlers and Tiaras Season Premiere 6/15/11 - Eden Wood vs. MaKenzie Myers

Toddlers and Tiaras is back! It features all-star Eden Wood versus MaKenzie Myers.

The pageant featured was Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant and it featured an 80's themed pageant. The show opened with pageant director Annette Hill telling us that she'd love to see someone do the robot.

The winner of the pageant would win a canopy bed and $1,000 cash. 100 contestants participated in this pageant, and only 14 titles were available. Eden and MaKenzie were noted by the pageant director as front runners.

Hailing from Louisiana, MaKenzie was awarded the first segment of the show. We got a shot of her crazy pink room. Then, we saw mom Juana talk about the press MaKenzie received since her last Toddlers and Tiaras appearance. We certainly saw a lot of brattiness in the past and we're sure to see m ore.

Next up, we saw Eden from Arkansas. Eden looked fantastic and was very well spoken. Mom Mickie said her daughter is way more than a pageant superstar, and was very well spoken herself. Apparently, Eden has a book, a doll, an album and a music video. She'll even be going on mall tour to perform.

Following that, we saw Eden get spa treatments, including a facial.

We heard a bit about the last time MaKenzie and Eden competed. Last time, MaKenzie took home Supreme Queen, while Eden won Ultimate Grand Supreme and won it all.

MaKenzie now has a manager who wants her to go out to Hollywood to build a career there. Mom said she didn't expect MaKenzie to get discovered, but they'll take it one step at a time. This is a stark contrast to Eden's mom's philosophy, which is to make Eden as famous as possible. We got to hear Eden sing and she's hardly what I'd call a talented singer, but the girl is six years old and has tons of stage presence - she probably will improve and get more famous if she can stay in the spotlight.

MaKenzie, at her manager's request, met with an acting coach. She was actually really good. She understood acting, and seems to have more natural acting talent than Eden has with singing.

The pageant

MaKenzie had her first temper tantrum during her makeup session before the pageant. Eden wasn't immune to the emotional outburst, either - she whined and screamed throughout her hair and makeup session as well. After Eden's makeup session, we saw that mom Mickie gave her Red Bull. It certainly woke Eden up, but I'm not sure if Red Bull is exactly healthy for six year olds.

At this point, we saw MaKenzie's dress, which reminded me of a Las Vegas wedding dress on steroids. At this point, we learn that Eden's outfits, which had been shipped, had not all arrived. The beauty dress came, but not 80's wear. (This was probably staged.)

Beauty began, and a judge told us that she looks for a perfect tan, perfect hair and a winning smile. At this point, we learn that MaKenzie and Eden were not competing against each other in the age group divisions, but they'd probably be battling it out for the Grand Supreme title.

MaKenzie's modeling was good, but the flipper was very obvious. This was a concern for her mom, who wondered how the judges would react to the flipper.

Next, we saw Eden. She made it clear that she planned to beat MaKenzie. Eden's dress choice was interesting - it had long sleeves. Eden's smile seemed more genuine than MaKenzie's, probably because it wasn't comprised of a giant flipper. She got a good laugh from the judges when the pageant director stated that Eden's favorite food was "everything."

After beauty, Eden's 80's outfit arrived. We then saw MaKenzie in her outfit. She wore pink and black leather and taffeta. During her dressing, MaKenzie had another tantrum.

We saw 80's wear next, which was probably more fun for the adults than the kids, because the adults actually know what the 80's are. MaKenzie's name was called for 80's wear, but she wasn't there - she was still throwing a tantrum in her hotel room. MaKenzie did make it and turned on the charm right away. As MaKenzie danced, we got a shot of Eden studying her every move. I have to say - MaKenzie made some pretty scary faces. It looked like she was a vampire wanting to bite someone's face off. I think the facials (as they call them) were intentional, but still.

Next up was Eden. Eden DANCED. Like, really danced. I found her outfit to be more age appropriate than MaKenzie's because it showed less skin. Some of her dance moves were scary (like MaKenzie's facials), but she had fun and you could definitely tell.

Overall, I think MaKenzie's outfit was more 80's than Eden's, but Eden's was more glitzy and this is a glitz pageant, after all.


For MaKenzie's division:

Mia won Most Beautiful
Mia won Best Dressed
Jayla won 80's Wear
Future winners: Brooklyn, Jasmine, Ava, MaKenzie

For Eden's division:

Eden won Most Beautiful
Eden won Best Dressed
Eden won 80's Wear
Ava Lynn won Queen

MaKenzie's mom was confused after this, but then realized what had happened: MaKenzie hadn't won anything. She started to cry. Following that, Eden started saying "Please God" as she hoped to win the biggest crown of all.

The end of this episode of Toddlers and Tiaras shocked viewers because neither MaKenzie or Eden took home the crown. Another competitor, Alex Howe, took home the crown and prizes. Ouch. That's harsh the show is focused on how these two girls will be fighting for the crown. Eden did come in second as Grand Supreme, but MaKenzie got nothing. Unfortunately, MaKenzie had a meltdown. It was sad - I prefer the pageants where everyone gets at least a small crown. Eden melted as well - she cried because she didn't win the pink canopy bed.

I feel like Eden and MaKenzie's fame may have actually counted against them. The judges are supposed to be impartial to the girls' fame, but they're only human, and they may have secretly wanted an underdog to take home the Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant crown.

The show ended with Eden's mom making a plea to talent agents out there - call her! She wants to quit her teaching job and take Eden to Hollywood on a two million dollar contract to be a star.

Note: Can I tell you how much I can't stand the spelling of MaKenzie's name? It's either McKenzie or Mackenzie, in my opinion. But what do I know, right?

Update: Eden Wood is reportedly retiring from pageants for Hollywood.

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