Thursday, May 26, 2011

Real Housewives of New York City Episode Recap - 5/26/11

This week, the Real Housewives of New York City headed to Morocco.

The episode opened with Luann telling the girls how to say darling in Arabic, which while kind of cool, probably won't be very helpful.

The first set of women arrived in the amazing residence that LuAnn reserved for them. It was amazing. Then the scene flashed to Ramona on the plane complaining that she's nervous about the accommodations because she needs things like her white sheets and her own Pinot Grigio. LuAnn later shared the fact that asked the staff to unpack her luggage. I'm sorry - do normal people ask for that? Ramona and Sonja immediately began complaining about things like the dust and poverty. It was a bit ridiculous.

When Ramona and the other blondes arrived, Jill let us know that she and Ramona need to have a talk, and their tension is an elephant in the room. That being said, LuAnn tried to make that talk happen pre-Morocco (in the last episode) but Jill acted like everything was fine. Was waiting to be in Morocco really the best time to address the Jill and Ramona drama?

After all of this, the women went off on tangents about how sexy and inappropriate Ramona's clothes were for Morocco. LuAnn said that while Morocco is westernized, modesty is a necessity.

Cindy then told everyone how upset she was that someone stole hangers out of her room. She made a big deal about it, and as soon as she left the room, the other girls started talking badly about her. Drama ensued. One of the staff members who was putting away Ramona's clothes probably took them or something. The drama was ridiculous.

Later, some members of the group wanted to go for a car ride and LuAnn got all high and mighty about planning a group trip. I don't really blame the women for taking their car ride, but it's kind of weird that they left the group so soon in the trip.

Jill connected with some friends who were hosting a party, the friends invited the group of NYC housewives. Apparently, Jill's friend Brad doesn't like Ramona, and Jill couldn't help noting that you can go halfway around the world and still find someone who doesn't like Ramona.

LuAnn brought in a famous fashion designer to create something for the girls. Ramona managed to embarrass everyone again with her weird demands, despite the fact that she was speaking to a famous designer. She asked a famous designer to put a log on a fire.

The girls went to the party, which turned out to be at a bed and breakfast, not Brad's house. Cindy was appalled by the mean girl antics that were going on, but she shouldn't have been - she knew what she was getting into when she joined The Real Housewives of New York City.

The girls and other party guests were then entertained by a snake show, which was not very entertaining to watch on TV. Following that was a fortune teller. First, Jill had her fortune read. She was told that she has a big heart but she talks too much. Kelly was told that she wants to have another child.

Next up was Ramona, and Kelly was told to translate her fortune. Ramona was told that there's another woman...basically, that her husband is cheating.

Then, we were slapped with the 'To be continued' message on the screen.

Overall, I found this episode a bit boring and unfulfilling. The NYC housewives just don't have the same appeal that they used to.

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