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Toddlers and Tiaras: Cars and Stars Pageant - Sister vs. Brother

This week's Toddlers and Tiaras rivaled the Sterling family episode in terms of sibling rivalry.

We were introduced to siblings named Braxton and Alaska, both of which compete in pageants. Normal, right? Not really. First of all, Braxton's a boy, so he's already a minority in the pageant world. Secondly, mom Lori treated Braxton as her obvious favorite.

Lori's kids looked very different than one another. Blonde haired, blue eyed Alaska (who is beautiful, for the record) was a child from Lori's a previous relationship. Braxton, who has a different father (Jay, who is featured in the episode), has has a darker, more exotic look. Both kids are cute.

One might think that Lori's a lucky mom. She's got two very different kids who seem to both be happy and healthy. Unfortunately, mom Lori seriously favors Braxton and even bashes Alaska's traditional blonde looks!

Bad naming aside (Alaska, really?) I am appalled by the way Lori favors Braxton. Her favoritism is even obvious to young Alaska. When asked who her biggest supporter is, Alaska said that no one is her biggest supporter. How sad! Even worse is that she seems like such a sweet kid, much like AshLynn Sterling, the other horribly mistreated child on Toddlers and Tiaras. With an attitude much like the one displayed by BreAnne Sterling and clearly learned from mom, Braxton smiled and said he was better than Alaska. Mom added fuel to this by saying that she hopes Alaska can accept failure gracefully. Sick!

Mom Lori further appalled us by telling us that she bleached her kids' teeth once a week, regardless of whether or not they would be in a pageant. She made it worse by comparing Alaska's teeth to Braxton's, saying her daughter's were yellower. Dad Jay was not aware of this practice...probably with good reason.

Mom let us know that when she was pregnant with Braxton, her main concern was him having nice hair. (You know, not his health or well being - nice hair.)

Mom then wanted to dye Alaska's eyelashes. Alaska didn't want to because she was afraid it would mess up her eyes. Smart kid! She did give in and did it once her parents wanted her to, but she said she didn't like it because she didn't look like herself. Poor girl! What are her parents doing to her self esteem? The kid has enough sense to know she's attractive even though her parents don't see it.

We also met Caylee, daughter of Jaime, who labeled herself a diva. Caylee was preparing for the Cars and Stars pageant as a newbie to the glitz scene. Before that, she'd only done natural pageants.

Olivia, Dawn's daughter was the third competitor. She'd been doing pageants since the age of one.

The pageant

It became more obvious as the show went on that Braxton was the parents' favorite. Mom called Alaska a pain the "butt" and dad said that her ambition in life was to make a man miserable. (Alaska was actually able to give constructive answers, but mom and future step-dad didn't seem to care.)

After all of mom's build up, Braxton didn't do that well. As mom described it, he had a look of desperation on his face, and he did not have a smile by any means. It was funny to see Braxton's very non-animated dad say that Braxton needed more animation on stage.

Caylee hit the stage next, and she looked a bit overwhelmed and plastic. She also looked way less made up than the other kids in the glitz pageant.

Olivia had great poise and stage presence. She definitely held her own.

Next up was Alaska. Her mother said she looked like a giraffe because of a tan line. Ugh, so not classy. And to add insult to injury, in the description the pageant host read about Alaska, one of her goals was to be just like mommy. Say WHAT?!? I hope she ends up nothing like her favorite-choosing, cruel mother. (For the record, Alaska did okay in this section of the pageant - not amazing, but way better than mom gave her credit for.)

Next up was race wear, as was appropriate with the car themed pageant. Braxton had a life-size car and personalized outfit. Unfortunately, Braxton's CD wasn't working and mom wouldn't have that. Mom had a computer with her so she was able to add the music, but maybe due to the delay, Braxton did not look particularly enthralled during his routine. In fact, his smile was pretty awful.

Alaska actually got some positivity from mom before race wear, although her flag accessory hardly compared to Braxton's life-size car. Step-dad Jay actually even seemed to support Alaska during this portion of the pageant. It seemed that mom had a bit of a change of heart at this point and decided to stop being quite so awful to her daughter.


In the 4-5 year age division, Isabella was the divisional winner.

In the 6-8 age division, the divisional winner was McKenzie.

Supreme winners:

Centerfold supreme winner: Braxton (This was not good enough for mom, since Braxton usually wins more.)

Cover model supreme winner: Caylee

4 - 10 mini supreme: Sydney (At this point, Alaska looked devastated, but then was awarded mini supreme. Suddenly, mom was proud of her. Alaska never believed she'd win a title like that.)

