Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spencer Pratt Is Self Centered; Thinks Everything Is About Him

According to, Spencer Pratt is angry with Virgin Mobile for running commercials depicting a fake celebrity couple called 'Sparah.'

In the commercial, the couple, comprised of two people named Spencer and Sarah, were introduced simply with the purpose of becoming media targets. Their names were mashed into one, much like what has been done with many celebrity couples. Yes, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt did become Speidi, but we certainly can't forget other couples, including the much more famous Brangelina.

In any case, it seems that Spencer isn't really upset that he thinks Virgin Mobile is copying him and Heidi, he's really upset that he's not getting a paycheck for it. That's right, folks. Once again, Spencer's willing to make ridiculous accusations (like this one, where he's clearly acting like he's the only Spencer in the world and everyone cares about him) in order to pick up some cash.

Spencer claims that Sparah looks like the real Speidi, so they're clearly a copy of him and Heidi - although the only similarity I see is Sarah's blonde hair.

I'm not going to say that there is zero coincidence between the Speidi and Sparah trends, but I certainly don't think that Heidi and Spencer deserve any compensation for the similarities. Spencer's concerned that this seems like a joke that's all about him, but the real joke comes from his antics - and the fact that he thinks he deserves a paycheck for somebody else's work.

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