Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras: Cars and Stars Pageant - Sister vs. Brother

This week's Toddlers and Tiaras rivaled the Sterling family episode in terms of sibling rivalry.

We were introduced to siblings named Braxton and Alaska, both of which compete in pageants. Normal, right? Not really. First of all, Braxton's a boy, so he's already a minority in the pageant world. Secondly, mom Lori treated Braxton as her obvious favorite.

Lori's kids looked very different than one another. Blonde haired, blue eyed Alaska (who is beautiful, for the record) was a child from Lori's a previous relationship. Braxton, who has a different father (Jay, who is featured in the episode), has has a darker, more exotic look. Both kids are cute.

One might think that Lori's a lucky mom. She's got two very different kids who seem to both be happy and healthy. Unfortunately, mom Lori seriously favors Braxton and even bashes Alaska's traditional blonde looks!

Bad naming aside (Alaska, really?) I am appalled by the way Lori favors Braxton. Her favoritism is even obvious to young Alaska. When asked who her biggest supporter is, Alaska said that no one is her biggest supporter. How sad! Even worse is that she seems like such a sweet kid, much like AshLynn Sterling, the other horribly mistreated child on Toddlers and Tiaras. With an attitude much like the one displayed by BreAnne Sterling and clearly learned from mom, Braxton smiled and said he was better than Alaska. Mom added fuel to this by saying that she hopes Alaska can accept failure gracefully. Sick!

Mom Lori further appalled us by telling us that she bleached her kids' teeth once a week, regardless of whether or not they would be in a pageant. She made it worse by comparing Alaska's teeth to Braxton's, saying her daughter's were yellower. Dad Jay was not aware of this practice...probably with good reason.

Mom let us know that when she was pregnant with Braxton, her main concern was him having nice hair. (You know, not his health or well being - nice hair.)

Mom then wanted to dye Alaska's eyelashes. Alaska didn't want to because she was afraid it would mess up her eyes. Smart kid! She did give in and did it once her parents wanted her to, but she said she didn't like it because she didn't look like herself. Poor girl! What are her parents doing to her self esteem? The kid has enough sense to know she's attractive even though her parents don't see it.

We also met Caylee, daughter of Jaime, who labeled herself a diva. Caylee was preparing for the Cars and Stars pageant as a newbie to the glitz scene. Before that, she'd only done natural pageants.

Olivia, Dawn's daughter was the third competitor. She'd been doing pageants since the age of one.

The pageant

It became more obvious as the show went on that Braxton was the parents' favorite. Mom called Alaska a pain the "butt" and dad said that her ambition in life was to make a man miserable. (Alaska was actually able to give constructive answers, but mom and future step-dad didn't seem to care.)

After all of mom's build up, Braxton didn't do that well. As mom described it, he had a look of desperation on his face, and he did not have a smile by any means. It was funny to see Braxton's very non-animated dad say that Braxton needed more animation on stage.

Caylee hit the stage next, and she looked a bit overwhelmed and plastic. She also looked way less made up than the other kids in the glitz pageant.

Olivia had great poise and stage presence. She definitely held her own.

Next up was Alaska. Her mother said she looked like a giraffe because of a tan line. Ugh, so not classy. And to add insult to injury, in the description the pageant host read about Alaska, one of her goals was to be just like mommy. Say WHAT?!? I hope she ends up nothing like her favorite-choosing, cruel mother. (For the record, Alaska did okay in this section of the pageant - not amazing, but way better than mom gave her credit for.)

Next up was race wear, as was appropriate with the car themed pageant. Braxton had a life-size car and personalized outfit. Unfortunately, Braxton's CD wasn't working and mom wouldn't have that. Mom had a computer with her so she was able to add the music, but maybe due to the delay, Braxton did not look particularly enthralled during his routine. In fact, his smile was pretty awful.

Alaska actually got some positivity from mom before race wear, although her flag accessory hardly compared to Braxton's life-size car. Step-dad Jay actually even seemed to support Alaska during this portion of the pageant. It seemed that mom had a bit of a change of heart at this point and decided to stop being quite so awful to her daughter.


