Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jordan Ward From 16 and Pregnant is Pregnant Again!

In terms of things absolutely ridiculous, 16 and Pregnant teaches people nothing. Jordan Ward, who was recently featured on the MTV show, is pregnant again.

That's right, people. The 18 year old, who admits that she isn't taking birth control, managed to get herself re-impregnated. At least dad Brian Finder is doing the right thing and joining the Air Force to earn an income and benefits for the whole family.

Brian and Jordan are married, so that's a good thing, but in the midst of adjusting to teen parenthood, is conceiving a second child really the best idea? Jordan admits that this baby (a girl) was an 'oops' baby and taking birth control would have been responsible...but that doesn't really help after the fact, now does it?

I guess at least baby Noah will have a sibling close in age, which may be nice for him and the new baby.


Unknown said...

Geez you would think she would learn the first time, and him to you can't blame pregnancy all on the girl. I know statistically speaking when a girl becomes a teen mom theres like a huge chance she will have her second baby within two years. I know around here, unless you have 3 kids the doctors will not tie your tubes till you are 21. My kids are really far apart, I was 17 when I got pregnant with my oldest and 27 with my youngest lol. And I'm done. My husband however has a son that was born in between our girls :P (he didn't learn his lesson the first time either.)

Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Wow...goes to show that some people just don't learn from their mistakes. I can't believe that!!