4 - 10 grand supreme: Olivia

Overall, Alaska and Braxton's mom had some tough qualities, but she did at least show some pride in daughter Alaska towards the end. I hope she watches this show and sees her mistakes with Alaska and starts to show her more love. At the end, mom and dad said it might be time for Braxton to retire from pageantry, so hopefully they'll still show him love when he's no longer a pageant boy. I also hope that they'll start showing Alaska more love whether she continues to participate in pageants or not. I think she will get more love with Braxton out of the pageant world, unless they force her to quit because their prized possession, I mean child,wants to quit pageants.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Toddlers & Tiaras 6/22/11 - A Halloween Pageant

This week on Toddlers and Tiaras, we saw a Halloween themed pageant - the Halloween Bash Pageant.

The Introductions

This week's show featured Chloe, a 9 year old who can climb door frames. Chloe has won over $20,000 from pageants so far.

Next up, we met Hallee. Mom Elicia said she was brought into the world to cater to her daughter's needs hand and food. Hallee also really liked beef jerky. In fact, she's given beef jerky as a reward for doing well in pageants.

Third was Saryniti. She's into God and glitz pageants, which don't exactly go well together. Mom Ca'Trina says that she prays to God about every outfit Saryniti wears. That's how Ca'Trina decided that pageants are okay - God told her so.

I know it's not exactly fair of me to pass judgment, but I'm not really buying this whole God-and-beauty-pageants thing. Religion tends to preach modesty, whereas pageants encourage being scantily clad at way too young of an age. In any case, my real gripe with this family is Saryniti's awful name. It actually took me several readings of her name to realize that Saryniti is actually supposed to be Serenity...or so I think.

I felt better about mom Ca'Trina when I learned that she didn't name Saryniti - she's her stepmom. I also give her credit because she believes in being a bit more conservative - Dad's the one who encourages getting completely glitzed for pageants.

Ca'Trina prayed at a lot of things, including Saryniti's spray tan. She wasn't okay with it, but she prayed and became okay with it.

I have to give Ca'Trina credit. She's an amazing mom to Saryniti. She has a china cabinet in which she plans to display Saryniti's crowns. It was empty at the time of filming because Saryniti was going to complete in her first pageant on this episode of Toddlers and Tiaras.

Both Chloe and Hallee's mom had professional photos taken of their kids, although Chloe's mom took them herself and Hallee's mom paid for them.

Chloe said she wears flippers so she doesn't look like a jack-o-lantern and she doesn't want to be a jack-o-lantern because they're fat. Nice, weight issues already!

Saryniti and her mom made goody bags to give out to the pageant contestants. It was a really nice idea. I'm sure the kids who end up disappointed probably will appreciate the kindness.

The Pageant

The crown for this pageant features a spider, so it definitely was original.

Saryniti's mom and hairstylist both forgot to bring a brush, and they were also missing rollers. Needless to say, hairstyling did not go as planned.

We saw a random contestant in the 3 - 4 age division named Alexis who looked clueless and scratched her nose on stage, which was a major contrast to Hallee, who had major stage presence and appeared after her on stage.

Saryniti's name was called to on stage, but she was nowhere to be found because she was still in hair and makeup. Chloe's mom was awesome and volunteered to go get Saryniti and let her knot it was last call. Saryniti looked quite nervous during beauty, which is no surprise due to this being her first pageant and being late. That being said, Saryniti felt happy, and that's something we don't see much in the pageant circuit. It was refreshing! No tempter tantrums, no screaming, just enjoyment.

After that, we met a contestant named Maybre (not sure of spelling) which just reminds me of the word maybe. I'm not a fan of the name. In any case, Maybre was an awesome contestant who was clearly in the pageant to win it.

Onstage, Chloe held her smile like a pro. She literally looked like a doll. It was pretty incredible. She's got good skills and polish for the pageant circuit.

Halloween wear came next. Saryniti was a bride to a swan, and she was conservative. Chloe was wearing booty shorts and a cropped shirt, and was dressed as Daisy Duke, so she wasn't conservative. Even a judge noted that she was a bit under-dressed. Hallee was adorable as Little Bo Peep.

The Crowning

We first saw the 3 - 4 age division. Alexis, who had a total meltdown, won Princess in her age group. She crawled off stage. Next, Hallee was named princess as well.

At this point, Saryniti was upset because she didn't realize that they weren't judging her age group. That's when the 5 and 6 year old girls were called up. First, Tyra was named a Princess. Next, Grayce was named the same. Saryniti got the same title of Princess.

7 to 9 was next. Vanessa was crowned Queen of the division, so that means that Maybre and Chloe were pulled for higher titles.

Hallee was the Halloween costume winner, and I think that was well deserved - she was age appropriate and adorable.

Mini Grand Supreme went to Maybre.

Grand Supreme went to Chloe. It was well deserved.