In the 4-5 year age division, Isabella was the divisional winner.

In the 6-8 age division, the divisional winner was McKenzie.

Supreme winners:

Centerfold supreme winner: Braxton (This was not good enough for mom, since Braxton usually wins more.)

Cover model supreme winner: Caylee

4 - 10 mini supreme: Sydney (At this point, Alaska looked devastated, but then was awarded mini supreme. Suddenly, mom was proud of her. Alaska never believed she'd win a title like that.)

4 - 10 grand supreme: Olivia

Overall, Alaska and Braxton's mom had some tough qualities, but she did at least show some pride in daughter Alaska towards the end. I hope she watches this show and sees her mistakes with Alaska and starts to show her more love. At the end, mom and dad said it might be time for Braxton to retire from pageantry, so hopefully they'll still show him love when he's no longer a pageant boy. I also hope that they'll start showing Alaska more love whether she continues to participate in pageants or not. I think she will get more love with Braxton out of the pageant world, unless they force her to quit because their prized possession, I mean child,wants to quit pageants.


briansquaby said...

I could not agree more about Alaska and Braxtons mom she seems to be a horrible person with an ugly heart how could she favor one child over the other so much it was so sad to watch. Its to bad that she will probably realize her horrible ways when her daughter goes on to medical school and makes some lucky guy the happiest in the world and Braxton is still on his moms couch shame on you mom!!! And FYI you might want to consider doing something about your own missing teeth and bad weave before you start critizing little kids for their hair and teeth

Elisabeth Jude said...

I can only hope those parents watched this episode and got a good look at themselves. Why do I think that's unlikely? Lori is one of the ugliest people, inside and out, I've ever seen, and I only hope Alaska can hang onto her natural strength until she can get the hell away from her mother. And if Lori thinks her overt racism isn't hurting Braxton because he's got blue eyes and "good" hair...poor kids.

darlakay said...

Lori does not deserve children much less sweet Alaska ! I so hope Alaska has Grandparents or a relative that will see the show & rescue her from the hell she is living in !! Lori is white trash & she is setting Braxton up for failure as she has him convinced he is perfect, he is in for a rude awakening ! Hang in there Alaska as you are the brains of that family, may God bless & protect you from your trailer park Mom & her 2nd, 3rd, or 4th husband !!

Anonymous said...

Alaska is really such a beautiful little girl. Healthy self-esteem is so easy to get right, and so hard to repair if once it is messed up.

chazah frm South Africa said...

This is a ‘MOTHER’!! What is wrong with her? You don’t speak to little children like that?! Why hasn’t someone frm the child welfare or whatever gone to visit her…she should not be EVER saying the things she did on TV abt her kids. She said she didnt see much of a ‘spark’ on him [Braxton] today…I thought his heart was sad and its coming frm his mothers insane pampering….he could end up gay bcuz of her and she then constantly turned on her daughter who will nd some serious counseling in later life. This mother is disgusting and shocking!! What an awful, hateful, selfish, shallow woman….she has such a beautiful sweet little girl and a very sad and fed-up little boy who is always being told he’s beautiful like a girl…sick! and it made me queasy inside jst listening to her tirade…something seriously wrong with this mother. And why didnt the future stepdad stick up for Alaska? She's jst a little girl for gdnss sake! What a wimp! UGH!

Nsander said...

That woman disgusts me. That poor girl and her racist mother appal me. "Nice hair?" Let's be real, she considers afrocentric hair less than and unbeautiful. She prayed against it! She's horrid!

Nicky said...

Chazah, I agree with the majority of what you're saying but I find it so disappointing that, in 2012, people still think you can 'end up gay'. You either are or you aren't - no amount of pampering is going to affect which gender a person is attracted to.
Like I said though, I agree with the rest.

Anonymous said...

She is a horrid woman. Telling a little girl, she is not a stripper, but can shake her bum a bit! OMG!!! Even the poor child was shocked. Asking her mom why she would even say that!!!