Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Danielle Staub Gets Naked For Scores Gentleman's Club

If you thought Danielle Staub hit rock bottom after her criminal past got out and she participated in a sex tape, you were wrong. Staub, of Real Housewives of New Jersey fame, has agreed to get naked for Scores Gentleman’s Club in New York.

Photo provided by TMZ.com.
I honestly didn't realize that a nude Danielle Staub was something people wanted to see.

The forty-eight year old, who I believe has claimed to want to do what's right for her daughters, is taking it all off for Scores Gentleman’s Club - once in a live appearance and over the course of three years on the Scores website - ScoresLive.com. Staub signed a three year contract, which means she'll be making nude appearances until she's fifty-one years old.

If you're not ready to believe this (and many of us aren't), you can visit TMZ.com and see photographic evidence. You won't see anything dirty because it's all covered up, but I still wouldn't view this at work or something.

Update: Danielle has since quit the stripping business (probably after all of the bad publicity got out) and is now being sued for breach of contract with Scores. Lovely.

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