One notable thing about this pageant was that the host had a ton of personality. He was really into pageant hosting. He even wore a Batman costume for the costume portion of the pageant.

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant: 6/22/11

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant is both terrifying and funny. I mean, after the fact, it must be at least somewhat obvious that there were signs of pregnancy. The thing is, I don't know if I can relate to the people on the show - I've believed that I've been pregnant more than once, despite taking measures to prevent it. I'd be more likely to be on a show called I Always Think That I'm Pregnant.


The first episode featured Jasmine, a girl whose weight fluctuated. She met a guy and had relations with him, but took a morning after pill. After that, her period stopped, but her doctor said that was normal because of her weight. Jasmine later started spotting and relaxed. She got a job that involved heavy lifting, which she decided caused the back pain she felt.

One night, Jasmine couldn't sleep and she had major abdominal pain. She later called her mom and said she needed to go to the hospital. Since her mom was far away, she called the rescue squad and an ambulance came to get her. The EMTs on board found out her blood pressure was through the roof, so they had to rush her to the hospital. The on call doctor came out and did an evaluation, and she saw the baby's toes. Not only did Jasmine not know that she was pregnant, but she was having a breech baby.

The story only got crazier from there - the baby wasn't receiving blood flow to her leg, and the doctor realized there was a twin. The second baby was very pale and not breathing, but fortunately was alive. After a lot of work to help the babies, Jasmine was told that she had twin daughters.

Nothing was clear yet - Jasmine began vomiting. It then became evident that she had a form of preeclampsia. Her life was in danger. After ten days, Jasmine improved and asked to see her babies, who were also doing well. She was happy to see them, but surprised that she'd gone from being a single 24 year old to a mother of twin girls.

Looking back, Jasmine realized that her missed periods, back aches and weight gain could be attributed to pregnancy. After all is said and done, Jasmine is happy. She's a happy single mom for Sarah and Casey who has lost weight and quit smoking and drinking.


Dana and Sheldon were happily married. By 2006, they had five kids from five normal pregnancies. After the five kids, they decided that Sheldon should get a vasectomy. Dana took on lots of shifts at the store she worked at, and Dana attributed her reoccurring sickness to being around people. Back pain and tiredness became common, and one day at work, she started feeling nauseous. Dana went to the bathroom, and as she left the bathroom, she felt a sharp pain in her side. She went to her supervisor and said she needed to go home. Then, they decided to call an ambulance because they believed Dana's appendix had burst. Dana was asked if she was pregnant, but she denied the possibility. While with the EMTs, she felt a gush come out of her. She let the EMT staff know to look within her pants, and the EMT saw the baby's head.

She delivered a baby girl in the parking lot of the store in which she worked. She and the baby were transported to the hospital. Her husband arrived, still not knowing that Dana was pregnant. Sheldon wasn't sure how to react, after all, he'd had a vasectomy. He wondered if Dana cheated. Dana insisted it was their baby. The baby was full term and healthy, and Sheldon came to terms with the situation when he noticed that the baby looked like him. It turns out that his vasectomy failed. The family is happy with the baby, but has said this is the last one - for real this time.


Jen and Justin met and fell in love. They got married six months after they started dating. Justin, who was adopted, desperately wanted kids right away. Jen did not want kids at that time, or maybe at all, so she wasn't trying to get pregnant. Jen started getting nauseous and missed periods, so she took a pregnancy test. It came out negative. Jen started to have awful heartburn. Jen started eating healthy to fix this, and she lost weight and stopped having heartburn.

One night, Jen had awful stomach pain. Justin asked if she wanted to go to the hospital and Jen refused, so Justin went to work. The pain continued. Jen decided to go to the hospital because she thought the pain was from her gall bladder. Justin picked her up and they went to the ER. Jen was advised that she was 40 weeks pregnant. Jen and Justin didn't believe it because it seemed unrealistic. Justin ended up being so overwhelmed that he left the hospital room that Jen was in to throw up. Jen had no clue what to do. She said she wasn't ready to have a baby. She was asked if she wanted to speak to a social worker, she said yes. Jen said she wanted to give up the baby for adoption, but Justin was devastated. He, however, disagreed with Jen's decision. The social worker told her to wait before making that decision, as she needed to get through her delivery. Jen said she didn't want to see, touch or hear the baby; she just wanted everything to be over.

Jen delivered a baby boy, who was handed to Justin. Justin loved the baby and decided there was no way that he was going to give away the baby. Jen started thinking rationally when she saw Justin's parenting and she decided that she couldn't give up the baby. The baby was named Jacob, and his parents decided to keep him in their care. Currently, Jen loves being a mom and is inseparable from her beloved baby.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras Season Premiere 6/15/11 - Eden Wood vs. MaKenzie Myers

Toddlers and Tiaras is back! It features all-star Eden Wood versus MaKenzie Myers.

