Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sister Wives: Starting Again In Vegas - 6/5/11

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives started their new lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kody and the family decided to give Robyn the first rental home because she had moved a lot

The kids started school, and it didn't seem like it was fun for most of the older kids. Mariah, specifically, had trouble because she didn't want to leave Utah.

The older kids had trouble with the fact that the families wouldn't be living in one home like they used to. I understand their perception - living near your family members isn't the same as living with your family members, especially when you're used to sharing one big home.

The sister wives also struggled because they didn't want to like the new homes but they did. They seemed to feel guilty about liking a new home because they didn't want to leave.

Mykelti acted out by dressing provocatively. She even admitted that wearing revealing clothing was her way of acting out. Kody and the sister wives talked more about this topic, stating that people dressed more provocatively in Vegas than they were used to in Utah.

At this point, Jenelle and Robyn had found homes, but Christine and Meri still hadn't. They didn't want to settle for a home near the others just to buy it, which is understandable, but very difficult.

Some of the family members had to go back to Utah to pick up stuff from the house, as well as the pets who were staying with family members. Following that, we learned about the one positive part of the move: bringing the sister wives closer together. With the struggle of the investigation, protecting the kids and making the move, the wives were able to come closer together.

At this point, Meri chose a house. The problems? It was over a mile from the other wives' homes, and the rent was as high as the other homes when there were closer homes with lower rent. Meri did try to find a smaller, less expensive house, but she couldn't find one that she loves. Kody addressed the fact that he had issues with the larger house for Meri because she only has one kid, and she felt penalized for only having one child. This went down to a deeper issue because Meri wanted more kids but she couldn't have them. The family came to terms with Meri's house because it would be perfect for family functions where the whole family gets together.

The family decided to have a block party to meet the neighbors. The family was cautious but open about their polygamist status. Edna, a neighbor, admitted that she was at first skeptical about having polygamists in the neighborhood, but then her daughter told her not to judge them the same way that the Brown family shouldn't judge her. Many people did seem to be accepting, although one guy who said he was accepting also said that a man can only love one woman.

The wives discussed that having separate homes can be nice - the wives and their kids get more alone time with Kody. Kody hated that - he likes having his family together.

Robyn announced that she was pregnant, but was concerned about Meri's reaction because Meri can't have more children.

We finished up with a preview of the next season of Sister Wives, and it looks like the children's faith and problems between the wives.

Update: I wrote some thoughts about the Brown family and their current struggles here.

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