Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sister Wives: Searching For a Home

This week on Sister Wives, we saw Kody Brown and family try to find a new home in Las Vegas.

The real estate agent, right off the bat, noted that Las Vegas does not have polygamist homes, so Kody Brown and the family might have to buy multiple homes. The problem? The family can't afford to buy four houses, and finding a house with fifteen bedrooms (which the family wants) is not exactly an easy task.

The Browns' real estate agent managed to work a great deal for the family, although financing would be a challenge. A developer had four homes on the same street for sale, and he was willing to work with the Browns. Kody and the family with him looking at homes loved the prospects of the four neighboring houses, so they called the realtor about moving forward with a possible sale.

What was nice was that Christine, when she saw the images of the new homes, lost her reservations about moving - she loved the look of the new houses. Unfortunately, her happiness was short lived, and the family only had seen days to move - their offer on the homes was rejected.

It's awful that the Brown family was forced to move due to the investigation against their family for their polygamist lifestyle. It's obviously so hard for Kody, Meri, Jenelle, Christine, Robyn and the kids. I hope their move turns out to be a positive thing.

Note: Reports state that Kody Brown and his polygamist family moved into a Las Vegas rental home in January, so the hunt to buy a house must not have worked out.

Update: As of the season finale, the family moved into a rental property in Vegas. We'll see what happens when the show returns!

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