The pageant featured was Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant and it featured an 80's themed pageant. The show opened with pageant director Annette Hill telling us that she'd love to see someone do the robot.

The winner of the pageant would win a canopy bed and $1,000 cash. 100 contestants participated in this pageant, and only 14 titles were available. Eden and MaKenzie were noted by the pageant director as front runners.

Hailing from Louisiana, MaKenzie was awarded the first segment of the show. We got a shot of her crazy pink room. Then, we saw mom Juana talk about the press MaKenzie received since her last Toddlers and Tiaras appearance. We certainly saw a lot of brattiness in the past and we're sure to see m ore.

Next up, we saw Eden from Arkansas. Eden looked fantastic and was very well spoken. Mom Mickie said her daughter is way more than a pageant superstar, and was very well spoken herself. Apparently, Eden has a book, a doll, an album and a music video. She'll even be going on mall tour to perform.

Following that, we saw Eden get spa treatments, including a facial.

We heard a bit about the last time MaKenzie and Eden competed. Last time, MaKenzie took home Supreme Queen, while Eden won Ultimate Grand Supreme and won it all.

MaKenzie now has a manager who wants her to go out to Hollywood to build a career there. Mom said she didn't expect MaKenzie to get discovered, but they'll take it one step at a time. This is a stark contrast to Eden's mom's philosophy, which is to make Eden as famous as possible. We got to hear Eden sing and she's hardly what I'd call a talented singer, but the girl is six years old and has tons of stage presence - she probably will improve and get more famous if she can stay in the spotlight.

MaKenzie, at her manager's request, met with an acting coach. She was actually really good. She understood acting, and seems to have more natural acting talent than Eden has with singing.

The pageant

MaKenzie had her first temper tantrum during her makeup session before the pageant. Eden wasn't immune to the emotional outburst, either - she whined and screamed throughout her hair and makeup session as well. After Eden's makeup session, we saw that mom Mickie gave her Red Bull. It certainly woke Eden up, but I'm not sure if Red Bull is exactly healthy for six year olds.

At this point, we saw MaKenzie's dress, which reminded me of a Las Vegas wedding dress on steroids. At this point, we learn that Eden's outfits, which had been shipped, had not all arrived. The beauty dress came, but not 80's wear. (This was probably staged.)

Beauty began, and a judge told us that she looks for a perfect tan, perfect hair and a winning smile. At this point, we learn that MaKenzie and Eden were not competing against each other in the age group divisions, but they'd probably be battling it out for the Grand Supreme title.

MaKenzie's modeling was good, but the flipper was very obvious. This was a concern for her mom, who wondered how the judges would react to the flipper.

Next, we saw Eden. She made it clear that she planned to beat MaKenzie. Eden's dress choice was interesting - it had long sleeves. Eden's smile seemed more genuine than MaKenzie's, probably because it wasn't comprised of a giant flipper. She got a good laugh from the judges when the pageant director stated that Eden's favorite food was "everything."

After beauty, Eden's 80's outfit arrived. We then saw MaKenzie in her outfit. She wore pink and black leather and taffeta. During her dressing, MaKenzie had another tantrum.

We saw 80's wear next, which was probably more fun for the adults than the kids, because the adults actually know what the 80's are. MaKenzie's name was called for 80's wear, but she wasn't there - she was still throwing a tantrum in her hotel room. MaKenzie did make it and turned on the charm right away. As MaKenzie danced, we got a shot of Eden studying her every move. I have to say - MaKenzie made some pretty scary faces. It looked like she was a vampire wanting to bite someone's face off. I think the facials (as they call them) were intentional, but still.

Next up was Eden. Eden DANCED. Like, really danced. I found her outfit to be more age appropriate than MaKenzie's because it showed less skin. Some of her dance moves were scary (like MaKenzie's facials), but she had fun and you could definitely tell.

Overall, I think MaKenzie's outfit was more 80's than Eden's, but Eden's was more glitzy and this is a glitz pageant, after all.


For MaKenzie's division:

Mia won Most Beautiful
Mia won Best Dressed
Jayla won 80's Wear
Future winners: Brooklyn, Jasmine, Ava, MaKenzie

For Eden's division:

Eden won Most Beautiful
Eden won Best Dressed
Eden won 80's Wear
Ava Lynn won Queen

MaKenzie's mom was confused after this, but then realized what had happened: MaKenzie hadn't won anything. She started to cry. Following that, Eden started saying "Please God" as she hoped to win the biggest crown of all.

