Friday, June 3, 2011

Is It Possible? Did Blake Lively Leak Her Own Nude Photos?

According to Perez Hilton, Joe Francis claims that Blake Lively leaked her own nude photos.

Despite the fact that Blake Lively's camp claims that the nude photos that look like her aren't of her at all, Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild fame claims that the Gossip Girl star leaked the photos to raise her celebrity before the release of her movie The Green Lantern.

My first thought on this is, "What? That's crazy! Why would she do that?" But really, Joe Francis does know a lot about publicizing nudity. And, Blake's team was quick to deny the photos are of her, despite the fact that the details like the beauty marks and freckles match Blake perfectly.

Additionally, the photos are done tastefully. There are no bad photos. The 'hacker' who reportedly leaked them was totally open about the fact that he hacked them, and when the rumor spread that the photos weren't of Blake, he instantly leaked more.

Plus, Blake will reportedly be at press events in the near future, so she's not hiding after the scandal.

Could this all be coincidence, with Blake just keeping her head held high? Absolutely. But could it also be a setup on Blake's part? It's definitely possible!

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