Thursday, June 2, 2011

Real Housewives of New York 6/2/11: Madness in Morocco

On The Real Housewives of New York, the fights got even pettier than usual.

First, we addressed Ramona Singer's response to the fortune teller saying that there's another woman in her husband's life. She seemed to be in pretty hardcore denial, yet she said that 'everyone wants her husband.' Say what? I have to say, he seems like a nice guy, but I hardly think every woman ever is head over heels for the guy. Although he does deal with Ramona, so his calmness probably makes him an excellent husband.

This week, the women argued about where people were sitting in a vehicle. You know, like the "I get to sit next to Mommy" fights common among five year olds. LuAnn, once again, had a calm response about how she has did request the seat but for a reason.

Then, Jill Zarin said she wouldn't shop with Sonja because she looks like a wealthy American, and Jill says she's more low key. I hate to say it, but anyone with bright red hair is hardly low key.

The cattiness was definitely in full effect in Morocco, although it took a break over dinner. (During dinner, the girls just argued outright.) Also, weird things were said. For example, Sonja Morgan, in the same breath, said she's very public and likes to spend a lot of time by herself, along with a bunch of other somewhat contradictory things. Additionally, Alex, who was probably in a bad mood, shared the news that her father died of Alzheimer's Disease when she was eleven. Such delightful dinner conversation.

Cindy Barshop made a simple but insightful statement. She said something along the lines of the fact that the women on The Real Housewives of New York don't respect each other. The women immediately disagreed and chattered about how they respect each other, but I think they all know that it's not true. All of these women talk about each other like crazy, yell at each other and blatantly disrespect each others' opinions. And, to prove the point, the show would be boring if all the women did was be respectful towards each other! No one would watch a Bravo show about city women being kind and showing respect towards one another.

The spa that the women visited looked phenomenal. Also pretty awesome was Alex trying to mend the rift between Jill and Ramona. Alex could have been petty and let the two women fall apart, especially given her history with Jill, but she took the high road and encouraged them to make things right.

Sonja and Cindy cleared the air between them, so that was another good step towards the peace that will never be achieved among the housewives.

Eventually, Ramona approached Jill and said that she's two-faced. She started to explain her feelings and Jill cut her off. Jill said that she owns everything she says, and that everyone is two-faced to a point. Her point is that the world would be a very nasty place if everyone shared their opinions all the time. Ramona said that she is not two-faced because she'll say things to people's faces, but then admitted that she has to put her foot in her mouth. It seems like Jill has a lot of the same issues as Teresa Giudice - she deflects things and has trouble accepting criticism. We also learned that Jill blames Ramona for the end of her friendship with Bethenny Frankel. Ramona denied this, and after this, the conversation fell apart. Jill revealed that she was upset about being kicked off the island during Ramona's party. Basically, both women want apologies from each other, but neither one is willing to offer the apology. Then, the other girls accused each other of changing for the worse.

Next, Ramona tried to talk to Jill again, but Jill went on the defensive yet again. It didn't end well, and the women both ended up crying.

Next week, we'll see LuAnn being rude to people because, obviously, she's 'the countess, dahling.' Maybe it's the calm after the storm of her almost falling off of a camel on this week's episode.


GossipGrl said...

HaHa. There is a lot of name calling going on, Jill even posted something about it on Facebook last night. But come on, we all love it, it's why we watch. It's fantastic!

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