The end of this episode of Toddlers and Tiaras shocked viewers because neither MaKenzie or Eden took home the crown. Another competitor, Alex Howe, took home the crown and prizes. Ouch. That's harsh the show is focused on how these two girls will be fighting for the crown. Eden did come in second as Grand Supreme, but MaKenzie got nothing. Unfortunately, MaKenzie had a meltdown. It was sad - I prefer the pageants where everyone gets at least a small crown. Eden melted as well - she cried because she didn't win the pink canopy bed.

I feel like Eden and MaKenzie's fame may have actually counted against them. The judges are supposed to be impartial to the girls' fame, but they're only human, and they may have secretly wanted an underdog to take home the Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant crown.

The show ended with Eden's mom making a plea to talent agents out there - call her! She wants to quit her teaching job and take Eden to Hollywood on a two million dollar contract to be a star.

Note: Can I tell you how much I can't stand the spelling of MaKenzie's name? It's either McKenzie or Mackenzie, in my opinion. But what do I know, right?

Update: Eden Wood is reportedly retiring from pageants for Hollywood.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris Call Off Wedding!!!

Somewhere, Holly Madison is squealing with joy (and she's totally willing to support Hef in his time of need, per a Twitter update), because Crystal Harris has called off her wedding to Hugh Hefner after a fight...just five days before their wedding!

I hate to say it, but my first thought was that Crystal realized that Hef's got a lot of life in him, and she might actually be married to him for more than five years of her life. Crystal contends that she had a change of heart, and felt wrong about marrying Hef because it wasn't fair to him. She said Hef was only marrying her because that's what she wanted, not that it was a dream of his.

The Lifetime network must be disappointed, because they'd planned to air the Crystal Harris / Hugh Hefner nuptials in July. This is a shame because we would get to see Hef's bachelor party, and really, how do you throw a bachelor party for a man who owns a mansion where tons of naked women roam daily?

Hef wants you to think that the split was amicable and Crystal simply had a change of heart, but reports also tell of a big fight that Crystal to move out of the Playboy Mansion. I also heard that Crystal was sick of eating dinner at four PM and of the low allowance Hef gave her monthly. (Not that any of us get monthly allowances without working, but whatever.)

There seems to be more to this story than is on the surface. Harris is reportedly dating Phil McGraw's son Jordan McGraw, and her single Club Queen just dropped. Perhaps the faux marriage was just a publicity stunt on Crystal's part after all. (McGraw and Harris maintain that they are just friends, although McGraw and Harris agreed that marrying Hef would be bad for Harris' singing career.) Even if there wasn't major manipulation behind the split, Harris is 25 and Hef is 60 years older than she is, so it's probably for the best for both of them. (And Hef's kids would probably have bugged out when Crystal took loads of Hef's cash in their prenup-free marriage.)

Note: Listen to Crystal Harris' song Club Queen. It's actually not bad! The vocals on Club Queen are significantly better than the live ones that we heard on The Girls Next Door, and way better than Paris Hilton's attempt at a singing career.

Crystal also still released her Funny or Die video mocking herself and her age gap from Hef. See the video below.

If you're worried about Hef and his happiness, you can relax. He emphasized the fact that there were no nasty arguments (not that I believe it), and he received comfort from ex-Girls Next Door star Bridget Marquardt and his ex-wife Kimberly Conrad.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Glee Project: It's The Ultimate Collaboration of Popular Shows - Recap: Casting Special & Episode 1

What do you take when combine popular musical drama Glee and a singing competition? The Glee Project, on which Gleek wannabes compete for a coveted chance to share the stage with Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and the other Glee stars.

The initial auditions

The opening of the show gave the emotional appeal that people look for from Glee: people presented their sob stories and why they should be on Glee.

The winner will get a seven episode Arc on Glee. The show claims that the person who wins the role must look like a high schooler and must be believable. The show claims to not be a singing or dancing competition, but a way to find the right fit for a part on Glee. While I believe this to a point, the person obviously must have some talent or they wouldn't get cast. What was interesting was that it was noted that some of the cast members would soon be graduating, so does that mean our beloved Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Mercedes and Santana may be leaving us in a few seasons? (If anyone will stick around, it'll be Brittany - I'm sure they'll find a way to make her stay back!)

The show cast by putting up a page on Myspace and having people apply with home videos.

It became pretty evident right away that The Glee Project would be full of positivity. It's going to be all about happiness and acceptance, even for those who don't make it far. This will be a variation from the negativity that we see on a lot of competition shows. We see the casting staff fawn over how good certain people are and how they watched every single audition.

The show continued with more positivity showing group singing and how a contestant flew all the way from Singapore just to try out for the show. The show also showed positive messages about people who have strange circumstances but don't let them hold them back, like a girl born with one hand and a boy with down syndrome who aspired to be the character Becky Johnson's boyfriend.

