Sunday, May 8, 2011

Michaele Salahi Wants You To Hear Her Sing

Michaele Salahi is recording a single. The lyrics (if you can call them that) sound like they're about sex.

Michaele Salahi, of The Real Housewives of DC fame, is recording a song. You can here a clip of her recording it here. The song, which has the very intellectual lyrics "Bump it loud, loud, loud..." sounds like a song just as classy as Ms. Salahi herself.

I'm not sure why Michaele Salahi thinks recording a single will work for her - it's not like "Don't Be Tardy for the Party" by Kim Zolciak was a success or whatever that song about class was by LuAnn De Lesseps made it big.

It seems that recording songs seems to be the thing to do when you star on a Real Housewives franchise. Who's next - Teresa Giudice? Maybe she'll sing a song about flipping tables at enemies or something.

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