Monday, May 2, 2011

Groupon Pulls Ads From The Celebrity Apprentice

Donald Trump never was a subtle one, was he? Between his Miss USA controversies, bankruptcies, claims of fortune and marriages, the man doesn't stay silent for long.

Now this political outbursts and Obama-wasn't-born-in-America messages have gone so far that Groupon is pulling its ads from the show. Groupon advertised on the online viewings of The Celebrity Apprentice, but pulled away when Groupon fans became upset with Donald Trump's actions. Groupon states that their choices are not political - they just don't want to offend their customers when it can be easily avoided.

In a move similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger's, Donald Trump is trying to make a move into politics. The difference is that Trump's goal is a bit loftier - he wants to the president of the United States, and he's making sure we all know about it. Word has it that he cursed way too many times in a campaign speech, although technically, any cursing is too much in a campaign speech if you don't want to alienate voters.

Before you start worrying about Trump ending up on a ballot in the presidential campaign, some people question Trump's desire to be president at all, and think his campaigning is just a publicity stunt to draw people to his Apprentice line of television shows.

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