The show was so nice that it got a bit overwhelming. There was so much talk about how great everybody was, and how people had pure voices and their uniqueness leads to their talent. It was refreshing, but the show was missing a little bit of the Simon Cowell-ness that makes shows like American Idol so popular. I think I heard "You're my favorite!" and "That one's my favorite!" more times than I can count. It was even noted that people seemed satisfied even if they didn't make it through.

After the initial selections, we watched the Glee wannabes go through dance and singing training

Even through this, positivity was present. A kid who was sensitive about his dancing said that he felt comfortable during the experience. The show continued with a lot of group fun and collaboration.

During singing training, the singing coaches made it clear that they were there to help, not weed people out. Once again, we heard lots of compliments.

To be fair, we did hear a lot of fantastic auditions and see some great dancing. Keeping it positive was easy - the participants that were allowed on the show were really good. (Although my cat did run out of the room during one particularly high note.)

At the end of the casting special, we learned that the group was getting cut down to the top 12, and the winners were told about their success via webcast. The winners were Alex, Bryce, Cameron, Damian, Ellis, Emily, Hannah, Lindsay, Marissa, Matheus, McKynleigh and Samuel.

The official first episode began with the 12 finalists

When the first episode began, we learned that the contestants will go through a boot camp each week where they learn to sing and dance, and it'll all end each week with a group number. It will be overseen by casting director Robert Ulrich.

The first thing Robert noted when he walked in was that the week would have a theme - individuality. He also revealed the fact that a Glee star would join the contestants (this week and every week) to coach and critique them. This week, the contestants had to use the song Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder and make it their own.

Next up, we met the guest judge of the week, Darren Criss, otherwise known as Blaine on Glee. He let the contestants know that the person who stood out the most that week would win a special advantage in the week's group number.

The first bit of negativity came up when one of the girls started flirting with Darren and the others commented on it.

Matheus won the challenge and he got a featured moment in the group number, and won some time with Darren. The contestants then learned that the featured some was Firework by Katy Perry.

After the feature song is sung and recorded, the three worst contestants would have to perform for Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee, to see who will remain in the competition.

The contestants then told each other a bit about themselves, and then the fun ended.

The negativity starts to kick in

People admitted that they started to feel bad during dance auditions, and the dance coach wasn't super nice. The vocal coach was nice, but she did give criticism.

The music video coordinator came in next, and he would help to determine who shines and who gets stuck in the bottom three.

One contestant, who wants to be a heartbreaker, stood up to the video director and said he didn't think the part he was given fits his persona. The casting director did take his idea and it worked. And, the girl who looks like a young kid was told to stop acting like a kid and to be herself.

The music video and response

The music video turned out pretty well. Some of it was awkward and some singing wasn't spot on, but that's the point - they need reasons to put people in the bottom three.

The contestants talked about who was weak. The first person noted was Hannah. I feel bad for her - that has to hurt!

Cameron, Lindsay, Mateus, Alex, Emily and Samuel were all safe and made the callback list. McKynleigh, Hannah and Marissa were safe, but told that they need to step it up. Ellis was criticized for acting like a kid, and she had to sing Big Spender from Sweet Charity. Bryce was criticized for his attitude. He had to sing Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Damian was told that he needs to shows how unique he is in a group. His song was Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield.

Damian performed first. He changed the lyrics to say that he wishes that he was Jessie's girl (versus that he had Jessie's girl). This made the judges smile. They responded well to it. It seems that he just the lyrics wrong, though, and was embarrassed by it. The judges criticized his insecurity after he realized his mistake. On the other hand, they said he was charming.

Bryce was next. It was noted that his voice was strained, but he did a good job on the high notes, although he considered it his weakness. Bryce said that his strength over others is that he sounds and looks different than others.

Ellis was last. When asked about her week, Ellis immediately complained about her vocal problems. The judges then criticized her for her actions being off, but her singing being on. At this point, I thought her negativity might be her downfall. The judges noted that it might be hard to create a character for her.

After a montage of sad music and shadowy video of the contestants, Bryce was chosen to go home. He then gave us a sad speech about how he was happy to have a chance, and the episode ended.


I'll be interested to see how this show performs. It's on the Oxygen network, which seems to be hit-or-miss with shows. I think The Glee Project will perform well because of Glee's popularity...but maybe not as well as it could have done on another network.

One thing I respect about The Glee Project is that they are trying to cast a real person - they cast talented people, some of which don't fit the conventional Hollywood idea of a star. It was nice because some people that have major talent don't fit the traditional Hollywood image.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shame on You, Neighbors of Sister Wives!

A neighbor of one of the Sister Wives in Las Vegas tried to get the woman and her family evicted because they didn't believe in the Browns' polygamist lifestyle.

