Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant: 6/22/11

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant is both terrifying and funny. I mean, after the fact, it must be at least somewhat obvious that there were signs of pregnancy. The thing is, I don't know if I can relate to the people on the show - I've believed that I've been pregnant more than once, despite taking measures to prevent it. I'd be more likely to be on a show called I Always Think That I'm Pregnant.


The first episode featured Jasmine, a girl whose weight fluctuated. She met a guy and had relations with him, but took a morning after pill. After that, her period stopped, but her doctor said that was normal because of her weight. Jasmine later started spotting and relaxed. She got a job that involved heavy lifting, which she decided caused the back pain she felt.

One night, Jasmine couldn't sleep and she had major abdominal pain. She later called her mom and said she needed to go to the hospital. Since her mom was far away, she called the rescue squad and an ambulance came to get her. The EMTs on board found out her blood pressure was through the roof, so they had to rush her to the hospital. The on call doctor came out and did an evaluation, and she saw the baby's toes. Not only did Jasmine not know that she was pregnant, but she was having a breech baby.

The story only got crazier from there - the baby wasn't receiving blood flow to her leg, and the doctor realized there was a twin. The second baby was very pale and not breathing, but fortunately was alive. After a lot of work to help the babies, Jasmine was told that she had twin daughters.

Nothing was clear yet - Jasmine began vomiting. It then became evident that she had a form of preeclampsia. Her life was in danger. After ten days, Jasmine improved and asked to see her babies, who were also doing well. She was happy to see them, but surprised that she'd gone from being a single 24 year old to a mother of twin girls.

Looking back, Jasmine realized that her missed periods, back aches and weight gain could be attributed to pregnancy. After all is said and done, Jasmine is happy. She's a happy single mom for Sarah and Casey who has lost weight and quit smoking and drinking.


Dana and Sheldon were happily married. By 2006, they had five kids from five normal pregnancies. After the five kids, they decided that Sheldon should get a vasectomy. Dana took on lots of shifts at the store she worked at, and Dana attributed her reoccurring sickness to being around people. Back pain and tiredness became common, and one day at work, she started feeling nauseous. Dana went to the bathroom, and as she left the bathroom, she felt a sharp pain in her side. She went to her supervisor and said she needed to go home. Then, they decided to call an ambulance because they believed Dana's appendix had burst. Dana was asked if she was pregnant, but she denied the possibility. While with the EMTs, she felt a gush come out of her. She let the EMT staff know to look within her pants, and the EMT saw the baby's head.

She delivered a baby girl in the parking lot of the store in which she worked. She and the baby were transported to the hospital. Her husband arrived, still not knowing that Dana was pregnant. Sheldon wasn't sure how to react, after all, he'd had a vasectomy. He wondered if Dana cheated. Dana insisted it was their baby. The baby was full term and healthy, and Sheldon came to terms with the situation when he noticed that the baby looked like him. It turns out that his vasectomy failed. The family is happy with the baby, but has said this is the last one - for real this time.


Jen and Justin met and fell in love. They got married six months after they started dating. Justin, who was adopted, desperately wanted kids right away. Jen did not want kids at that time, or maybe at all, so she wasn't trying to get pregnant. Jen started getting nauseous and missed periods, so she took a pregnancy test. It came out negative. Jen started to have awful heartburn. Jen started eating healthy to fix this, and she lost weight and stopped having heartburn.

One night, Jen had awful stomach pain. Justin asked if she wanted to go to the hospital and Jen refused, so Justin went to work. The pain continued. Jen decided to go to the hospital because she thought the pain was from her gall bladder. Justin picked her up and they went to the ER. Jen was advised that she was 40 weeks pregnant. Jen and Justin didn't believe it because it seemed unrealistic. Justin ended up being so overwhelmed that he left the hospital room that Jen was in to throw up. Jen had no clue what to do. She said she wasn't ready to have a baby. She was asked if she wanted to speak to a social worker, she said yes. Jen said she wanted to give up the baby for adoption, but Justin was devastated. He, however, disagreed with Jen's decision. The social worker told her to wait before making that decision, as she needed to get through her delivery. Jen said she didn't want to see, touch or hear the baby; she just wanted everything to be over.

Jen delivered a baby boy, who was handed to Justin. Justin loved the baby and decided there was no way that he was going to give away the baby. Jen started thinking rationally when she saw Justin's parenting and she decided that she couldn't give up the baby. The baby was named Jacob, and his parents decided to keep him in their care. Currently, Jen loves being a mom and is inseparable from her beloved baby.

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Nicole said...

Wow!!! This show amazes me! I just don't see how people can be pregnant and not know it. I can't believe the one who delivered twins!!! And the one that wanted to give her baby up for adoption. I would hate to be that kid and find out that my mom wanted to give me away when I was born.