This is awful! The Sister Wives aren't causing throwing large parties, doing drugs or going crazy. They are a large but moral family, and it's not fair to evict them just because a neighbor doesn't believe in the lifestyle that the Brown family lives.

The Browns note that 98% of people have been nice, but still - it's awful that someone from the other 2% would actively go out to ruin the Browns' lives and living situation. You don't have to love everyone, but don't hurt someone else...especially someone who hasn't hurt you and simply exists near you.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Does Tamra Barney Equal Teresa Giudice?

Jeana Keogh accused Tamra Barney for wanting to be like Teresa Giudice, probably because she threw a drink in her face.

What do you think about that? I think it's pretty obvious that Tamra Barney isn't trying to be like Teresa Giudice. Quite honestly, after all of Teresa's legal and financial and family-based drama these days, I don't think many people are clamoring to be like her.

That being said, there is a chance that Tamra is playing up her actions for the cameras. She could want pity or she could just want some attention from the public. In the world of being a reality star, most publicity is good publicity. (I don't say all because I can't really think of any way that Danielle Staub's drama about being a stripper and then trying to release herself from the contract is good publicity.) In any case, Tamra could be building herself up as a brand now that she's free from her relationship with Simon.

I do wonder how Simon Barney feels about all of this. He does seem to be staying away from the media...that or the media's not interested in him. I doubt it's the latter - he could probably sell stories about Tamra for lots of cash. If he is avoiding the media, I can see why Jeana Keogh stands up for him. In building herself up, Tamra certainly is bringing Simon's public image down.

What do you think? Does Tamra want publicity to get more famous like Teresa, and then maybe make some money off of a book or something? Or is Jeana off base with this accusation?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Who Was Being Petty: Melissa or Teresa?

At her friends-only Thanksgiving, Teresa and the table talked about how Melissa's housewarming card to Teresa said "God bless your redone home."

Teresa Giudice took offense to this because her house wasn't simply redone - it was completely gutted and reworked. She claims Melissa Gorga was being petty and taking a dig at her by saying this.

Do you agree with Teresa? Was Melissa being petty? Or, is Teresa being petty and taking Melissa's card out of context? Or, were they both petty, with Melissa taking a dig and Teresa responding?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sister Wives: Starting Again In Vegas - 6/5/11

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives started their new lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kody and the family decided to give Robyn the first rental home because she had moved a lot

The kids started school, and it didn't seem like it was fun for most of the older kids. Mariah, specifically, had trouble because she didn't want to leave Utah.

The older kids had trouble with the fact that the families wouldn't be living in one home like they used to. I understand their perception - living near your family members isn't the same as living with your family members, especially when you're used to sharing one big home.

The sister wives also struggled because they didn't want to like the new homes but they did. They seemed to feel guilty about liking a new home because they didn't want to leave.

Mykelti acted out by dressing provocatively. She even admitted that wearing revealing clothing was her way of acting out. Kody and the sister wives talked more about this topic, stating that people dressed more provocatively in Vegas than they were used to in Utah.

At this point, Jenelle and Robyn had found homes, but Christine and Meri still hadn't. They didn't want to settle for a home near the others just to buy it, which is understandable, but very difficult.

Some of the family members had to go back to Utah to pick up stuff from the house, as well as the pets who were staying with family members. Following that, we learned about the one positive part of the move: bringing the sister wives closer together. With the struggle of the investigation, protecting the kids and making the move, the wives were able to come closer together.

At this point, Meri chose a house. The problems? It was over a mile from the other wives' homes, and the rent was as high as the other homes when there were closer homes with lower rent. Meri did try to find a smaller, less expensive house, but she couldn't find one that she loves. Kody addressed the fact that he had issues with the larger house for Meri because she only has one kid, and she felt penalized for only having one child. This went down to a deeper issue because Meri wanted more kids but she couldn't have them. The family came to terms with Meri's house because it would be perfect for family functions where the whole family gets together.

The family decided to have a block party to meet the neighbors. The family was cautious but open about their polygamist status. Edna, a neighbor, admitted that she was at first skeptical about having polygamists in the neighborhood, but then her daughter told her not to judge them the same way that the Brown family shouldn't judge her. Many people did seem to be accepting, although one guy who said he was accepting also said that a man can only love one woman.

The wives discussed that having separate homes can be nice - the wives and their kids get more alone time with Kody. Kody hated that - he likes having his family together.

Robyn announced that she was pregnant, but was concerned about Meri's reaction because Meri can't have more children.

We finished up with a preview of the next season of Sister Wives, and it looks like the children's faith and problems between the wives.

Update: I wrote some thoughts about the Brown family and their current struggles here.

There's Going to Be More of Jersey Shore

Despite the fact that Snooki, J-Woww, Pauly D and The Situation are getting spin-off shows, Jersey Shore will continue on for season five.

With Season 4 of Jersey Shore premiering on August 4th, the cast will soon be gearing up for more filming. As soon as they return from Italy, they'll begin filming again at the Jersey Shore. Word has it that the cast isn't aware that they'll be filming immediately upon their return, and they're not likely to be happy about it. They were told that they'd be filming in August, not June, so they'll have to cancel press appearances and other money making opportunities.

I'm not sure how true this is because the early filming schedule sounds like a rumor, but we'll see how it all goes down.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Is It Possible? Did Blake Lively Leak Her Own Nude Photos?

According to Perez Hilton, Joe Francis claims that Blake Lively leaked her own nude photos.

Despite the fact that Blake Lively's camp claims that the nude photos that look like her aren't of her at all, Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild fame claims that the Gossip Girl star leaked the photos to raise her celebrity before the release of her movie The Green Lantern.

My first thought on this is, "What? That's crazy! Why would she do that?" But really, Joe Francis does know a lot about publicizing nudity. And, Blake's team was quick to deny the photos are of her, despite the fact that the details like the beauty marks and freckles match Blake perfectly.

Additionally, the photos are done tastefully. There are no bad photos. The 'hacker' who reportedly leaked them was totally open about the fact that he hacked them, and when the rumor spread that the photos weren't of Blake, he instantly leaked more.

Plus, Blake will reportedly be at press events in the near future, so she's not hiding after the scandal.

Could this all be coincidence, with Blake just keeping her head held high? Absolutely. But could it also be a setup on Blake's part? It's definitely possible!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Real Housewives of New York 6/2/11: Madness in Morocco

On The Real Housewives of New York, the fights got even pettier than usual.

First, we addressed Ramona Singer's response to the fortune teller saying that there's another woman in her husband's life. She seemed to be in pretty hardcore denial, yet she said that 'everyone wants her husband.' Say what? I have to say, he seems like a nice guy, but I hardly think every woman ever is head over heels for the guy. Although he does deal with Ramona, so his calmness probably makes him an excellent husband.

This week, the women argued about where people were sitting in a vehicle. You know, like the "I get to sit next to Mommy" fights common among five year olds. LuAnn, once again, had a calm response about how she has did request the seat but for a reason.

Then, Jill Zarin said she wouldn't shop with Sonja because she looks like a wealthy American, and Jill says she's more low key. I hate to say it, but anyone with bright red hair is hardly low key.

The cattiness was definitely in full effect in Morocco, although it took a break over dinner. (During dinner, the girls just argued outright.) Also, weird things were said. For example, Sonja Morgan, in the same breath, said she's very public and likes to spend a lot of time by herself, along with a bunch of other somewhat contradictory things. Additionally, Alex, who was probably in a bad mood, shared the news that her father died of Alzheimer's Disease when she was eleven. Such delightful dinner conversation.

Cindy Barshop made a simple but insightful statement. She said something along the lines of the fact that the women on The Real Housewives of New York don't respect each other. The women immediately disagreed and chattered about how they respect each other, but I think they all know that it's not true. All of these women talk about each other like crazy, yell at each other and blatantly disrespect each others' opinions. And, to prove the point, the show would be boring if all the women did was be respectful towards each other! No one would watch a Bravo show about city women being kind and showing respect towards one another.

The spa that the women visited looked phenomenal. Also pretty awesome was Alex trying to mend the rift between Jill and Ramona. Alex could have been petty and let the two women fall apart, especially given her history with Jill, but she took the high road and encouraged them to make things right.

Sonja and Cindy cleared the air between them, so that was another good step towards the peace that will never be achieved among the housewives.

Eventually, Ramona approached Jill and said that she's two-faced. She started to explain her feelings and Jill cut her off. Jill said that she owns everything she says, and that everyone is two-faced to a point. Her point is that the world would be a very nasty place if everyone shared their opinions all the time. Ramona said that she is not two-faced because she'll say things to people's faces, but then admitted that she has to put her foot in her mouth. It seems like Jill has a lot of the same issues as Teresa Giudice - she deflects things and has trouble accepting criticism. We also learned that Jill blames Ramona for the end of her friendship with Bethenny Frankel. Ramona denied this, and after this, the conversation fell apart. Jill revealed that she was upset about being kicked off the island during Ramona's party. Basically, both women want apologies from each other, but neither one is willing to offer the apology. Then, the other girls accused each other of changing for the worse.

Next, Ramona tried to talk to Jill again, but Jill went on the defensive yet again. It didn't end well, and the women both ended up crying.

Next week, we'll see LuAnn being rude to people because, obviously, she's 'the countess, dahling.' Maybe it's the calm after the storm of her almost falling off of a camel on this week's episode.